Jennifer with Samoyed crew; April 15th,2012

 Recently, we have
received feedback from Samoyed furriends’ mom “Jennifer” from NY, along with
great pictures of Ava and her crew.


 We received the free Down Under Roo Jerky.* Thank you!

 I now understand why the note said to store in the freezer. I had it on the kitchen counter, went downstairs and when I came back up, it had disappeared, and the plastic bag was on the dog bed.

 Something that must be that good needs to be secured….

 Ava with cute Samoyed smile

 Content with a belly full of stolen goodies…


 Ava with her furry furriends crew…

 They love everything we get from you!



***Feedback and picture are used with permission***

 We always enjoy
reading feedback from furry friends and their mom & dad/seeing
pictures/watching videos of furry friends enjoying our treats/chews

I think we are lucky having stumpy Corgi because she cannot reach for the food on the table as easy as other dogs with longer legs. She needs help of other dogs;piggyback ride for that food retrieving mission

 However, she is such a smart dog that if you let her, work at it and complete the food retrieve mission.

 One time, when we left the table for a short moment leaving one Olive Garden bread stick on paper napkin, she grabbed the paper napkin and pulled to her and let the bread dropped it on the floor and ate the whole bread stick!!

 We are glad to hear that Ava and her crew are big fan of Down Under Roo Jerky.

 Palette loves the Down Under Roo Jerky as well and, she goes nuts about it

*** Notes from Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen***



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