Palette’s spring treats diary;May 17th,2012

 It has been hot these days, and I feel like early summer is already here. It is May and I saw 80F in our local newspaper as highest temperature before. I am wondering how much hotter it would become when the real summer time comes.

 Sometimes, days start with lightening and shower, and Palette starts whining and it wakes us up at very early times.

Some weeks ago, when we were watching TV downstairs, I heard Palette making chew music with leftover bully sticks upstairs. We heard her “chomp,chomp,chomp” from upstairs, and she was working very hard on her leftover bully sticks.

 However, a little bit later,she came running to downstairs and went straight under my desk and curled up.

 I said ” Maybe, we will have thunder soon.”

 Sure enough, after about 15 minutes or so later, we started hearing rumbling sound,and gradually the sound became louder and louder and we started hearing the rain.

 She often times fall asleep by putting her chin on my foot under my desk,and by the time she wakes up, the thunder is gone or far away from here.

 Since we were watching TV, she went under my desk but decided to curls up with us on the couch,and she was soon looked very ready to start chasing squirrels in her dream.

 If the weather was good,we start going for walkie much earlier in the morning because it gets hot as time passes by and we enjoys the early morning breeze together.

 What Palette enjoys most is the chance to meet new/familiar people on our walkie. Her ears go flat,head low,butt up and moving left to right busily.. enjoying endless petting from people she meets on the walkie.

 Last month, only once, we had shortest walkie ever in our history; 4 minutes walk.

 It is not that we decided to turn around because we found a roaming dog or found the temperature was too hot/cold, but we had unexpected incident involving a tree.

 We were walking nicely as usual and, Palette sniffed out the daily doggy news on the way and decided to make a stop for potty.

 While she was squatting, we heard very big boom!

 Palette was very scared. I am not sure if she finished doing her business to satisfaction,but she quickly walked around me, and took me back to home with unbelievable pulling power..

 I am surprised to know that she has got so much pulling power in such a smallish body.

 Turned out that the sound was from a little further down the street,and someone was working on cutting down the tree, and what we heard was the sound when tree fell to the ground.

 She was not as scary as she was when August (2011) earthquake happened,but it was scary enough for her to turn around and take me back to home.

 When earthquake hit back in August,2011, Palette was very very scary and she was shaking very badly for good 30 minutes.

Even though we had the shortest walkie ever, and she was a little scared with the big boom, she still had something else on her mind she would look forward to after walkie.

 It is cool down treats she gets after each walkie.

 Every single time, when we back from our walkie, she first stays on the
bottom of the stairs moving her little nub left,right,left right with
her huge grin and, as soon as she knows her leash is off, she trots to
the kitchen where she gets her favorite cool down treats, and starts woofing as if to say “Cool down treats,cool down treats!”.

 If I did not come sooner, she comes back to me and woof twice and moves a couple of steps,turns around making sure I am following her and woof twice again and lead me to the kitchen to deliver her important message of the day.

 My cool down treats usually is ice cube
size, and it is around 15 kcal to 20 kcal depending on what I will be
using but, they are much low calorie cool down treats, and they do not
contains added sugar or high calorie ingredients such as peanut butter.

 Many dogs love peanut butter and,there are so many treats made with them, but did you know that 1 tbs of peanut butter contains 90 kcal?? That is a lot of calories in one bite.

 Therefore,it would be much healthier alternative
for your dogs’ cool down treats compared to store bought/commercially made cool down treats.

 If you prefer,you can fill the kong with the recipe,and freeze it.

 If you were not familiar with kong,
it is a non toxic dish wash safe rubber chew toy that you can fill the
hole in the center with food.

 Dogs are to chew/lick the Kong toy to get
to the treats inside the hole and, it is popular classic interactive


May 17th,2012

 Last month was more like an early summer. It gets hotter as time passes, and I find myself being melted under da angry sun every time I go for potty.

 I just went out for potty but,wow.. it was so hot that I had to come right back in to drink some cool water, and then hug my favorite canine cooler bed!

 I maybe should tell my mom that we should spend spring to summer in Australia because they have fall-winter and I might get more chance to bunny hopping in da snow. I like snow better than angry sun

 I like spring in general, if not this hot because flower starts blooming and I get to have more to sniff at.

 I enjoy going for walkie everyday with mom. I bring her leash and poop bag and we are ready to go!

 The other day’s walkie was shortest walkie ever!

 That was because of unexpected event happened: tree fell to da ground and heard big boom! I just had to bring my mom to home as quickly as possible to stay safe.

 She should have extra 2 legs to keep up with me,but we managed to back home safely in the short time.

 Now she wears tweats bag around her waist for walkie, now and then a guy in our neighborhood asks mom if I am a good girl. I respond to da question by short butt wagging greeting.

 Mom usually gives me some tweats on da way back, and we come back
playing game such as “good walkie game” (no pull walkie game). I like

 I got to walk with da same pace to mom, and she changes speed of her walkie and I really have to pay attention to her.

 I then sometime look at her with huge grin and mom says “Good” and keep giving me da yummies.

 Good girl gets something nice I figured it out quickly.

 I sometimes voluntarily starts my other game “Stop for da car” game,which mom taught me when I was a little.

 It is very easy game. Simply step to side ditch when you hear/see cars coming and stay still until they passes or see them turn.

 I then gets extra points and, I really enjoy walkie time.

 Have you played those games? You should teach your mom/dad how to play them ,and train them to give you yummy stuff on your walkie.

 You know you are pretty good at training human,aren’t you? We are good observer and, it helps us well.

 Sometimes, overexcited but well meaning stuff you do for your mom brings laughter. Did you know that?

 I close door after mom and I am a good door dog but, once I was very excited for the yummy she gives me, I “accidentally” closed door while mom was still in da laundry room.

 I had to tell mom “Sorry,mom.You did not tell me how to open da door,and I cannot help you.”

 I now learned to start moving away from laundry room after I hear the dryer door shut. I then learned to go behind da door “after” making sure mom is out with da laundry basket.

 Therefore, I don’t lock my mom out in da laundry room anymore, but I still can if I wanted to, or dad and I play “Lock mom out in da laundry room” game.

 I said we furriends are very good observer and, picks up small things mom/dad do and associate with something particular events, for example.

 The other day, mom and dad was laughing out loud after me helping mom laundry (close da laundry room door). Why? Because I already know where to claim my tweats and,I left mom behind and waited for her to come at the place where I get tweats all da time.

 Then, as soon as I see mom’s hand touches da drawer… You know what happens.. I am sorry,I just cannot help it but drooling endlessly because I already know how tasty tweats I get. I start imagining da taste in da mouth!!

 So, my point is, I know well what happens next.

 If it were walkie, after walkie, I herd mom to da kitchen and it will be my favorite cool down tweats time! I really like them and, I am glad that mom has decided to give me cool down treats after walkie. I am very appreciated.

 This time, mom made “Frozen Cherimoya Turnip yogurt treats”.

Frozen Cherimoya Turnip yogurt treats..

 On and off, grocery store has very unique ingredients and when she finds one, she wants to try out and, she shares it with me.

 The other day, mom brought back grape size NZ kiwi. The skin was like grape skin and thin and not fuzzy like regular kiwi your mom see them at grocery store. I liked them, so did my mom. It was very cute kiwi fruits with more kiwi flavor in the fruits.

 We ate them all,and did not have much to make cool down treats,and she decided to make one with other unique fruits called “Cherimoya”.

 If you are not familiar with Cherimoya fruits, it is a fruits sometimes called “Custared Apple” in UK, and it is somewhat heart-shaped fruits.


Cherimoya cut into half..

 The texture of the Cherimoya is mushy and it has very fragrant smell of vanilla. Taste-wise, I say it is like mushy pineapple with hint of vanilla. Palette does not like pineapple but she liked Cherimoya itself and, I have decided to use it for her cool down treats.

 Here is how you make the frozen cherimoya turnip yogurt treats.

1.  To the mixer, add 1 cherimoya,peeled,removed seed and chopped 10 oz,and 1 turnips chopped and steamed 5.5 oz and add 


yield; 14 block of frozen treats

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