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Thai cooking:Thai Pork with coconut rice

I was still in Japan,I have never had variety of food you can taste
here in the states; Mexican food,Thai food,Vietnamese food,Indian food..

 My first experience with Thai dish was when I was working for Airlines, and co-worker from
Thailand brought Thai dish. It was very aromatic and spicy dish but,it
was very delicious. I have leaned some about Thai food ingredients from her.

I found that I really like Thai food dishes I have tried by then,
later, me and my husband started visiting Thai restaurant
runs by people from Thailand and,experienced more variety of Thai food; Pad-Thai, Penang curry,Thai
dumpling,Thai tea, Thai Coffee etc etc..

 By now, you would know that I would love to try all kinds of new food, and sometimes, I like to order different dish each time even if I had particular food I really like on the menu.

 The other day, we went to go see a movie “Snow white and the Huntsman”, and after the movie, my husband and I visited the Thai restaurant.

 There, I tried pad ped with Duck;Roasted Duck with vegetables in spicy sauce with hint of basil. It was good but, made my eyes watery and nose running and,I had lots of water to go with it.

 Next time I order them, I would probably ask for “American spicy”

 Sometime later, I would love to make the Pad ped with little less spicy and, if it comes out as I had it at the restaurant, I would share the recipe with you.

 After some learning from the colleague from Thailand and visiting Asian store that carry Thai ingredients together, gradually, I started
cooking the Thai food at home, too and became more familiar with
ingredients commonly used for the Thai food.

 Sometimes, when I have enough Thai ingredients to make something out of it using whatever meat that I have in the freezer, I put key Thai ingredients and see how it comes out.

 One dish from one of those moments is what I call it “Thai Pork” and, it is kind of Chinese cooking method meets Thai cuisine flavor kind of, and it is one quick and easy dish for you to make.

 This dish is combination of sweet and spicy. Underneath the seeet-spicy pork,you will have sweet aromatic coconut flavored rice to balance out the spiciness from the pork.

 This dish was good,and easy to cook so,I thought I would share the recipe with you.

Thai Pork with coconut rice..

Ingredients for Coconut rice:

1C Jasmine rice (recommends dynasty Jasmine rice)
2/3C water
1 C unsweetened coconut milk
pinch of kosher salt

Ingredients for Thai pork:

8 oz Pork tenderloin sliced to 1/4″ medallion
Morton’s Natures seasons
1 tbs Fish sauce (recommends double bird brand Fish sauce)
2 cloves garlic grated
Corn starch
Extra virgin olive oil

1/4 red onion sliced
1/2 carrot stick diagonally thinly sliced
red pepper sliced
1/8 green pepper sliced
1/8 Cubanelle pepper sliced
1/2 lime juiced
4 tsp Thai sweet chili sauce (Recommend Mae Ploy brand Thai sweet chili sauce)
3-4 tsp chopped cilantro

<Coconut rice>

1. In a sauce pan, add 1C Jasmine rice,2/3C water,1C unsweetened coconut
milk,pinch of kosher salt and put it on medium high heat

2.Once the rice started boiling,turn the heat down to medium low heat
and cover the pan with lid and cook for 10 minutes,and lower the heat to
simmer and cook another 10 minutes

Makes; 3 servings

<Thai Pork>

1. Slice 8 oz Pork tenderloin into 1/4″ or so thickness of medallion,and pound them to thin

2. Cut the thinned Pork tenderloin into strips,season them with Morton’s Natures Seasons

3. Marinade the pork tenderloin strip about 20 minutes in the mixture of 1 tbs Fish sauce,2 cloves of garlic grated and corn starch just enough to coat the pork tenderloin strips and mix well

**You can find the fish sauce at local grocery store at
International food aisle and also,you can find them at Asian stores.The one I have is product of Thailand, and
brand name is “Double parrots”.

4. Drizzle Extra virgin olive oil and cook the corn starch coated pork tenderloin strips

5. Put the cooked pork tenderloin strip aside into small container

6. In the same skillet, cook 1/4 red onion sliced, 1/2 carrot stick diagonally thinly sliced, 1/8 red pepper sliced, 1/8 green pepper sliced, 1/8 Cubanelle pepper sliced and stir

** **
Cubanelle pepper is long pepper with thin meat,and it is light green
color.They are very mild pepper. Use sweet green pepper if you could not
find the Cubanelle pepper.

7. When onion became translucent and carrot slice became tender enough, put the pork back in to the skillet and stir

8.Squeeze 1/2 lime over the skillet,and add 4 tbs Thai sweet chili sauce and stir

**You can find the Thai sweet chili sauce at local grocery store at
International food aisle and also,you can find them at Asian stores.The one I have is product of Thailand, and
brand name is “Mae Ploy” and you can find them at world market as well.

9. Just before done cooking, add 3-4 tsp of chopped cilantro into the skillet and stir

10. Put hot steamy coconut rice on the plate and pour the sweet-spicy Thai pork with vegetable over the rice and serve

Makes: 3 servings



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Amazing skateboarding/Snowboarding/Surfing Bulldog “Tillman”

 What kinds of sports does your dog play?

 Does he enjoy Agility? Flyball? Frisbee? Dock jumping? Fetch ball game? Or maybe skateboarding,surfing, snowboarding?

 You maybe familiar with the Skateboarding Bulldog “Tillman” from CBS TV program “Greatest American Dog” aired in 2008,where 12 teams of dogs and their owners compete against each other in challenges to receive the title of “Greatest American Dog”.

 I have seen Tillman the Bulldog showed off his incredible skateboarding skill on the show, but what I did not know was that he has the “World’s fastest skateboarding dog”  record through Guiness World Record,and he can snowboard and surf as well.

 Did you know that he can skateboard 100 meters (about 0.6 miles/109.3 yards) at 19.678 seconds??

 If you have missed his incredible skill of skateboarding, here is a youtube video for you. He is amazing, talented,and most of all, he looks like having so much fun and THAT is most important thing

Amazing world’s fastest skateboarding Bulldog “Tillman”

If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch video.

 Here,you can watch his amazing skill on the snow.

 Palette loves snow and loves to make potty tunnel,bunny hopping in the snow, roll in the snow..and she forgets time when she plays in the snow.

 I wonder if she enjoys snowboarding if she tries

 I know getting into the water to swim would not be so interesting idea on her mind but snow play might.

“Tillman” the Bulldog snowboarding

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 Lastly, here is Tillman surfing on the wave.

“Tillman” the Bulldog surfing

If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch video.

 He is very active,happy dog and he puts a big smile on everyone’s face

 You can read more on skateboarding/snowboarding/surfing Bulldog “Tillman” at the world record academy website here.

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Saffron;Harvesting,Seared scallops with White wine Saffron sauce, White wine Saffron sauce Pilaf

 By now,I have wrote many times that after coming to the states,I was exposed to wide variety of produce,herb,cheese,and spices.

 Some of the herbs and spices you will find here are very new to me and, I really enjoy cooking with those new found herbs and spices.

 One of the spices that I have never tasted back home in Japan is “Saffron”.

 Have you used “Saffron” in your dish?

 Saffron is used in many dishes but most popular dish with Saffron is Spanish dish called “Paella” that was created in Valencia area (east coast) in Spain.

 Paella traditionally starts with big shallow round pan with 2 handles on both sides over the wood fire, and all the vegetables,meat,bomba rice (Short grain Spanish rice),herbs and spices are cooked together.

 Here is youtube video where you can see traditional way to make Paella.

Paella from Spain..

If you are a blog subscriber, please click here to watch the video.

 Many people in the states use arborio rice (risotto rice) instead of bomba rice but,Spanish bomba rice are known to soaks up 30% more liquid than regular rice.

 If you like to try cooking Paella with traditional Bomba rice (sometimes called Paella rice), you can get them at LaTienda store in Williamsburg,VA or you can place an order through them online here. They do have the traditional Paella pan as well as Bomba rice (Paella rice).

 According to them, Paella made with Arborio rice makes Paella mushy,and creamy unlike the Paella made with Bomba rice.

 I am interested in trying making Paella with Bomba rice later.

 If I do so,I will report the result back to you through our blog.

 I have never seen Saffron at the market and,I have never tasted them or cooked with them back home in Japan. I do not think my family back home has ever tasted those either.

 I found the unique spice “saffron” to be very aromatic,and it adds not only vibrant color in the dish but also adds touch of smokiness and,I really like Saffron.

 One thing that surprised me most when I first went looking for the spice is the price. Later,I learned that Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world.

 Do you know how Saffron is harvested?

 I found it to be very interesting.

 Saffron is hand picked, dried stigmas of purple crocus and each flower contains only 3 stigmas.

 This means, if spice company wants to fill up the spice bottle with Saffron stigmas, they would needs quite a lot of crocus to harvest the amount they want per bottle.

Here is the Saffron harvest youtube video I came across.

 I found it very interesting to see you get to have ricotta cheese infused with Saffron,chocolate with saffrons.. I do not know if I would like them,but it is certainly one of those things I would love to try and see if I like them.

Saffron harvest

If you are a blog subscriber, please click here to watch the video.

 Recently, I came across the news article about saffron written by Susan Selasky, and according to her article, it takes more than 14,000 of tiny stigmas to make an ounce of Saffron.

 That is a lot of work considering all the stigmas must be hand picked by person. I can see why Saffron is so expensive if you compare price of Saffron to other kind of spice.

 That being said, I learned that tiny bit of saffron goes a long way and, when you need it, you will need only a pinch,and one bottle lasts long time.

 One good tip she wrote in her article was about color and quality. Susan states that the redder the color is, the higher the quality. If you see different company’s saffron, you can use that tip to decide which one you will purchase.

 To read full article written by Susan Selasky at the Bulletin website,please click here.

 You can read more on harvesting of Saffron via article written by Leslie Land at New York Times here.

 Most often,I use Saffron for Paella, but I recently used Saffron with white wine sauce to drizzle over seared sea scallops and, my husband was thumbs up.

 I was not sure how it would come out but,it came out great.

 With this entry,I thought I would share the recipe for White wine Saffron sauce recipe.

Seared Scallops with White wine Saffron sauce ..

Ingredients for the Seared scallops;

Sea Scallops 3-4 scallops per person
Extra virgin olive oil
1 tbs butter
Morton’s Nature’s seasons

Ingredients for the White wine Saffron sauce;

1 tbs butter
1/4C white whine
1 cloves of garlic grated
1/2 shallots chopped fine (1tbs chopped shallots)
3/4C Chicken broth
lemon juice freshly squeezed from 1/8 lemon
pinch of saffron
1/4C heavy cream
1-2 stalks of fresh chives chopped
1-2 strips of center cut crispy bacon

<How to sear the sea scallops>

0. Place a paper towel over the plate, place sea scallop on top by making sure there is no duct is still attached to the scallop

1. Place another piece of paper towel over the scallop and press lightly to take off any moisture out from the scallop

** Wet scallops would not make any good seared mark

2. Place the skillet on high heat and heat the skillet hot enough to sear the scallop.

** Cold skillet would not make nice seared mark on scallop

** You can test the temperature by wet your hands,then flick/sprinkle
water drops onto the skillet. If you hear the sizzles,the skillet is hot

3. Add a bit of Extra virgin olive oil and about 1 tbs of butter onto skillet

4. Lightly season sea scallop with Morton’s Nature’s seasons with blue
cap, and place the scallop on the skillet and leave them alone

** Make sure the skillet is not overcrowded with scallops. If too many
scallops were on the skillet, it is rather being steamed than being
seared. And, do not move it around,just leave them alone.

5. After a couple of minutes or so, if seared mark were on the scallops,flip them and cook through.

 As a fool proof way to cook the scallops, you can also bake them in the oven.

<How to make oven baked scallop>

 1. Preheat the oven at 400F

 2. Place paper towel over small plate,place sea scallop, and cover it
with another paper towel and press a little to take moisture out from
the scallop

 3. Line the non stick foil in baking sheet, place pat dried scallop, sprinkle Morton’s Nature’s seasons with blue cap a little

 4. Place scallop with baking sheet in the oven and bake about 8 – 12 minutes.

<White wine Saffron sauce>

1. In the same skillet scallops were cooked, add 1 tbs butter and let it melt and add 1 cloves of garlic grated, 1/2 shallots chopped (1tbs chopped shallots) and stir well

2. Add 1/4C white wine and deglaze the pan,and add freshly squeezed lemon juice from 1/8 lemon

** If you use wooden spoon,scrape the brown
bits (this is the yummy stuff and they would add extra flavor in the
sauce) on the pan.

3. Add 3/4C Chicken broth, pinch of Saffron, and let it come to boil and turn the heat down to simmer until the sauce becomes half the amount,about 8-10 minutes.

4. Add 1/4C heavy cream, and simmer for another 3-5 minutes

5. Serve it over the Seared scallop and garnish the dish with chopped fresh chives, and bacon bits (1-2 strip of bacon would be more than enough)

** This sauce goes well with chicken,fish,beef steak as well

<How to make crispy bacon>

 Choice of bacon for me is center cut bacon.Less fat and makes nice crispy bacon strips.

 Cooking method for crispiest bacon you can make is via deep frying the bacon. You would think that it will be greasy strip of bacon but surprisingly, it makes less greasy bacon strips than skillet bacon strips

 If you are going to use skillet, simply place the strips of bacon over the non stick skillet without adding any oil,and keep them at medium high heat a while and flip and turn the heat down to medium-medium low heat and finish them up.

 When it gets close to the time to pick it out, you would find bubbles over the bacon strips.

 You would then pick them out and put the strips on the paper towel lined small container to drain the excess oil to make crispy bacon.

 When I use bacon bits as garnish,I usually hold the bacon strip over the dish,and cut the bacon into tiny bits.

Makes:2-3 serving

** Other use of leftover White wine Saffron sauce**

<White wine Saffron sauce pilaf>

 When I make White wine Saffron sauce, I do not waste the flavorful sauce.

 Often times,I make pilaf next day using the sauce. It makes very flavorful pilaf and it is quick and easy dish you can make.

 I will call the pilaf “White wine Saffron sauce pilaf”.


White wine Saffron sauce pilaf..

Ingredients for the White wine Saffron sauce Pilaf;

1C Jasmine rice (Recommends Dynasty Jasmine rice)
1/2 carrot chopped fine
1/8 Red pepper chopped fine
1/4 Sweet onion chopped fine
10-15 fresh green beans chopped fine
1/16 chicken bouillon cubes
1 2/3C water
pinch of kosher salt
Leftover White wine Saffron sauce

1. In the sauce pan, add 1C Jasmine rice, 1/2 carrot chopped fine,1/8 red pepper chopped fine,1/4 sweet onion chopped fine, 10 -15  fresh green beans chopped fine,1/16 chicken bouillon, and 1 2/3C water,pinch of kosher salt

2. Bring it to boil and stir

3. Put the lid on, and lower the heat to medium low and set the timer for 10 minutes

4. After the 10 minutes, lower the heat to simmer and cook for another 10 minutes

5. Fluff the rice, and add leftover white wine saffron sauce and adjust the seasoning

6. Serve

** I have used carrot,red pepper,onion, green beans that I found in our fridge but you can use other vegetables you find in your fridge for this

Makes;3-4 serving


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Palette’s summer treats diary;June 19th,2012

 It has been strange weather lately.

 The other day, I was talking to my parents in Japan over the phone that last month often started off with very sunny hot day and when evening time comes, sometimes we got really bad weather with thunder.

 I also told them that we had tornado warning,tornado watch early June.

 My father said that they too had tornado recently,which I have never experienced back home at all even though we had typhoon in September.

 June season in Japan is called “Tsu-yu” and,the month is rainy month not as bad as typhoon season “September”, but the usual weather pattern seems to be off there.

 I do not know why,but when you write “Tsu-yu” in Chinese character,and when you directly translate it in English,it means “Plum rain”.

 As noted above, in early June, our area had tornado watch and, when we were watching TV report, I heard that some people spotted funnel in one specific area and, it may touch down.

 Therefore,TV was suggesting viewers to stay away from windows,go to basement and be in the well structured area in the house. That made me very nervous how bad the weather will be.

 We were all safe but, Palette really did not have fun night at all. She followed everywhere I go. She was walking behind me with her nose almost touch to my leg.

 Even in the same room, she sat very close to me so her body touches mine. She eventually fell asleep, but with all the stress and everything, she had a little bit of upset stomach later on.

 Palette has been very good at sensing weather change.

 She rings her potty bell long before we get hit by heavy rain so she would not get wet during potty. She also suddenly comes down to downstairs while she was happily playing upstairs and we start hearing thunders not too long after.

 She has such a good weather sensing power.

 When people talk about thunder and dog, often times, people suggest to put their dog on special shirts to give them gentle pressure all around their body.

 According to the maker of the products, the gentle pressure gives calming effect on dogs.

 Palette tends to come close to us and often times, go under my desk and lay down by putting her chin on my foot and fall asleep. Then,by the time she wakes up,the thunder is gone.

 Therefore, I have never tried it on for her,but I wonder how it will effect on her.

 Some people suggest to let your dogs wear old stretchy tight t-shorts to give similar pressure all around dog’s body.I have never tried this method as well as expensive special shirt simply because Palette tends to fall asleep, but it will be another option for her to try out if needed.

 Have you tried shirt for thunder? If so, what is your experience with it?

 One thing I heard regarding the expensive shirt for thunder is that, if you leave your dog in the thunder shirt,it gets very hot and not recommended to leave them wearing it for long period of times.

 Another big event in Palette’s daily life recently was bathing time.

 Just recently, I came across all natural dog shampoo/conditioner that has essential oil in it. It is via Cain and Able and you can find them here.

 I was interested in them so, I bathed her with it. The day after, it was very hot but good sunny day and she had a blast in our yard by.. rolling on the grass..

 I have no idea what she was rolling on,but she definitely looked so happy as if she has found such a valuable prize in our yard and she had such a huge smile on her and kept rolling on them until I finally say to her “Lets go inside.It is getting hot.”.


 Every single time, when we back from our walkie, or after bathing time etc.. she get her cool down treats.

 Sometimes,I get asked what is “cool down treats”.

 “Cool down treats” is the frozen yogurt treats I make using fruits and vegetables etc and I give one ice cube sized frozen stuff to her after walkie etc.

She loves cool down treats and, if I did not come sooner to the kitchen, she comes back to me and woof twice and moves
a couple of steps,turns around making sure I am following her and woof
twice again and lead me to the kitchen to deliver her important message
of the day.

 My cool down treats usually is ice cube
size, and it is around 15 kcal to 20 kcal depending on what I will be
using but, they are much low calorie cool down treats, and they do not
contains added sugar or high calorie ingredients such as peanut butter.

dogs love peanut butter and,there are so many treats made with them,
but did you know that 1 tbs of peanut butter contains 90 kcal?? That is a
lot of calories in one bite.

 Therefore,it would be much healthier alternative
for your dogs’ cool down treats compared to store bought/commercially made cool down treats.

 If you prefer,you can fill the kong with the recipe,and freeze it.

 If you were not familiar with kong,
it is a non toxic dish wash safe rubber chew toy that you can fill the
hole in the center with food.

 Dogs are to chew/lick the Kong toy to get
to the treats inside the hole and, it is popular classic interactive


  June 19th,2012

It has been so hot outside thesedays. Every time we go for potty,I feel like I get melted under the angry sun.

 Even if it is hot outside,I like to choose da perfect spot for potty and, I sniff the ground bunch of times, and circle twice and stop and had a moment to think and then two steps away and sniff the ground again to find better spot for da potty.

 I go circle twice,circle again to da another direction and stop and hear da bee flying in the area and I got distracted by him and I followed him with my good nose and went for sniffing da bee who was perching on da clover flower.

 Mom almost had a heart attack,when she saw me trying to sniff da bee and told me “Oh, Palette. Leave him alone or you get pinch in your nose”.

 After good minutes outside, I finally found a perfect spot for da potty and,since it was nice sunny day,I thought I would take my mom for a walk.

 We try to go for walkie at cooler time but sometimes,if we were late a bit,it gets too hot and we decide to cancel the walkie in the morning.

 I love to go for walkie because I get to meet new people,get to sniff out all kinds of doggy news on the ground plus best part,I get to have cool down treats.

 Therefore,whether it is too hot or not,I like to test mom anyway to see if I get to convince her for walkie or not.

 I know how it works. Walkie equal cool down treats, bath time equal to cool down treats,fetch ball etc that makes me real hot equal to cool down treats..

 That day,I could not convince her to go for walkie because it was way too hot,but mom and I played fetch ball inside the house.It was a lot of fun!

 Since she gave me such a fun time together,I sang a song at night *Zzzz*. Mom says I snored loud that night but,I am a lady and I won’t snore.

 Only thing I know for sure is that I was very tired and ready to go to bed,but mom had something to do then so, I excused myself to upstairs,walked into my crate and fell asleep.

 One moment,mom turned the lights on.

 “Hey,I was sleeping!” I gave her “Why you turned the light on”-look. I yawned at her and crawled out from da bed very slowly and went for potty then,finally went to bed.

 I had good deep sleep for sure. 

 This time, mom made “Frozen Pineapple snow pea yogurt treats with toasted coconut flakes”.

Frozen Pineapple snow pea yogurt treats with toasted coconut flakes..

 I am known for turning my head away from pineapple chunks even if it was the one that I was staring at for long long time asking for a nibble while mom is snacking them.

 However, I sometimes like things if it were seasoned or steamed, like I do not eat raw carrot sticks but if carrot was steamed, even if it is without any seasoning,I like eating them.

 This month,mom had pineapple,snow pea that she could share with so, even though she was not sure if I would like the aroma from pineapple,she tried making them anyway to see how I would like them.

 Mom knows I loooove coconut and, she had fresh shredded coconut from fresh coconut. So,she decided to add that to my treats.

 The coconut flake has no added sugar because of that but I like them. This time’s cool down treats looks a bit fancy but very easy to make them

 If you have doggy gourmet craving for “doggy poo”, pineapple is known to make poops taste bad to you and,your mom might want to try this treats to see if it helps if you were not fan of pineapple “as is”.

 Here is how you make the Pineapple snow pea yogurt treats with toasted coconut flakes.

0. Toast fresh shredded coconut 1.5 tbs in the skillet,and let it cool down

1.  To the mixer, add pineapple chunk 2 oz and snow peas steamed and rough chopped 2 oz,and add 


yield; 10 block of frozen treats

Wish I could climb up to get to da tweats!

Wet nose alert!!

Waiting for mom to say “OK!”..

Hmmm! YUM!

I love this tweats! Soo good!

Making sure nothing left behind..


You should ask your mom to make one for you!

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Chinese cooking:Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork ribs sandwich

 When I came over to
the states, I was exposed to so many different kinds of cheese,meat,
fresh produce, herbs and spices, as well as wide variety of flavors with
different kinds of cuisine,and different types of cooking.

 Back home in Japan, if our family does BBQ, it will be Teppan yaki dish on the deck. We sit on the picnic mat, and my father was in charge of cooking: smearing lard or butter on the small griddle placed on the center of the table and he picked up raw vegetables,marinaded meat etc for everyone and cooked for us family.

 As all the vegetables,meat etc get cooked, we picked vegetables, meat etc with our own pace,and dip them into grated horseradish mixed with soy sauce or special soy sauce base BBQ sauce and ate them with bowl of rice.

 That is how we enjoyed BBQ during the summer. We rarely saw people grilling/smoking meats in the neighborhood just like you see often in the states.

 Also, America’s summer BBQ favorite “ribs” were something new for me to cook,and it was one of those things that I learned how to cook over here in the states. Back home in Japan, I have never had ribs and also brisket.

 I do not think I have cooked ribs before when my father visited us here in the states yet. Maybe next time, I will cook them and see how he likes it.

 During the summer, since ribs gets to be on sale quite often, I tend to pick ribs and make them at least once every year.

 This year, I have made Asian style ribs,but I did not eat the ribs. I took meat off the bones and roughly chopped,and made BBQ sandwich out of it.

 It was very good and, I thought I would share.

 With this recipe, you can enjoy rib day 1 and day 2,you can make sandwich out of it.

 I will call the sandwich ” Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork rib sandwich”.

Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork rib sandwich

 So, how do you make Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork rib sandwich?

 Here is how.

 Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork rib sandwich will start from making Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork ribs.

Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork ribs...

Ingredients for Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork ribs;

1 Pork baby back ribs (3-4 lb)
1 tbs
Kosher salt
tsp ground black

fl oz Orange juice
Zesty Mushu citrus sauce* (recipe follows)

Ingredients for Zesty Mushu Citrus sauce;
tbs Hoisin sauce (recommends Koon Chhun brand,Product of Hong Kong)
8 tsp sugar
1 tbs sake
4 tbs soy sauce
4 tbs
2 cloves of garlic grated
1/4 tsp grated ginger
1/8 tsp
(Korean fermented red pepper paste.Recommends Jayone Foods brand,Product of Korea )
orange zest
1/8 tsp sesame oil
1/32 tsp Chinese five spice

Ingredients for Zesty Mushu Citrus pork rib sandwich;

tbs butter
1/8 red pepper sliced
1/8 Green pepper sliced
sweet onion sliced
Morton’s Natures Seasons
shredded cheese mix*
* (mixture of 50% shredded low moisture mozzarella cheese,50% shredded provolone cheese) 1/8C for each hoagie roll

<Zesty Mushu Citrus sauce>

1. Add 4 tbs Hoisin sauce, 8 tsp sugar, 1 tbs sake, 4 tbs soy sauce, 4 tbs water, 2 cloves of garlic grated, 1/4 tsp grated ginger, 1/8 tsp Gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste), orange zest, 1/8 tsp sesame oil,1/32 tsp Chinese five spice into a sauce pan and stir and let them come to boil

** Gochujang is Korean hot pepper paste.You can find them at the International food aisle at local grocery store.Here is how it looks like.


In a pinch, you can substitute with Indonesian pepper paste “sambal” (recommends Oelek brand),also available at International food aisle.

2. When sauce came to boil, turn down the heat to simmer and let the flavor combined for a few more minutes and turn the heat off.

** The sauce is not thick like regular BBQ sauce. The consistency of this sauce is more of touch thicker dipping sauce

<Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork ribs>

1. Prepare the seasoning mix and marinade for the ribs

** In a small container, mix 1 tbs Kosher salt,1 tsp black pepper well (seasoning mix)

** In the freezer bag,pour 6 oz fl oz orange juice (marinade)

2. Cut the rack of ribs into half length,and stab the ribs with fork so flavor can get into the ribs better

3. Rub the ribs with Kosher salt-ground black pepper seasoning mix.

4. Place ribs into a freezer bag that has 6 fl oz orange juice in it and close it and massage the ribs

5. Put the freezer bag with ribs onto 9″x13″ baking dish to marinade the ribs

** Placing the ribs with freezer bag onto baking dish is to prevent them from leaking in the refrigerator.

6. Take the ribs out from the freezer bag,and wrap it with non stick foil tightly

7. Place the foil wrapped ribs onto half sheet pan bone side down and bake them about 90 minutes at 350F

8. Take the ribs out from foil, and baste them with Zesty Mushu citrus sauce and about 15 minutes later, baste the ribs with Zesty Mushu citrus sauce again.

9. If the ribs were tender enough,enough to fall off the bone, broil them bone side down HI for 4 minutes

10. Flip the ribs over and broil bone side up for another 2 minutes

11. Now the ribs is done.

<Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork ribs sandwich>

1. Take meat off from ribs and rough chop,and put the chopped meat in the big bowl

2. Mix the meat with some Zesty Mushu Citrus sauce

3. In the skillet, add 1/4 tbs butter and cook 1/8 red pepper sliced,1/8 Green pepper sliced, 1/4 sweet onion sliced and season it with Morton’s Natures Seasons,and set it aside

4. Cut Hoagie roll into two length wise, and lightly toast them

5. Place the baking sheet with non stick foil and place the hoagie roll bottom and top them with chopped ribs meat,vegetables and 1/8C shredded cheese mix (recipe above) on each hoagie roll bottom

6. Set the oven Broil Hi,and broil the sandwich until cheese gets melted and bubbly

7. Take it out from the oven and put the hoagie roll top and serve


Makes:4-5 sandwich

 Good thing about eating it as sandwich is that you would feel full but actual meat consumed will be much less than you will simply have ribs as main entree alongside the sides.

 I had leftover chopped ribs from sandwich and,later I used them for fried rice.

 If you mix these chopped rib meat and coleslaw mix cooked and seasoned with Nature’s seasons and wrap these filling with Gyoza dumpling wrapper (Potsticker wrapper), you can pan fry them or deep fry them and you can make different kinds of Quick and easy Mushu Pork rib Gyoza dumplings (Potstickers).

 If you like Mushu pork flavor, you would enjoy making my Mushu pork Gyoza dumplings (Potsticker). You can find the recipe in the previous entry here.

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How to read your dog’s blood work

 Whether it is for human or for animals, blood testing can tell your doctors/vets a lot about your health information and often times blood test is used to determine the cause of the illness.

 Depending on vets your dogs go see, you may get blood test done annually as part of yearly wellness check. When Palette was a puppy,our previous vet did complete blood test (CBC) and blood serum test yearly even if she was young and healthy.

 At one point, we have switched our vet to current lady vet,who Palette adores and looking forward to meeting her.

 When we brought Palette for wellness check to her for the first time, we did not see the blood test was not done,so we have asked her why blood test was not part of yearly wellness check up.

 According to our current lady vet, blood test is not necessary if the dogs were young and healthy and, it is something you may want to consider to run as dogs get older to detect and catch any early sign of illness if any.

 That being said,they will run a blood test if we request for it.

 When we were with previous vet, I had an impression that it was the “must be done” thing for the yearly checkup but,it seems not so. I know better now.

 If you have had blood work done for your dog, you may, may not receive the lab result sheet.

 Do you know what measure what in the blood and how you read the result?

 If you understand the blood work value for your dogs, you would understand better what your vets are talking about from which value,and what might be going on with your dogs,and ultimately you could communicate with you vet better.

How to read your dog’s blood work..

 When you read/talk about an article about blood work, you will often find the term “CBC”.

What is CBC?

 CBC stands for complete blood count,according to purdue university paper,it gives information about hydration status,anemia, infection,blood’s clotting ability, and ability of immune systems to respond.

 And it is better idea to run a blood test if your dogs go through surgery beforehand.

 Here are terms used in your dog’s blood work and its meaning.

 I will list terms and its meaning from past Palette’s blood work sheet,which previous vet ran the blood test for.

WBC: White blood cell – measure immune cells; increase/decrease can tell certain disease or infections

RBC: Red blood cell – red blood cell count.Red blood carry oxygen throughout the body.

 According to the article written by Dr Dawn Ruben at website, high number indicate dehydration or uncommon disease that causes excess production of red blood cells from bone marrow.

 Low number indicate anemia or can be a result of blood loss from bleeding or bone marrow disease or excess red blood cell breakdown sometimes seen in immune disease and toxin ingestion

HGB: hemoglobin – hemoglobin is responsible for releasing/binding oxygen onto the red blood cell

High number indicate dehydration, low number indicate anemia,bleeding,and iron deficiency

HCT: hematocrit – measure percentage of red blood cells to detect anemia and dehydration

MCV: mean corpuscular volume – the average size of the red blood cells. A high number indicated certain vitamin deficiencies. Low number indicated iron deficiency.

MCH: mean corpuscular hemoglobin – the average weight of hemoglobin in each red blood cell. High number indicates poorly oxygenated blood. Low number indicates iron deficiency.

MCHC: hemoglobin and mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration – measure hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying pigment of red blood cells – the average percentage of hemoglobin in each red blood cell.

High number indicate too much hemoglobin in the red blood cell,and low number indicate anemia.

PLT: platelet count – measures cells that help stop bleeding by forming blood clots.

 Another blood test is called “Blood serum chemistry test”.

What is “Blood serum chemistry test”?

 This test will check the organ function,electrolyte status, and hormone levels.
ALB: albumin – is a serum protein that helps evaluate hydration, hemorrhage, and intestinal, liver, and kidney health.

ALKP: alkaline phosphatase – test the enzyme in the liver. High number may indicate liver damage, Cushing’s disease, and active bone growth in young pets.

ALT: alanine aminotransferase – indicator of active liver damage

AMYL: amylase – high number can mean pancreatitis or kidney disease.

AST : aspartate aminotransferase –  high number may indicate liver, heart, or skeletal muscle damage.

BUN: blood urea nitrogen – shows kidney function.

** If your dogs were on raw diet, the number will be higher.

 According to Dr Dodd’s blood level study between dogs on raw diet and dogs on kibble, raw diet provides more amino acids from animal protein source for their liver to use as energy source if dogs were on raw diet.

Ca: calcium

CHOL: cholesterol – number is used to supplement diagnosis of hypothyroidism, liver disease, Cushing’s disease, and diabetes mellitus.

Cl:chloride – number shows an electrolyte.High number means dehydration.

CREA: creatinine – shows kidney function.

** According
to Dr Dodds blood level study between dogs on raw diet and dogs on
kibble, in human,if one had diet high in meat content causes to show higher number of creatinine level.

 Therefore, to see if the number is normal for one or not will be determined by consistent number overtime. When dogs on raw diet showed higher end number on creatinine level, but the number was consistently in the same range, on series of results,this indicate kidney function is normal.

GLOB: globulin – blood protein that often increases with chronic inflammation and certain disease states.

GLU: glucose – is blood sugar.

PHOS:phosphorus – high number can mean kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and bleeding disorders.

TBIL:total bilirubin – This test helps identify bile duct problems and certain types of anemia.

TP: total protein –  indicates hydration status, information about the liver, kidneys, and infectious diseases.

T4; thyroxine -thyroid hormone. Low number means hypothyroidism in dogs, while high number indicate hyperthyroidism in cats.

 To read full article written by Dr Dawn Ruben at, please click here.

 To read purdue university paper (pdf file),please click here.

 To read Dr Jean Dodds article on blood work study between dogs on raw diet and dogs on kibble,please click here.

 Lastly, many vet will ask you to fast your dogs for 12 hours to read the most accurate reading in the blood test.

 If your vet did not mention about fasting your dogs,make sure to ask about it.

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Haiku in Japan

 “Fu-ru-i-ke ya, ka-wa-zu to-bi-ko-mu, mi-zu no o-to”.

 Have you heard of this short Japanese poem “Haiku”?

 This famous Haiku was written by Basho Matsuo during the Edo period (1600-1868) in Japan.

 Here are some of the words with its meaning in Japanese,and how this Haiku is translated into English.

 Fu-ru-i-ke; old pond

 Ka-wa-zu; frog in old Japanese.A frog in modern Japanese is called “ka-e-ru”.

 To-bi-ko-mu; jumps in

 Mi-zu; water

 Sound; o-to

 Translation: Old pond, a frog jumps into, sound of water

 As you may notice by counting the syllables, Japanese Haiku is composed of 17 syllables (5-7-5 syllables), and often times, it is about nature.

 To compose the Haiku, you must include Ki-go,which is the word that express season.

 Look at the Haiku above and can you see what word is the Kigo (the word express season)?

 It is a “frog” that express season;spring.

 Also, when you read the Haiku, you will find the Kireji word (cutting word),which breaks up the flow of poem.

 In Basho’s Haiku, letter written in red are Kireji (cutting word).

 Background story of this famous Haiku by Basho Matsuo is that, one day, a frog jumped into old pond at his hermitage. It was very quiet.Quiet enough for him to be able to  hear the slight sound of water when a frog jump into the old pond.

 I came across youtube video about Haiku. I found it interesting and it explains well what Haiku is and I thought I would share it with you.


If you are a blog subscriber, please click here to watch the video.

Have fun making English Haiku..

** Find a word that express season (ki-go)

** Tell the moment in 3 line short poem

 Writing Haiku will lets you explore unlimited creativity in writing with so few words to express the moment and,it is fun project for everybody.

 Make English Haiku and,post your Haiku in the comment section.

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Palette’s note: Cain and Able Lavender Conditioning shampoo and conditioner

 Have you
ever wondered if you could actually see how other dogs are enjoying the
products before purchasing one?

have started series titled “Palette’s note”, which you can read about
products detail and see pictures and videos from Palette’s taste test.

 This time,it is not about treats. I would like to put out details on Cain and Able Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner.

Cain and Able Lavender Conditioning Shampoo..

Cain and Able Lavender Conditioner..

 Cain and Able Lavender Conditioning shampoo and conditioner are both made in USA and they have essential oils in them.

 Here are the ingredient list of the Lavender conditioning shampoo:

Ingredients;Coconut shampoo base,Lavender oil,Eucalyptus oil,Tea tree oil,and Citronella oil

 Here are the ingredient list of the Lavender conditioner:

Ingredients;Vegetable delivered conditioner base, Water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Lavender oil,Aloe,Shea butter, Hydrolized oat flour,Vitamin E,Tea tree oil, Mathylparaben, Eucalyptus oil, Propylparaben,and Citronella oil

 Since this shampoo contains essential oils,this shampoo should NOT  be used on cats.

 These are great all natural shampoo and conditioner that has essential oils in them for your dogs.

 With conditioning shampoo, it got mild cleansing agents that does not dry out your dog’s skin,and also they do not use harsh detergents, synthetic perfumes or artificial colors.

 Instead, they use essential oils in the shampoo to nourish dog’s coat leaving it clean and shiny.

 The company also states that the formulas will not strip oils from the coat, and are safe to use with spot-on flea and tick products if you use one.

 Below is the benefit of the essential oil and key ingredients used in the Lavender conditioning shampoo and conditioner.

Lavender oil: Helps relax and de-stress, has healing properties,helping to sooth irritation, and helps to brighten coat and reduce tear stain.

Eucalyptus oil: Helps revitalize, has disinfectant and antiseptic properties.

Tea tree oil: Has antiseptic,antifungal properties.

Citronella oil: Has antiseptic,bactericidal properties.

Aloe: Treatment for irritated skin,has antiseptic,antibiotic properties.

Shea Butter: helps moisturize, and soothe.

Vitamin E: Reinforces skin moisturizing agent,and Antioxidant.

 If you follow my blog entries, you may already know that I do not use monthly  flea/tick spot on products on Palette and,instead, I make lemon water spray (recipe can be found at our blog site titled “Flea/Tick controls for dogs” here.) to use for her and also use water mixed with Cloud nine herbal dip for crate every time I wash her doggy bed.

 When she is going to be bathed, I simply picked shampoo and conditioner that got very short and natural ingredients used in the ingredient list and,I have been happy with them.

 However,recently I have found this shampoo and conditioner that has essential oil in it and I was very interested in them so, I bathed her and see what it is like.

I been marinaded with Conditioner..

Last step for da bathing..

Counting down to da zoomie time!!
There were a couple of things that I found it different from regular shampoo I use for Palette.

 One difference was consistency of the Shampoo. It was thicker than the shampoo I normally use,almost like the consistency of very thick hair gel if you will.

 The conditioning shampoo soaped her up nicely and, I could rinse her off very easily,much quicker than regular shampoo that I use for her until I hear the squeaky sound.

 ** Leftover soap can irritate the skin and dogs can get itchy,so rinse your dogs off very well until you hear the squeaky sound

 I think Palette would be appreciated for the short rinsing time because she did not have to keep standing for long period of time.

 Another thing was smell/scent left on dogs after the bath time.

 I was wondering how much smell/scent the shampoo would leave it on Palette  because with other shampoo and conditioner that I use normally, it leaves tiny bit of perfumy smell on her after the bath time.

 When I was shampooing our k9 executive chef “Palette”, it was nice herbal smell in the tub, but once it got rinsed off, it left some smell on her but not with the amount of overpowering smell,much less shampoo/conditioner smell left on her compared to the ones I normally use.

Time for da rinse off,mom

 Overall, I liked this shampoo, and because of the essential oils used,it may help repelling flea/bugs.It is another plus using this shampoo for your dogs.

 Now, I used to wonder whether you should give dogs conditioner when you bath your dogs,but I personally used conditioner because it seemed that the conditioner make Palette’s fur softer to touch and moisturized.

 According to the maker of this conditioner, conditioner makes dog’s coat moisturized,hydrated,and detangle.

 Then, how shampoo and conditioner work is that the shampoo opens up the hair shaft so the beneficial ingredients in the conditioner can do its job to maximum effects.

 They explain if the shaft was left open,the natural oil and moisture gets escape and it can result with dry dull brittle hair with itchy skin.

 Therefore, the conditioner’s job is to close the shaft,smooth the hair cuticle,and restore the moisture.

 I now have used both conditioning shampoo and conditioner, and I can tell you that I liked them both.

 As I noted above,big part Palette would have liked most will be the rinse off time for both shampoo and conditioner. Less standing time will be nice plus for her part.

 For me, things that I liked about these conditioning shampoo and conditioner are ..

** it did not leave overpowering perfumy smell on her

** it did not make her puffed up as much as other brand’s shampoo and conditioner

** her coat was soft to touch and shiny

Good morning,furriends!

A day after da bath time.

I am squeaky clean!

My fur is tad puffed up but not as much

 After her diet switch to fresh food diet a.k.a. raw diet, her coat got shinier, and she got no doggy body smell,and she did not need a bath really,but I was interested in how these conditioning shampoo and conditioner work.

 I also thought bathing with it might be a plus for her because o
f essential oil in them.

 I personally felt that she got extra shiny.

A day after da bathing time.

It is hot outside!

Being melted under da angry sun..

 You can read more about how to bath your dogs in the previous entry titled ” Bathing your dogs” here.

 Even though outside was hot and she just came outside for potty, she had something else on her mind….

Yup! Roll on da grass to reclaim my preferred scent!

Roll,roll,roll… with huge Corgi smile..

 Here is Palette roll on the grass and possibly thinking about digging the hole to get muddy.

 It was hot outside and,we both came inside right after her rolling time,but I wonder if she liked the bath so much that she was trying to get muddy for another bath time

Palette roll on the grass.. (A day after she was being bathed..)

 If you are a blog subscriber, please click here to watch the video.

To visit our store,please click here or paste and copy the link below into your browser.

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Outback steakhouse menu:Seared Ahi Tuna with wasabi vinaigrette Yassy’s version

 When my husband and I visit restaurants, frequent order for appetizer is Seared Ahi Tuna.

 I did not care for fish at all as a kid,but over time, my mother has cooked all kinds of fish with different cooking method and different type of sauce and, I actually like fish now. Her effort has paid off and, it is strange to know that I tend to order more fish dish than other type of protein source dish at the restaurant.

 My husband was not a
big fan of fish, but I tried variety of fish with different cooking method and served it with variety of sauce just like my mother did for me  and, I made sure that we will have fish/seafood dinner at least once a week.

 He was not excited about that fish dinner day but,over time, he has found a fish he can eat, and now, he loves ordering the fish appetizer dish “Seared Ahi Tuna”.

 Tuna is actually one of oily fish along with Mackerel,Sardine,herring and Salmon
that provides heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids (Anti- inflammatory) and I
like the fact he eats the fish that is high in Omega 3 fatty acids.

 Because of that, we can compare Seared Ahi Tuna dish among restaurants and see which ones we like best etc..

 For example, Outback steakhouse Seared Ahi Tuna is the best tasting if it were comparing quality/taste of tuna itself.The taste of the tuna is much closer to how I remember from my home country “Japan”.

 Dipping sauce (creamy ginger soy sauce, wasabi vinaigrette) is not authentic dipping sauce but it is tasty dipping sauce.

 One thing I do not understand about the component of the dish is the quarter cut lettuce with core where seared Ahi Tuna is served on.

 When we have the dish,we always leave the lettuce alone because it is not cut smaller so we can have it as salad with the dipping sauce. Looking around, I see some tables ordering the same appetizer but,I think many people leave the quarter cut lettuce on the plate and it will get wasted. It is a shame..

 If I were a chef at the restaurant, I would have chosen watercress as bed for nice Seared Ahi Tuna slices are to be served on. Watercress is vibrant green and they will makes nice garnish. Plus, customers can eat it as salad as well. Thinly shredded raw carrots for color contrast might be good one to add.

 Winner of the most authentic sense of Seared Ahi Tuna dish will be Seared Ahi Tuna appetizer “Ahi Tuna Sashimi” from Bonefish Grill.

 Back home in Japan, we do not have Seared Ahi Tuna dish. We eat simply raw slice of sushi grade Tuna, but this dish was most close to authentic Tuna Sashimi dish from Japan  including soy sauce dipping sauce.

 Most flavorful Seared Ahi Tuna appetizer dish is “Seared Ahi Tuna” from Firebirds Wood Fired Grill although,again, their dipping sauce is not authentic sauce and they serve the dish with spicy mustard sauce.

 If you visit Firebirds Wood Fired Grill and enjoyed their Seared Ahi Tuna, you may enjoy my version of Seared Ahi Tuna as well. You can find the recipe in the previous entry titled “Firebirds Wood fired Grill menu: Seared Ahi Tuna Part II“.

 I personally prefer simple dipping sauce;Tamari (a little thicker than soy sauce) with bit of wasabi mixed in for Sashimi dish.

 However, I wanted to try out variety of dipping sauce once in a while. Therefore, I have tried making another light dipping sauce from inspiration from Outback steakhouse wasabi vinaigrette.

 Since they serve 2 types of dipping sauce,I have added citrus tamari dipping sauce as the second dipping sauce.

 It gives nice lemony flavor to the tuna when dipped,and my husband really liked the dipping sauce.

My husband and I liked both dipping sauce and, they are one of keeper recipe as dipping sauce.

 With citrus wasabi vinaigrette, it does not have to be solely for the dipping sauce and you can use it as salad dressing.

Although salad dressing in general is oil base,this citrus wasabi vinaigrette recipe only has 1/8tsp oil in it to give a bit of flavor.Therefore,it will be light,refreshing citrus base salad dressing and you may like them as salad dressing as well.

 Unfortunately, watercress was out at the grocery store so, the plate is rather looking missing something but, here is how you can make Seared Ahi Tuna with black pepper and sage, citrus wasabi vinaigrette,and citrus tamari dipping sauce.

Seared Ahi Tuna with black pepper and sage served with citrus wasabi vinaigrette..

Citrus tamari dipping sauce..

Ingredients for Tuna;

6 oz      Ahi Tuna   (Yellow fin Tuna)
Ground black pepper and sage herb rub (Recipe follows)          
Extra Virgin Olive oil 

Ingredients for the Citrus wasabi vinaigrette;

1 tbs lemon juice (fresh lemon juice from 1/2 lemon will be enough)
1/2 tsp wasabi
1 tbs honey
1/2 tsp red wine vinegar
1/8 tsp sesame oil

Ingredients for the Citrus tamari dipping sauce;

3 tbs Tamari (darker,thicker,rich soy sauce variety.Can be found at International aisle)
1/8 tsp wasabi paste
1/2 tsp fresh lemon juice squeezed from lemon

<Black pepper and sage herb rub>

Mix 1.5 tsp ground black pepper,1.5 tsp ground sage, and 3/8 tsp kosher salt and mix well

<Seared pepper Ahi Tuna>

1. Cut the Tuna steak into half,and pat the Tuna dry with paper towel

** 6 oz of Yellowfin Tuna steak (Ahi Tuna) will be enough for about 2-3 servings as sides

Slice from yellowfin tuna is called “Ahi Tuna” and “Ahi Tuna” and
“Yellowfin Tuna” are the same thing. If you look at case where you find
pre-packaged sushi, chances are, you will find the package that contains
log of Yellowfin Tuna and they are labeled and sold as “Ahi Tuna”.

** Also, you can get sushi grade log of Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi Tuna) at Asian stores as well.

** Choose the deeper red in color. It is better tasting.
2. Make black pepper and sage herb rub in the small container and mix well

** Taste the seasoning and see if you need adjustment before coating Tuna steak with the seasoning

3. Coat the Tuna steak with Black pepper and sage herb rub you made at step 2, and let it come to room temperature

4. To the skillet, add extra virgin olive oil and let it come to hot at medium high heat

5. When you splash bit of water and makes sizzling sound,the skillet is ready to sear the Tuna. Put one Tuna steak at a time (if you cook numbers of 6 oz Tuna steaks for larger servings) and sear about 10 seconds each side

6.Let it rest to come to room temperature and once cooled, put it on the plate and cover with plastic wrap and keep them cold for about 1 hour or so

** I like to make them around early afternoon,and keep them cold until dinner time.

When Tuna is cold to touch,cut them into about 1/4″ thickness,and plate them up

Makes; 2-3 servings as sides (22 slices with 6 oz Ahi Tuna)

<Citrus wasabi vinaigrette>

1. To the small container, add 1 tbs lemon juice (fresh lemon juice from 1/2 lemon will be enough), 1/2 tsp of wasabi
paste,1 tbs honey, 1/2 tsp red wine vinegar, 1/8 tsp sesame oil and mix well. This will be one of the dipping sauce for the Tuna.

Makes; about 1/4C dipping sauce

<Citrus Tamari dipping sauce>

1. To the small container, add 3 tbs Tamari,1/8 tsp wasabi paste,and 2/1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice and mix well. This will be the second dipping sauce for the Tuna.

** Tamari is darker,thicker,rich flavor soy sauce variety and you can find them at International aisle. I have found “Naturally brewed Tamari” 10 oz fl bottle from kikkoman brand, brewed in Japan. 

Seared Ahi Tuna is very easy to make if you are careful of searing time each side,and they are grate party appetizer as well.

 Here are some ideas for the plating.

Sesame crusted seared Ahi Tuna on the bed of watercress..

 Sesame crusted Seared Ahi Tuna was simply coated with 50-50 mixture of white and black pepper and seared on the skillet in extra virgin olive oil. This sesame crusted Seared Ahi Tuna is my version of Seared Ahi Tuna from Bonefish Grill.

 On the plate, left side white thing is shredded Japanese daikon horseradish,and in the center as a bed, watercress, and right hand is thinly shredded raw carrots.

 This sesame crusted Ahi Tuna was served with soy dipping sauce;To
the small container, add Tamari 3 tbs, 1/8 tsp of wasabi paste
and mix well. This will be the dipping sauce for the sesame crusted Seard Ahi Tuna.


Seared pepper Ahi Tuna served with lemon herb rice and mixed vegetables…

 The mixed vegetable side was simply made as followings.

1. cook strip of bacon on skillet

** don’t add oil to the skillet.Bacon gives off more than enough oil

2. Set the bacon aside on paper towel to drain the oil

3. Get rid of some bacon fat and leaves about 1/2 tsp or so and cook the vegetables you have in the fridge and season it with Morton’s Natures Seasons

4. When I made this, I had leftover crispy potato (find recipe in the previous entry titled Firebirds Wood fired Grill menu: Seared Ahi Tuna Part II“.) so, I have added that to the mixed vegetable in the skillet and served it with bits of bacon as garnish.

5. Lemon herb rice recipe can be found in the previous entry titled “Grilled steak with Gorgonzola Dolce sauce“.).


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Raw feeding 911 Part 11: Heart

 In the previous entry titled “People food for thought Part 26; Calcium and Vitamin D“, I wrote that one
thing I learned after switching our stubby little dog “Palette” the Corgi to raw diet is that Vitamin D is very difficult to get through form
of food.

 Food that provide Vitamin D are very limited.
Therefore,whether human or for dogs, it is best to keep that in mind and
make sure to have such food as much as possible but not to the extreme.

 Dogs can get Vitamin D by food like heart, oily fish such as
mackerel, salmon, sardine, and herrings, beef liver, egg, and sun light.

 Palette eats every food mentioned above with rotation of her menu.

 For example, here is sample menu she had just recently.

Sun; Lamb heart,Beef liver, Mackerel and 1 duck foot

Mon; Lamb heart,1 Turkey heart, Mackerel, and 1 chicken foot

Tue; Flounder fillet, 1 egg, pork liver/kidney, and Ostrich neck

Wed; Buffalo,1 egg, Elk liver, and chicken

Thur; Buffalo,1 egg, Ostrich liver, and chicken

Fri; Buffalo tongue,Buffalo, chicken liver, and Beef short rib

** If she did not eat rib bones,she gets 1 poultry feet to trade the bone with

Sat; Buffalo tongue,Buffalo, Duck organ (organ from giblet bag in the whole Duck), and Beef short rib

** If she did not eat rib bones,she gets 1 poultry feet to trade the bone with

 In this entry,I would like to focus on the heart menu.

 If you are already feeding raw diet to your dogs, you already know that heart is very unique menu.

 In our sense, heart is organ, but when you feed your dogs heart menu, heart is considered to be in the muscle meat group.

 Therefore, if you follow 80% meat-10% organ-10% bone guideline feeding,then, heart will be in the group of 80% meat guideline category.

 That means,if your dogs can  tolerate the amount of heart fed in the meal,you can feed the same amount to the amount you generally feed boneless beef for example.

 One other thing good about feeding Heart is that,they are good source of Taurine and great
addition to the diet menu. Also heart menu is good for dogs with heart
problems due coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

 Not only that,heart is nutrient dense menu you can find in addition to liver.

 According to kelly the kitchen kop website, beef heart is also super food because it can deliver almost twice the amount of collagen and elastin,which are beneficial for healthy skin.

 Also, beef heart deliver much more protein than regular beef steak.

 To read the full article at kelly the kitchen kop website,please click here.

 I was curious about how much difference between the regular steak and heart. Therefore,I have looked it up at and yes,there was difference in the protein amount between the two items.

 I just picked up sirloin steak and the nutrition profile said it got 40% protein and raw beef heart had 66% protein in the food.

 You can look up here for raw sirloin steak,and click here for raw beef heart.If you feed chuck, protein in them is 33% (click here for the nutrition profile).

 If you feed bottom round, protein in them is 46% (click here for the nutrition profile).

 If you feed ground beef 80-20,here is the nutrition profile.Protein in them is lowest and 29%.

 Now you know that protein % in the heart is another difference between the heart  and boneless meat.

 When it comes to feeding heart to your dogs,on and off, I see people asking about how much heart one should feed, whether you trim off the fat cap on the heart etc…

 With Palette,she cannot tolerate too much fat in one sitting,so I tend
to trim off the heart’s fat cap before portion cutting them.

 If your dogs can tolerate the heart meal with fat cap on, I see no reason to trim it off.

 As for the frequency of the feeding, I tend to feed 2 times per week;2 meals out of 14 meals per week, as part of her combo meal.

 Therefore,technically, I feed her heart 1 day worth in the weekly menu.

 As for the amount of heart fed per time,naturally,heart
meal tends to make poop softer, and you would probably do not want to feed too
much of it at once but,they are very good addition to the diet.

 Now you know more about “heart”- super food for your dogs.

 You will find that heart price you can get is quite reasonable at the store or through coop in your area.

 In the past,I have heard that you can place a special order by buying 40lb case of beef heart via Food Lion with price at 60 cents per pound.

 Through our local raw food coop, I can get 60 lb case of beef heart with around $1-$2 per pound.

 I have never asked Food Lion meat guy but, if you are looking for the source of heart to feed your dogs, ask around and see if you can find meat guys who can place special order for you.

 It is worth asking around although you may want to try small amount first as any other items to make sure your dogs would do good on them,and love the item you serve.

 That way,you would not get stuck with something your dogs would not touch or do not good on.

 As you can see, when you try to look for the way to buy food to pay less per pound, often times, you will be buying 30lb,40lb, 60 lb case etc huge amount at a time. Therefore,having a freezer space is a huge plus too if you buy food in bulk.

 If you have read the previous entry titled “Raw feeding 911 Part 7; Raw food source,Green Tripe“, you have seen a huge box of Duck feet I got through local coop.

 The box was 30 lb box,and we got around 300 duck feet and, Palette was very impatient and wanted to help me open the box

 If you have not see the Duck feet case, here is a picture I am talking about. Huge box.!!

OK,I will help you..

 If you would like to buy food in bulk, look for the freezer with energy star seal on it. My mother in law told me that if you got the freezer with energy star seal on it, it is efficient to run the freezer and you would not going to see the dramatic increase with electric bill.

 Palette has her own freezer and,it can hold good amount of her food.

 There you have it, all about beef heart being super food. They are definitely good stuff to add for your dog’s menu.

 That being said,you should keep in mind that beef heart is also the good source of Vitamin D,but Vitamin D is fat soluble vitamin.

Fat soluble vitamin vs Water soluble vitamin..

 There are 2 types of vitamins.

 One is water soluble vitamins and these include Vitamin B and C. Water soluble vitamins would get pee out in urine if there was excess in the amount and they would not get stored in the body.

 The other is called fat soluble vitamins that include Vitamin A,E,D,and K.

 The excess amount of these fat soluble vitamins would not get peed out in urine and  instead, they would get stored in the body.

 That is why, even though heart is super food and they are quite reasonably priced, and you maybe tempted to feed them more, I would caution you that the more is not necessary be always the better choice, and you should feed them at moderate amount, not to extreme enough to dominate overall diet menu.

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