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What do you look for in a good vet for your furriends?

 In the previous entry titled “Why dogs hate vet visit?” ,I wrote if your dogs ride the car
only to vet office, then, they would become allergic to the car ride and they would try
hard not to get on the car, or they could already become nervous and
drooling/vomiting in the car on the way to the vet office.

 For Palette, car
ride is not just to go to vet office. She sometimes comes to post
office, pet supply stores, in laws-family’s house etc.. and she gets
very excited.

 If I am not careful, she comes through between my legs from behind and,hops on to the car as if to say “Hey,Mom.I am ready.Lets go!”.

 If she goes to places like pet supply stores, she gets so excited to see the store and she quickly position herself in my arms and ready to get out from the car to go sniff around.

 Once out from the car,she starts heading to her favorite automatic door to the pet supply
store, and go see kitty first and then, go sniff kitty kibble aisle and
she gets her tongue hanging out and brisk walk in the store.

 She was too excited to see where she is going sometimes and she has bumped her head onto “oops” sign ash she walks in with so much excitement

 Therefore, car ride is not necessary means “vet clinic” for her. She enjoys her car ride to wherever we go.

 When we arrive at the vet clinic, you would think that she might try so hard not get into the vet clinic building because she knows what to except, but for her, vet clinic office is very exciting place to go in and, she literally takes us into the building with so much excitement.

 First step in, and she hears vet’s office receptionist say “Hi!”, and her ears hold back and her butt starts wiggling.

 Then she goes on to sniff around and, I take her to sink so I can give her water. After that, she will look around to see which room to go in and cannot wait to go in and I need to tell her “Not that room.” and then soon,we go in to the designated room and wait for our vet tech to appear and greet her.

 Vet tech greet her with happy voice “Hi,Palette” and it makes Palette more excited. Her little nub moving right to left,right to left, and she goes to her and asks for the petting. After the short petting time, she is happy to go to the weight check etc.. with huge smile on her face.

 After a while, her favorite lady vet appears.  She knows what to expect next so, she keeps staring at the door the lady vet would come walk in. As soon as she sees her coming in with happy greeting to her, she runs to her, leaving us behind and she enjoys being pet by her.

 Palette looves her
current lady vet a lot. Our lady vet never
starts her routine check ups right away and always start with petting.

 Often times, she either sits on the floor or squat so she can be at Palette’s eye level and greet her and pet her while we are telling her what brought us to the office etc.. After a while, she starts what she needed to do. She asks us to put her onto the table in the
room, and gently examine Palette while she talks to her with gentle
voice with some praise etc..

 She basically spends some time with just interaction with Palette physically and verbally , so I think that
helps Palette to calm down a little, and not feeling so fearful about whole
situation around her.

very first local vet we used to go to was the one Palette did not wanted
to come closer at all, like the vet we saw one time when our regular lady vet
was off.

 He is the founder of the new vet clinic. He yanked leash to
“correct” Palette and forced her to position how he wants her to be and, Palette was not looking like his patient but we human was to his

 Old vet and that particular guy vet at our new clinic
place we go to seemed not taking time to warm up with Palette the
patient via petting or calling her name with happy voice etc.

 In fact,I do not think I heard her name coming out from their mouth at all,and no interaction with Palette ever except the stern toned “No!” with one pointed finger near her face.

they are sort of like the ones who come in, do talk to us but not talk to Palette and without any words spoken to her,quietly shape her the way he wants and if she did not like it and gives him warning, he yanks her leash “No!” with stern voice.

 No positive interaction with Palette physically or verbally whatsoever and, that physical correction does not help

 Imagine you are the patient and doctor comes in, but does not look at you. He does  look at your family and talk for a brief moment. Then, without any warning, he starts shaping you the way he wants so he can work on you and do whatever he needed to do to diagnose. No talk other than stern “No”…

 I do not think you will feel comfortable with him and you would not feel that he is  approachable. You would probably want to be as far away as possible.

 Especially,if you were a dog, you do not understand what he is saying to your family and you must be very scared wondering what would happen next.

 When we happened to see the guy vet, Palette was literally very ready to get out from the room, out the building. She was pawing at the room door with some “I really want to go NOW” look,which she never does with the lady vet.She was that much stressful and was not comfortable around him.

 Each of you would have points to look for in your dog’s vet but personally, very first thing to look for in a vet is level of interaction with Palette.

 We come in and bring her to the clinic but she is the patient,not us. I would like our vet to take time to get to know Palette,at least try to communicate with her. Then,I like to choose whom she feels most comfortable with.

 Also, I prefer the vet who does
not use correction with quick yanking the leash like the other vet Palette saw the other day.

 I like to choose vet by
looking at their dog handling skill.

 I think it will be nice if there were programs for those who handle dogs on the job;groomers,vets,doggy day care etc where they can learn how to handle dogs properly in the positive way with the help of positive dog trainer.

 I would like the vet office experience as positive as possible.

 Even at the same vet office, each vet approach to your dogs differently.Therefore, try choose the vet whom your dogs feel most comfortable with, and also the one that you feel comfortable with his/her handling skill etc…

 I think we are fortunate to get to know our lady vet who handle Palette very well and she loves her a lot. Palette does great job being handled with her as well.

 I now make sure we get to see the lady vet who Palette likes when we go there.

 I also like our vet to be a good listener. I like that the fact our lady vet listen to us and our dogs very well.

 We take Palette for annual exam once a year,and I prefer to be with our dog. I do not like the place where we have to go early and drop her off and come pick her up later in the day.

 I think it is convenient for people probably if you were working, but it will be very stressful for dogs,and I do not see the point of drop off/pick up when I know all the exam can be done within 30 minutes at longest,plus stress the experience would put on dogs.

we go for annual exam at our lady vet, it finishes within 20 min or so.

 I think everyone has their own guideline when it comes to choosing the vet for your dogs.

 What do you look for in the good vet?
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