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Firebirds Wood Fired Grill menu: Seared Ahi Tuna Yassy’s version Part I

 As you have noticed, I love to go to restaurants, and when we find tasty dishes, I love to re-create the dishes at home.

 Recently, I noticed that herbed seared Ahi Tuna dishes are popping up at many restaurants.

 I have to say that coming from “Sashimi country; Japan”, seared Ahi Tuna is Americanized Japanese dish and, I would prefer to have raw Ahi Tuna without spice mix coating with simple soy dipping sauce, but I think it is interesting tasty American/Japanese dish.

 Among many restaurants that offer seared Ahi Tuna, I think best I have eaten is at Outback’s seared Ahi Tuna appetizer. The taste of Tuna is most close to how I remember back home in Japan, and their spice mix coating is not overpowering the natural Tuna taste and for me, they are #1 place for seared Ahi Tuna.

 One of the restaurants we go to called “Firebirds Wood Fired Grill” offers herbed seared Ahi Tuna appetizer  as well,and their Ahi Tuna is most flavorful, and I like the herb mix they use.

 My husband is not a big fan of fish,but he loves seared Ahi Tuna, and when we go to restaurants that offer seared Ahi Tuna, we order them as appetizer and I enjoy watching him eating the fish with big smile.

 Before re-creating the herb mix from Firebirds Wood Fired Grill’s seared Ahi Tuna, I have tested out the herb mix with shrimp and, it came out very flavorful herbed shrimp and, I thought I would share it with you. I think you can use the same herb mix to chicken or seafood such as scallops, fish too.

 So, how do you make “Herbed shrimp”? Here is how.

Herbed shrimp,Honey butter roasted fingering potatoes,scrambled  eggs, and seasoned green bean with herbed rice..

<Honey butter roasted Fingering potatoes>

1. Preheat oven at 425F

2. Line the sheet pan with non stick foil

3. Cut fingering potatoes to bite size pieces,and mix it with Extra Virgin Olive oil with pinch of Kosher salt in the bowl

4. Place the potatoes in single layer in the sheet pan and bake for 20-25 minutes

5. Mix 2 tbs butter melted, and 1 tbs honey in a measuring cup and lightly drizzle it over the potato and mix well

6. Put the potato back into the oven and broil them till it gets brown edges

<Seasoned Green bean>

1. In a sauce pan, pour drained canned green bean

2. Pour beef broth enough to cover the green bean

3. Sprinkle Molton’s Natures Seasons over the green bean in the sauce pan and stir

4.  Bring it to boil and set the heat to simmer and cover with lid for about 20 minutes or so

<Scrambled Egg>

To a measuring cup,crack 3 Large eggs and add 2 oz of heavy
cream,sprinkle Molton’s Natures Seasons with blue cap,and beat the egg
mixture in the measuring cup until everything in the egg mixture mix

** You
should not see egg white, egg york separated. Egg york,egg white, and
heavy cream etc should be mixed well, and beaten egg mixture should have
even color.

** Mixing until everything mixed well ensure that the air would get in into the beaten  egg and you can get fluffy scrambled egg

When my mother has taught me how to make scrambled egg, she taught me
to use the chopsticks and tilt the measuring cup or container that has
egg in it a bit to your side and beat the egg with chopstick with motion
from right hand corner to left side corner, moving chopsticks out from
the egg and back in to right corner side to left side corner with rather
fast speed.

doing so, you can get a lot of air inside the beaten egg and you can
make yummy scrambled egg. But you should not over-beat the egg. 

2. Put the 9″-10″ skillet on stove with medium high heat and add about 1/2tbs butter and let it melt

3. When butter is melted, tilt the skillet side,forward, etc and make sure the surface is buttered.

4. Pour
all the beaten egg-heavy cream mixture onto the skillet and,using the
wooden spoon, stir it circular way and push the egg toward center and
repeat for about a couple of times with rather slow speed.

** Pushing the egg toward center ensure that the runny egg can settle faster.

5. By 2nd or 3rd circular stir with pushing egg toward center, you would see the egg start to set better

6. When
almost all eggs are set, you can then break the egg into larger pieces
and when you think all cooked through, set it aside

<Herbed shrimp>

1. Mix 1 sprig of fresh rosemary (about 5″ long) chopped fine,3 sprig of fresh thyme chopped fine, pinch of garlic powder, pinch of ground sage, and pinch of Kosher salt in the small bowl and mix well

** How to use the fresh herb**

When you see fresh rosemary,fresh thyme, fresh oregano etc.. listed in the ingredients list, leaves are the part you will be using for the cooking.

Removing the leaves off from the stem is easy. Just hold tip of the sprig and slide the finger down and leaves can get removed very easy.

Then, pile the leaves up and chop them fine for cooking.


2. Taste the herb mix and adjust the flavor if needed

3. Place peeled,vein removed shrimp in the small container and add sherry enough to cover the shrimp and add pinch of table salt and mix well

4. Soak the shrimp for about 20 minutes

5. Reserve the herb mixture about 1 tsp and set it aside and,put the drained shrimp into rest of herb mix and coat the shrimp well

6. Cook in the skillet with extra virgin olive oil till shrimp gets curled up to form the letter “C”, and change its color to pink

<Herbed Rice>

1. To the sauce pan, add 1C uncooked Uncle Ben’s Enriched Parboiled Long grain rice, 2 1/3C chicken broth and bring it to boil and cover the pan with lid and lower the heat to medium and cook for 10 minutes and set the heat to simmer and cook 10 minutes more

2. When liquid is well absorbed and rice is cooked, mix 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp of herb mixture made for shrimp and reserved in to rice and stir well

3. Plate everything up and enjoy!


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Firebirds Wood Fired Grill menu: Seared Ahi Tuna Part II

 In the previous entry titled “Firebirds Wood Fired Grill menu:Seared Ahi Tuna Yassy’s version Part I“, I wrote that I love visiting restaurants and re-create the dish I like and also I like to put a twist to the dish.

 Firebirds Wood Fired Grill restaurant’s Seared Ahi Tuna (Appetizer), is very flavorful and it is not necessary be authentic Japanese Sashimi dish, but it is very tasty.

 My husband is not a big fan of fish, but he loves ordering the dish and munches them away. Tuna is actually one of oily fish along with Mackerel,Sardine,and Salmon that provides healthy omega 3 fatty acids (Anti- inflammatory) and I like the fact he eats the fish that is high in Omega 3 fatty acids.

 At some restaurants, they drizzle spicy Thai version of hot sauce  called “Sriracha” over the sesame crusted seared Ahi Tuna with soy dipping sauce.

 I can see that they are trying to make the plate as Asian as possible but Sriracha is very very salty if you taste it straight, and Tuna with Sriracha sauce dipped into soy sauce had weird taste to it.

 At some restaurant, their seared Ahi Tuna comes with creamy ginger soy sauce, wasabi vinegarette. Their Tuna is the best and most close to how I remember “Sashimi” from home (Japan). Their dipping sauce are good, but I would prefer simple dipping sauce;Tamari (a little thicker than soy sauce) with bit of wasabi mixed in.

 Quality meats/fish really don’t need much complicated spices or sauce to let the star ingredients to shine. Sometimes, simpler the better to spotlight on the quality meats/fish.

 One thing, I am very picky about is soy sauce.

 If you have read previous entry titled “Japanese cooking:Sushi and soy sauce“, you would have read that soy sauce here in the states taste a little different even the one via company I like (Kikkoman) compared to the kikkoman soy sauce imported from Japan due to different ingredients for the soy sauce.

 Soy sauce imported from Japan has 4 ingredients;water,soybean,wheat,and salt. Soy sauce I have seen here in the states, often times,has more than 4 ingredients. Some bottles have caramel coloring, and some have preservatives. So, look up the label and pick the ones with above 4 ingredients without any fillers or preservatives.

 Because of this, I go to Asian stores to buy a few bottles of soy sauce imported from Japan. If you live near the Asian stores, look for “Extra Fancy Whole bean soy sauce” by kikkoman Japan. This is what I use and like.

 The other day, we have
purchased nice looking Tuna steak, and I thought I
would give it a try at home and see how it comes out.

 It came out great, and as always, my husband ate quite lot of it. So, I thought I would share the Seared Ahi Tuna recipe with you.

 I liked Firebirds Wood Grill’s seasoning but I wanted to keep it to be authentic for the dipping sauce for our plate, so dipping sauce is more authentic in this case.

 So, how do you make seared herb Ahi Tuna? Here is how.

Seared herb Ahi Tuna, Crispy rosemary potato, sesame green beans with black bean sauce with garlic,and long grain rice
<Cooking long grain rice>


1C Uncle Ben’s long grain rice       2C plus 3 oz (fl) chicken broth
1.5 tbs butter

1. Add 1C of Uncle Ben’s original enriched parboiled long grain rice, 2C plus 3 oz (fl) of chicken broth, 1.5 tbs butter into a sauce pan and bring it to boil

2.When it came to boil,lower the heat to medium low and cook 10 minutes, and lower the heat to simmer and cook for another 10 minutes,and fluff it up with wooden spoon

** 1C of Uncle Ben’s original enriched parboiled long grain rice will yield about 4 servings.

<Crispy Rosemary potatoes>


10 oz fingering potatoes and red small potatoes
1 tsp  fresh rosemary
Kosher salt
Extra virgin olive oil

1. preheat the oven at 425F

2. Cut fingering potatoes and small red potatoes total 10 oz (wt) to bite size pieces.

3. Put the mixture of potato into a bowl and add about 1 tsp of chopped fresh rosemary, pinch of kosher salt, and drizzle of EVOO  into the bowl and mix well.

** EVOO= Extra Virgin Olive Oil

** I used one sprig of 5″ or so length of fresh rosemary

4. Put the seasoned potatoes onto non stick foil lined baking sheet (single layer), and bake them about 25-35 minutes till crispy.

** Yield about 3 servings

<Sesame green beans with black bean sauce with garlic>


sesame oil                           2 cloves of garlic
5 oz fresh Green beans     1 tbs black bean sauce
1/2 tbs sake                        2 tsp white sugar
sesame seed

1. Set the skillet at medium high heat and drizzle sesame oil in the skillet.Then, grate 2 cloves of garlic over the skillet and cook until fragrant to your nose

2. Add 5 oz of fresh green beans to the skillet and cook till a little tender.

3. Add 1/4C water to the skillet and,when all water was almost evaporated, add mixture of 1 tbs of black bean sauce, 1/2 tbs sake, and 2 tsp sugar to the skillet and cook through

4. When plate them up, grate sesame seed over the green beans

** Yield about 2 servings

<Seared herb Ahi Tuna>

Ingredients for Tuna;

8 oz      Yellowfin Tuna            2.5 tsp fresh rosemary
2.5 tsp fresh thyme                 1/2 tsp ground sage
1/4 tsp garlic powder               kosher salt
ground black pepper                2 tbs butter 

Ingredients for the dipping sauce;

3 tbs Tamari            1/8 tsp wasabi paste

1. Pat the Tuna dry with paper towel

** 8 oz of Yellowfin Tuna steak will be enough for about 2-3 servings as sides

** Slice from yellowfin tuna is called “Ahi Tuna” and “Ahi Tuna” and “Yellowfin Tuna” are the same thing. If you look at case where you find pre-packaged sushi, chances are, you will find the package that contains log of Yellowfin Tuna and they are labeled and sold as “Ahi Tuna”.

** Also, you can get sushi grade log of Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi Tuna) at Asian stores as well.

** Choose the deeper red in color. It is better tasting.
2. To the small bowl, add chopped fresh rosemary (2.5 tsp;I used 2 sprig of rosemary), chopped fresh thyme (2.5 tsp; I used 7 sprig of fresh thyme), 1/2 tsp ground sage, 1/4 tsp garlic powder, and pinch of Kosher salt,pinch of ground black pepper and mix well

** Taste the seasoning and see if you need adjustment before coating Tuna steak with the seasoning

3. Coat the Tuna steak with seasoning you made at step 2, and let it come to room temperature

4. To the skillet, add 2 tbs of butter and let it melt with medium high heat

5. When melted, put one Tuna steak at a time (if you cook numbers of 8 oz Tuna steaks for larger servings) and sear all sides

** Sear about 20-30 seconds at each sides

6.Let it rest for about 5-10 min and slice at about 1/4″ thickness

7. To the another small container, add Tamari 3 tbs, 1/8 tsp of wasabi paste and mix well. This will be the dipping sauce for the Tuna.

Tamari is darker, touch thicker soy sauce if you will. We do not use Tamari for cooking,but rather used as table dipping sauce. Taste of Tamari is slightly different from regular soy sauce.

You can find them at Asian stores or International aisle at local grocery stores. But if you buy at local grocery stores, check the label.



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