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People food for thought Part XXVI;Calcium and Vitamin D

 In the previous entry titled “People food for thought Part 25; Color of vegetables/fruits and health benefit“, I wrote that if we go to my grandparents’ house,there was no kids’ dinner plate,but I find stuff delivered over to my bowl of rice by my grandmother.

 She goes “Oh, Nori
(seaweed) makes your hair rich in color and make them healthy.”, then
she brings another stuff to my plate and says “Oh, carrots are good for
your eyes.You have to eat it.”.

 Then, here comes small fish piece and she goes ” It is good calcium and good for bones, and you have to eat it.”.

 It was kind of privilege to be seated right next to her

 My mother was similar on that note and, she explains what is good for what at the grocery store while shopping and,at home, when she finds that we kids did not drink enough milk or did not eat enough fish, she told us that diary and fish are very good for calcium and we need them for strong bones.

 If you follow my blog entries,you have read that our school provided monthly school lunch menu list with nutrition information and, you could see how much % of calcium will be served via school lunch for example and, lunch menu had lots of vegetables,fruits and a little bit of protein source (meat) along side either rice or bread and drink provided was non flavored plain milk.

 On and off,we had coco powder with milk or we had soy milk served as drink to go with school lunch,but staple was plain regular milk.

 Then,everyone had everything delivered by the school lunch center to the school and there was no “I don’t want that” kind of excuse.

 When growing up, I was raised that way,so I knew that diary is good for calcium and good for strong bones. Strong bones explained to us as a kid was that,when we grew up to old age, we would not have to worry about being easy to fracture,to walk slightly bending over or cannot sit straight.

 However, now I understand more on what my parents or grandmother meant to tell us kids by the term “strong bones”.

 You already know that I have switched our stubby dog “Palette” the Corgi diet to fresh food diet a.k.a. raw diet and, I learned more about food nutrition information as well.

 The information  is not only good to understand for dogs but also for humans.

 One thing I learned is that Vitamin D is very difficult to get through form of foods. Foods that provide Vitamin D are very limited. Therefore,whether human or for dogs, it is best to keep that in mind and make sure to have such food as much as possible but not to the extreme.

 For dogs, good calcium source is bone itself .However,if your dogs could not eat bones for any reasons, you can wash,dry the egg shell in the oven 350F for 10 minutes and grind them with coffee grinder. 

 Give 1/2 tsp of ground shell per pound of food served. This is suggested dose for ground eggshell as calcium for dogs.

 With Vitamin D, dogs can have animal heart,oily fish such as mackerel,salmon,sardine,and herrings, beef liver, egg, and sun light

 Learning the list of foods that are known to be good source of Vitamin D for strong healthy bones, I found it very interesting because many of the food known for Vitamin D source was what we had them for dinner a lot back home in Japan although we did not eat animal heart.

 We Japanese are good fish eater and oily fish like salmon,sardines,mackerel are  popular fish on the plate and  my mother used to cook beef liver now and then partially for Iron content but now I know that it was good source for Vitamin D as well.

 Then, shiitake mushroom (Japanese mushroom) is also good source of Vitamin D although they are not the food for dogs.

 Recently, I came across newspaper article about less talked about nutrient “Vitamin D” and bone health written by Jennifer Motl and I found it interesting and wanted to share it with you.

 When you hear the term “Diary”, what food do you think about?

 Yogurt? Milk? Cheese?

 According to Jennifer Motl, those food;Yogurt,milk,cheese, are good for strong bones because they provide both calcium and Vitamin D.

 However, our bones needs more than calcium and Vitamin D from those diary products.

 Jennifer lists some food that can help strength your bones.

 I will share some of the food in the list here. For complete food list and article by Jennifer Motl,please click here.

Foods for healthy strong bones..

** Canned salmon

 Jennifer states that 3 oz of canned salmon contains as much calcium as 1 cup of milk,and 2.5 times more of Vitamin D.

 She recommends canned salmon for us human because if we get a canned fish, you will be able to eat the bones as well for calcium.

 Bones in the canned fish are very soft and you can eat them with no problem.

 I remember that my mother used to use the pressure cooker the fish to make the fish bone to mush and soft and we ate the bones as well.

 Other way she has served was deep frying the small dried fish like 2″ long and very skinny fish. It was coated with tempura batter.

 Dried small skinny fish like that,you can eat the bone with no problems.

 With dogs, you can feed canned fish but, I personally prefer real deal for them. That way, the fish you provide will be salt free, and they can eat the bone “as is”.

 Palette gets to eat fish with bone. With sardine,I just give her a whole sardine and with Mackerel,I cut to her portion and give the portion cut fresh mackerel to her. She can eat the bone with no problems.

** Kale

 Leafy green vegetables like Kale is top source of Vitamin K,which recent study found that Vitamin K can reduce the risk of broken bones.

 I like Kale in Toscana soup (spicy Italian soup with sausage).

 You can find my version of Zuppa Toscana soup recipe in the previous entry titled “Olive Garden menu: Zuppa Toscana Yassy’s version“.

 With dogs, some people loves to include left green vegetables like Kale in dog’s bowl,but when it comes to vegetables for dogs, it is best for you to know pros and cons for each vegetables.

 For example, Kale is in the Cruciferous
family vegetable and other vegetable in the same family includes..broccoli,cauliflower, bok choy, cabbage
etc.. , and they can suppress thyroid function if fed in excess.

 Therefore, many homemade diet people tend to feed those vegetables limit to 3-4 times per week.

 I myself do not feed vegetable in Palette’s diet but, I use vegetables/fruits for her cool down treats.

** Tea

 Tea is great source of fluoride and good for healthy teeth and bones.

 Good thing that we keep unsweetened Japanese green tea at home. You can find bottled tea called “Oi Ocha” by Itoen brand (big brand in Japan) at local grocery store. They are my favorite brand of bottled/packaged tea bags if we get bottled/packaged bag ones as opposed to loose tea leaves.

 Now is the good time to consider switching to tea as staple drink.

** Shiitake mushroom

 In general,mushrooms are good source of copper but Shiitake mushroom are good source of Vitamin D.

 I feel that many people here in the states use mushrooms mainly for stir frying or sauteing in the skillet,but back home, mushrooms are used in soup,simmered dish (this type of dishes are called “Ni mo no”), or used to make dashi (stock).

 Mushrooms are not for dogs. In fact, some type of mushrooms are toxic to them and can cause mushroom poisoning.

Things that hurts bones..

** Calcium supplement alone

 Since Vitamin D helps bones to be stronger by absorbing the calcium from food/supplement, if you take calcium supplement, Jennifer suggests to find the supplements that combines calcium with Vitamin D.

** Vitamin E supplement

 If you take Vitamin E supplement, look up the label.

 Vitamin E from natural source has D-Alpha tocopherol, D-Beta tocopherol, D-Gamma tocopherol, and D-Delta tocopherol.

 However,sometimes,depending on brands of Vitamin E supplement you will find  synthetic Vitamin E which you can identify by reading the label; if you see Dl-alpha tocopherol, it is synthetic Vitamin.

 Jennifer states that study of elderly women suggested those who take Vitamin E supplement that contains only D-Alpha tocopherol had weaker bones.

 D-Gamma tocopherol helps bui
lding up the bones.

 Nuts are good source of Vitamin E.

 If you have dogs in the house, and tend to share nuts, be careful of what kinds of nuts you will hand out to them.

 Macadamia nuts are fatal toxic to dogs and, they are not good for them.

** Salt

 The more salt you take,the more you loose calcium in your urine

** Caffeine

 Caffeine also cause you to loose calcium

** Sodas

 Drinking sodas is linked to weaker bones and caffeine and excess phosphorus in cola maybe responsible

 Now is the good time to review how you eat,what you eat for healthy strong bones.

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