Chinese cooking:Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork ribs sandwich

 When I came over to
the states, I was exposed to so many different kinds of cheese,meat,
fresh produce, herbs and spices, as well as wide variety of flavors with
different kinds of cuisine,and different types of cooking.

 Back home in Japan, if our family does BBQ, it will be Teppan yaki dish on the deck. We sit on the picnic mat, and my father was in charge of cooking: smearing lard or butter on the small griddle placed on the center of the table and he picked up raw vegetables,marinaded meat etc for everyone and cooked for us family.

 As all the vegetables,meat etc get cooked, we picked vegetables, meat etc with our own pace,and dip them into grated horseradish mixed with soy sauce or special soy sauce base BBQ sauce and ate them with bowl of rice.

 That is how we enjoyed BBQ during the summer. We rarely saw people grilling/smoking meats in the neighborhood just like you see often in the states.

 Also, America’s summer BBQ favorite “ribs” were something new for me to cook,and it was one of those things that I learned how to cook over here in the states. Back home in Japan, I have never had ribs and also brisket.

 I do not think I have cooked ribs before when my father visited us here in the states yet. Maybe next time, I will cook them and see how he likes it.

 During the summer, since ribs gets to be on sale quite often, I tend to pick ribs and make them at least once every year.

 This year, I have made Asian style ribs,but I did not eat the ribs. I took meat off the bones and roughly chopped,and made BBQ sandwich out of it.

 It was very good and, I thought I would share.

 With this recipe, you can enjoy rib day 1 and day 2,you can make sandwich out of it.

 I will call the sandwich ” Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork rib sandwich”.

Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork rib sandwich

 So, how do you make Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork rib sandwich?

 Here is how.

 Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork rib sandwich will start from making Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork ribs.

Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork ribs...

Ingredients for Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork ribs;

1 Pork baby back ribs (3-4 lb)
1 tbs
Kosher salt
tsp ground black

fl oz Orange juice
Zesty Mushu citrus sauce* (recipe follows)

Ingredients for Zesty Mushu Citrus sauce;
tbs Hoisin sauce (recommends Koon Chhun brand,Product of Hong Kong)
8 tsp sugar
1 tbs sake
4 tbs soy sauce
4 tbs
2 cloves of garlic grated
1/4 tsp grated ginger
1/8 tsp
(Korean fermented red pepper paste.Recommends Jayone Foods brand,Product of Korea )
orange zest
1/8 tsp sesame oil
1/32 tsp Chinese five spice

Ingredients for Zesty Mushu Citrus pork rib sandwich;

tbs butter
1/8 red pepper sliced
1/8 Green pepper sliced
sweet onion sliced
Morton’s Natures Seasons
shredded cheese mix*
* (mixture of 50% shredded low moisture mozzarella cheese,50% shredded provolone cheese) 1/8C for each hoagie roll

<Zesty Mushu Citrus sauce>

1. Add 4 tbs Hoisin sauce, 8 tsp sugar, 1 tbs sake, 4 tbs soy sauce, 4 tbs water, 2 cloves of garlic grated, 1/4 tsp grated ginger, 1/8 tsp Gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste), orange zest, 1/8 tsp sesame oil,1/32 tsp Chinese five spice into a sauce pan and stir and let them come to boil

** Gochujang is Korean hot pepper paste.You can find them at the International food aisle at local grocery store.Here is how it looks like.


In a pinch, you can substitute with Indonesian pepper paste “sambal” (recommends Oelek brand),also available at International food aisle.

2. When sauce came to boil, turn down the heat to simmer and let the flavor combined for a few more minutes and turn the heat off.

** The sauce is not thick like regular BBQ sauce. The consistency of this sauce is more of touch thicker dipping sauce

<Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork ribs>

1. Prepare the seasoning mix and marinade for the ribs

** In a small container, mix 1 tbs Kosher salt,1 tsp black pepper well (seasoning mix)

** In the freezer bag,pour 6 oz fl oz orange juice (marinade)

2. Cut the rack of ribs into half length,and stab the ribs with fork so flavor can get into the ribs better

3. Rub the ribs with Kosher salt-ground black pepper seasoning mix.

4. Place ribs into a freezer bag that has 6 fl oz orange juice in it and close it and massage the ribs

5. Put the freezer bag with ribs onto 9″x13″ baking dish to marinade the ribs

** Placing the ribs with freezer bag onto baking dish is to prevent them from leaking in the refrigerator.

6. Take the ribs out from the freezer bag,and wrap it with non stick foil tightly

7. Place the foil wrapped ribs onto half sheet pan bone side down and bake them about 90 minutes at 350F

8. Take the ribs out from foil, and baste them with Zesty Mushu citrus sauce and about 15 minutes later, baste the ribs with Zesty Mushu citrus sauce again.

9. If the ribs were tender enough,enough to fall off the bone, broil them bone side down HI for 4 minutes

10. Flip the ribs over and broil bone side up for another 2 minutes

11. Now the ribs is done.

<Zesty Mushu Citrus Pork ribs sandwich>

1. Take meat off from ribs and rough chop,and put the chopped meat in the big bowl

2. Mix the meat with some Zesty Mushu Citrus sauce

3. In the skillet, add 1/4 tbs butter and cook 1/8 red pepper sliced,1/8 Green pepper sliced, 1/4 sweet onion sliced and season it with Morton’s Natures Seasons,and set it aside

4. Cut Hoagie roll into two length wise, and lightly toast them

5. Place the baking sheet with non stick foil and place the hoagie roll bottom and top them with chopped ribs meat,vegetables and 1/8C shredded cheese mix (recipe above) on each hoagie roll bottom

6. Set the oven Broil Hi,and broil the sandwich until cheese gets melted and bubbly

7. Take it out from the oven and put the hoagie roll top and serve


Makes:4-5 sandwich

 Good thing about eating it as sandwich is that you would feel full but actual meat consumed will be much less than you will simply have ribs as main entree alongside the sides.

 I had leftover chopped ribs from sandwich and,later I used them for fried rice.

 If you mix these chopped rib meat and coleslaw mix cooked and seasoned with Nature’s seasons and wrap these filling with Gyoza dumpling wrapper (Potsticker wrapper), you can pan fry them or deep fry them and you can make different kinds of Quick and easy Mushu Pork rib Gyoza dumplings (Potstickers).

 If you like Mushu pork flavor, you would enjoy making my Mushu pork Gyoza dumplings (Potsticker). You can find the recipe in the previous entry here.

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