Peggy with Rough Coat Collie “Haddie”; May 13th,2012

  Happy mother’s day!

Today,I would like to introduce the Rough Coat Collie “Haddie”.

 Recently, we have received feedback from Rough Coat Collie furriends Haddie’s mom “Peggy” from OR, along with a beautiful picture of Haddie.


We have a beautiful rough coat collie who absolutely loves your items!
We really appreciate the way you package everything, thank you so much!


Haddie with great Rough Coat Collie smile

 W are so enthusiastic about their health properties because Haddie was the victim of a vet who against our specified objections and behind our back, vaccinated her with live
vaccines and she became the victim of vaccinosis.

Since that time we have battled to bring back her health, as she almost died as a result of this assault.

 She is doing much better now, as we have her on grass fed raw beef as her primary food source, as well as many nutritional supplements, with now include your products. And yes, she loves the baguette biscuits!



***Feedback and picture are used with permission***

We always enjoy reading feedback from furry friends and their mom & dad/seeing pictures/watching videos of furry friends enjoying our treats/chews

Hearing about Haddie’s event resulted with vaccinoisis, we are honored to be part of her recovery and, we hope Haddie will get better soon.

 In the previous entry titled ” Titer test for dogs“, I wrote about titer test,over vaccination, Rabie Challenge found,which is the project that Dr Schultz, who is a professor and chair of pathobiological sciences at school of veterinary medicine, and his team would try to get the evidence to show that the Rabies vaccine can last longer than 3 years,  possibly 5 years, 7 years, and avoid unnecessary re-vaccination to cause adverse reaction from the vaccine. 

 I also wrote about my experience with the the previous vet who asked about re-vaccination for Bordetella, and something else on Palette’s annual checkup day.

 Since I believe that vaccination is not going to be given without risk, and I do not see the point giving those vaccinations to Palette for the disease , for example, Bordetella, she would be less likely exposed to (She does not go to dog parks, she does not go doggy day care or any other places where many dogs are ). So, I said “No,thank you” for the re-vaccination such as Bordetella.

Looking back now, before I know better, Palette was given great amount of shots by a previous vet.

 He gave her following shot:Bordetella,Corona virus,DHLPP LA,Giardia,and Lyme disease,Distemper Parvo HA,Leptospirosis 4 ways,plus Rabies.

 Looking through the shot records, Palette has received a couple of vaccines on the same day. Some of the shots were 4 ways,some of the shots given against was disease commonly found only on young puppies or in particular situation like boarding  etc..and, expiration date noted on the medical sheet for the vaccination types had yearly expiration on every single one of them.

 If we stayed with previous vet,Palette would have had all of these lengthy list of shots every year even though she is now 6 years old.

 I think it should not have been like that and, we should consider risk vs benefit and choose the minimal vaccine for our furriends to live healthy,happy,long life.

 Some of you may not know what “Vaccinosis”is,and what “live vaccines” is,so I will explain those below.

What is “Vaccinosis”?

 Vaccinosis is the term to describe adverse reaction from vaccines/over-vaccination.

What is “Live vaccine”?
 For vaccines,there are two types of vaccines.

 One of which is “killed vaccine”, and they are the vaccines that contains inactive virus/bacteria with adjuvants.

 The other is called “Modified live vaccine”, and it contains weakened live virus/bacteria and, they are injected into the dogs and, in a theory, the virus/bacteria gets reproduced in dogs’ body and stimulate dog’s immune system  by mimicking the disease the vaccines were given against.
  In the past, when Palette was a puppy and younger, I assumed that everything what vet says is what we should do for the health for Palette, but then, after switching her diet to the raw diet and started paying more attention to overall health matter, I learned a lot more.

 Learning about over-vaccination was one of them, and I hope more and more people would pay attention to what they are giving via vaccination and, I hope many more people would stop and think for a moment whether the vaccination in the question are necessary or not.

 It is a conclusion of me weighing risk vs benefit.I prefer not over-vaccinate Palette.

 Be the voice for your furriends and, help them live happy,healthy and long life with you…


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