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Amazing Frisbee dogs “Venus” and “Gaia” the Border Collie

 In the previous entry titled “What dogs can learn from playing“, I wrote that playing is very important for dogs to learn many things.

 Very first play
dogs would experience is when they are still puppies. They play with
siblings and dog parents and learn how to greet other dogs, how to read
body language, how not to bite others hard, and other social etiquette
in the doggy world.

 These things are something we, human parents, cannot
teach them enough, and also it is something playing alone cannot teach
them. So, playing with siblings and dog parents at early puppy hood
becomes first important things in their life.

 Puppies who did not play
much with siblings or dog parents at early puppy hood might have hard
time playing with other dogs because of lack of knowledge in social
etiquette in the doggy world.

 In the previous entry titled “Mental exercise for your dogs“, I wrote that when
they play with us, human,it helps build strong bond between
us,and they learn the social etiquette in our human world. Needless to
say, playing is also a good physical, mental exercise.

 I think that through interactive plays such as fetch ball/Frisbee, tug
of war,they can learn impulse control (being calm down when they are
very excited and wanted to bark out loud), they can learn cue such as
“give”,”drop” etc..

 Also, canine sports such as flyball, agility etc..
are also good mental exercise for dogs,and give them opportunity to let
the pent up energy out, and have fun with you while building the bond
stronger, and it gets them tire out physically,and mentally.

 As you may already know, our dog “Palette” loooves Frisbee. Show her the Frisbee and she comes right up woofing at you with huge Corgi smile on her face.

 Very first time I tried to play Frisbee with her, I had to teach her how to play with it but once she learned that it is a toy that she could chase after it and catch in the air,she found it very fascinating toy and, she gets very talkative and excited with the Frisbee right in front of her.

 She loves fetch ball games too. Once your dogs know the retrieve trick,you can use it for many tricks; bring newspaper,bring leash,bring dish,bring specific toys etc..

 When I tell others Palette loves Frisbee or fetch ball game, sometimes, I hear people say that their dogs go chase after the ball/Frisbee but they play the keep away game and not bringing back the ball/Frisbee or trotting off and find other things to do.

 With her, as you have read in the previous entry titled “Playing game of fetch ball/Frisbee“,I have taught the whole behavior with small segment behavior one at a  time;sit-give-go get it-bring it, and connected them in order of the behavior for the fetch.

 And, I wrote that if this process was not as effective as it was for Palette, you could use the “come when called” method.

 Recently, I came across 1 great tutorial video on how to teach your dog to fetch and the video uses similar method to “come when called method” suggestion I made in the past.

 I thought I would share the video with you.

How to teach your dog to fetch..

 Also, I have found 2 amazing disc dog video on youtube and, I thought I would share the videos with you.

Amazing Frisbee dog “Venus” the Border collie

 How Venus catches the disc (Frisbee) is one thing, but timing of the two (handler and the dog) .. they are synchronizing move very nicely.

 I was amazed to see how the handler can throw discs in such a cool way; 3 discs in the air and dog goes catch one by one.

 Here is another disc dog video from Japan. I found it very interesting to see that handler moves very differently in the competition. Gaia is another amazing Frisbee dog from Japan.

Amazing Frisbee dog “Gaia” the border collie from Japan..

 I can see that all of the dogs in the video look having so much fun!

 Palette enjoy playing Frisbee, and she is good at catching them, but I see that I need to practice how I throw Frisbee for her

Do your dogs like Frisbee?

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