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Raw feeding 911 Part 11: Heart

 In the previous entry titled “People food for thought Part 26; Calcium and Vitamin D“, I wrote that one
thing I learned after switching our stubby little dog “Palette” the Corgi to raw diet is that Vitamin D is very difficult to get through form
of food.

 Food that provide Vitamin D are very limited.
Therefore,whether human or for dogs, it is best to keep that in mind and
make sure to have such food as much as possible but not to the extreme.

 Dogs can get Vitamin D by food like heart, oily fish such as
mackerel, salmon, sardine, and herrings, beef liver, egg, and sun light.

 Palette eats every food mentioned above with rotation of her menu.

 For example, here is sample menu she had just recently.

Sun; Lamb heart,Beef liver, Mackerel and 1 duck foot

Mon; Lamb heart,1 Turkey heart, Mackerel, and 1 chicken foot

Tue; Flounder fillet, 1 egg, pork liver/kidney, and Ostrich neck

Wed; Buffalo,1 egg, Elk liver, and chicken

Thur; Buffalo,1 egg, Ostrich liver, and chicken

Fri; Buffalo tongue,Buffalo, chicken liver, and Beef short rib

** If she did not eat rib bones,she gets 1 poultry feet to trade the bone with

Sat; Buffalo tongue,Buffalo, Duck organ (organ from giblet bag in the whole Duck), and Beef short rib

** If she did not eat rib bones,she gets 1 poultry feet to trade the bone with

 In this entry,I would like to focus on the heart menu.

 If you are already feeding raw diet to your dogs, you already know that heart is very unique menu.

 In our sense, heart is organ, but when you feed your dogs heart menu, heart is considered to be in the muscle meat group.

 Therefore, if you follow 80% meat-10% organ-10% bone guideline feeding,then, heart will be in the group of 80% meat guideline category.

 That means,if your dogs can  tolerate the amount of heart fed in the meal,you can feed the same amount to the amount you generally feed boneless beef for example.

 One other thing good about feeding Heart is that,they are good source of Taurine and great
addition to the diet menu. Also heart menu is good for dogs with heart
problems due coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

 Not only that,heart is nutrient dense menu you can find in addition to liver.

 According to kelly the kitchen kop website, beef heart is also super food because it can deliver almost twice the amount of collagen and elastin,which are beneficial for healthy skin.

 Also, beef heart deliver much more protein than regular beef steak.

 To read the full article at kelly the kitchen kop website,please click here.

 I was curious about how much difference between the regular steak and heart. Therefore,I have looked it up at and yes,there was difference in the protein amount between the two items.

 I just picked up sirloin steak and the nutrition profile said it got 40% protein and raw beef heart had 66% protein in the food.

 You can look up here for raw sirloin steak,and click here for raw beef heart.If you feed chuck, protein in them is 33% (click here for the nutrition profile).

 If you feed bottom round, protein in them is 46% (click here for the nutrition profile).

 If you feed ground beef 80-20,here is the nutrition profile.Protein in them is lowest and 29%.

 Now you know that protein % in the heart is another difference between the heart  and boneless meat.

 When it comes to feeding heart to your dogs,on and off, I see people asking about how much heart one should feed, whether you trim off the fat cap on the heart etc…

 With Palette,she cannot tolerate too much fat in one sitting,so I tend
to trim off the heart’s fat cap before portion cutting them.

 If your dogs can tolerate the heart meal with fat cap on, I see no reason to trim it off.

 As for the frequency of the feeding, I tend to feed 2 times per week;2 meals out of 14 meals per week, as part of her combo meal.

 Therefore,technically, I feed her heart 1 day worth in the weekly menu.

 As for the amount of heart fed per time,naturally,heart
meal tends to make poop softer, and you would probably do not want to feed too
much of it at once but,they are very good addition to the diet.

 Now you know more about “heart”- super food for your dogs.

 You will find that heart price you can get is quite reasonable at the store or through coop in your area.

 In the past,I have heard that you can place a special order by buying 40lb case of beef heart via Food Lion with price at 60 cents per pound.

 Through our local raw food coop, I can get 60 lb case of beef heart with around $1-$2 per pound.

 I have never asked Food Lion meat guy but, if you are looking for the source of heart to feed your dogs, ask around and see if you can find meat guys who can place special order for you.

 It is worth asking around although you may want to try small amount first as any other items to make sure your dogs would do good on them,and love the item you serve.

 That way,you would not get stuck with something your dogs would not touch or do not good on.

 As you can see, when you try to look for the way to buy food to pay less per pound, often times, you will be buying 30lb,40lb, 60 lb case etc huge amount at a time. Therefore,having a freezer space is a huge plus too if you buy food in bulk.

 If you have read the previous entry titled “Raw feeding 911 Part 7; Raw food source,Green Tripe“, you have seen a huge box of Duck feet I got through local coop.

 The box was 30 lb box,and we got around 300 duck feet and, Palette was very impatient and wanted to help me open the box

 If you have not see the Duck feet case, here is a picture I am talking about. Huge box.!!

OK,I will help you..

 If you would like to buy food in bulk, look for the freezer with energy star seal on it. My mother in law told me that if you got the freezer with energy star seal on it, it is efficient to run the freezer and you would not going to see the dramatic increase with electric bill.

 Palette has her own freezer and,it can hold good amount of her food.

 There you have it, all about beef heart being super food. They are definitely good stuff to add for your dog’s menu.

 That being said,you should keep in mind that beef heart is also the good source of Vitamin D,but Vitamin D is fat soluble vitamin.

Fat soluble vitamin vs Water soluble vitamin..

 There are 2 types of vitamins.

 One is water soluble vitamins and these include Vitamin B and C. Water soluble vitamins would get pee out in urine if there was excess in the amount and they would not get stored in the body.

 The other is called fat soluble vitamins that include Vitamin A,E,D,and K.

 The excess amount of these fat soluble vitamins would not get peed out in urine and  instead, they would get stored in the body.

 That is why, even though heart is super food and they are quite reasonably priced, and you maybe tempted to feed them more, I would caution you that the more is not necessary be always the better choice, and you should feed them at moderate amount, not to extreme enough to dominate overall diet menu.

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