Thai cooking:Thai Pork with coconut rice

I was still in Japan,I have never had variety of food you can taste
here in the states; Mexican food,Thai food,Vietnamese food,Indian food..

 My first experience with Thai dish was when I was working for Airlines, and co-worker from
Thailand brought Thai dish. It was very aromatic and spicy dish but,it
was very delicious. I have leaned some about Thai food ingredients from her.

I found that I really like Thai food dishes I have tried by then,
later, me and my husband started visiting Thai restaurant
runs by people from Thailand and,experienced more variety of Thai food; Pad-Thai, Penang curry,Thai
dumpling,Thai tea, Thai Coffee etc etc..

 By now, you would know that I would love to try all kinds of new food, and sometimes, I like to order different dish each time even if I had particular food I really like on the menu.

 The other day, we went to go see a movie “Snow white and the Huntsman”, and after the movie, my husband and I visited the Thai restaurant.

 There, I tried pad ped with Duck;Roasted Duck with vegetables in spicy sauce with hint of basil. It was good but, made my eyes watery and nose running and,I had lots of water to go with it.

 Next time I order them, I would probably ask for “American spicy”

 Sometime later, I would love to make the Pad ped with little less spicy and, if it comes out as I had it at the restaurant, I would share the recipe with you.

 After some learning from the colleague from Thailand and visiting Asian store that carry Thai ingredients together, gradually, I started
cooking the Thai food at home, too and became more familiar with
ingredients commonly used for the Thai food.

 Sometimes, when I have enough Thai ingredients to make something out of it using whatever meat that I have in the freezer, I put key Thai ingredients and see how it comes out.

 One dish from one of those moments is what I call it “Thai Pork” and, it is kind of Chinese cooking method meets Thai cuisine flavor kind of, and it is one quick and easy dish for you to make.

 This dish is combination of sweet and spicy. Underneath the seeet-spicy pork,you will have sweet aromatic coconut flavored rice to balance out the spiciness from the pork.

 This dish was good,and easy to cook so,I thought I would share the recipe with you.

Thai Pork with coconut rice..

Ingredients for Coconut rice:

1C Jasmine rice (recommends dynasty Jasmine rice)
2/3C water
1 C unsweetened coconut milk
pinch of kosher salt

Ingredients for Thai pork:

8 oz Pork tenderloin sliced to 1/4″ medallion
Morton’s Natures seasons
1 tbs Fish sauce (recommends double bird brand Fish sauce)
2 cloves garlic grated
Corn starch
Extra virgin olive oil

1/4 red onion sliced
1/2 carrot stick diagonally thinly sliced
red pepper sliced
1/8 green pepper sliced
1/8 Cubanelle pepper sliced
1/2 lime juiced
4 tsp Thai sweet chili sauce (Recommend Mae Ploy brand Thai sweet chili sauce)
3-4 tsp chopped cilantro

<Coconut rice>

1. In a sauce pan, add 1C Jasmine rice,2/3C water,1C unsweetened coconut
milk,pinch of kosher salt and put it on medium high heat

2.Once the rice started boiling,turn the heat down to medium low heat
and cover the pan with lid and cook for 10 minutes,and lower the heat to
simmer and cook another 10 minutes

Makes; 3 servings

<Thai Pork>

1. Slice 8 oz Pork tenderloin into 1/4″ or so thickness of medallion,and pound them to thin

2. Cut the thinned Pork tenderloin into strips,season them with Morton’s Natures Seasons

3. Marinade the pork tenderloin strip about 20 minutes in the mixture of 1 tbs Fish sauce,2 cloves of garlic grated and corn starch just enough to coat the pork tenderloin strips and mix well

**You can find the fish sauce at local grocery store at
International food aisle and also,you can find them at Asian stores.The one I have is product of Thailand, and
brand name is “Double parrots”.

4. Drizzle Extra virgin olive oil and cook the corn starch coated pork tenderloin strips

5. Put the cooked pork tenderloin strip aside into small container

6. In the same skillet, cook 1/4 red onion sliced, 1/2 carrot stick diagonally thinly sliced, 1/8 red pepper sliced, 1/8 green pepper sliced, 1/8 Cubanelle pepper sliced and stir

** **
Cubanelle pepper is long pepper with thin meat,and it is light green
color.They are very mild pepper. Use sweet green pepper if you could not
find the Cubanelle pepper.

7. When onion became translucent and carrot slice became tender enough, put the pork back in to the skillet and stir

8.Squeeze 1/2 lime over the skillet,and add 4 tbs Thai sweet chili sauce and stir

**You can find the Thai sweet chili sauce at local grocery store at
International food aisle and also,you can find them at Asian stores.The one I have is product of Thailand, and
brand name is “Mae Ploy” and you can find them at world market as well.

9. Just before done cooking, add 3-4 tsp of chopped cilantro into the skillet and stir

10. Put hot steamy coconut rice on the plate and pour the sweet-spicy Thai pork with vegetable over the rice and serve

Makes: 3 servings



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