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People food for thought Part XXVIII; Cherry

 In the previous entry titled “People food for thought Part XXV: Color of vegetables/fruits and health benefit“, I wrote that registered dietitian, Vandana Sheth for academy of nutrition and
dietetics has mentioned that we get different nutrients from different
foods and eating variety of foods in different colors is easiest ways to
ensure we are getting full range of nutrients.

 I also wrote that I think it is
true that each food provides different set of nutrients with different
level of nutrient.Therefore, it makes sense that eating variety of foods can
boost your health, and especially with vegetables, since vegetable’s color can be determined by specific nutrient in them, it makes sense to eat variety of color of vegetables.

 Among the vegetables/fruits I have written about, cherry was one of them; According
to Vandana, crimson tint indicate that the fruits or vegetables are
good for heart,boosting vision and immunity plus cutting down on cancer

 According to USDA study, Ruby sphere in bing
cherry is packful of antioxidant and good for lowering arthritis
risk,heart disease and cancer by fighting with inflammation.

thing in the article is that it says that 2010 study in London found
that drinking cherry juice helps you sleep better due to high melatonin
content,and it also helps to reduce muscle damage in athletes.

 I think many of you would name blueberry when you were asked to name a few antioxidant rich fruits. However, cherry is another good antioxidant rich fruits that has many health benefits.

 Did you know that amount of antioxidant in the tart cherry;anthocyanins, is greater than the amount in Vitamin E?

 According to the article written by Bob Trott at msnbc website, 1999 Michigan state University study found that the antioxidant activity of black tart cherry is greater than Vitamin E.

 In this entry, we will have a closer look at the cherry and health benefit.

 Recently, I came across a news article about cherry and health benefit and the article written by Jennifer Motl was focusing on particular kind of cherry; sour/tart cherry, to be exact.

 It was interesting article to read so I thought I would share the article with you.

 Cherry and sleep..

 According to the article written by Jennifer Motl,registered dietitian, there was a study of older adults and it suggested that those who drank cherry juice daily were able to fall asleep about 17 minutes faster than those who didn’t drink the juice.

 Also,another study has found that those who drank cherry juice had less daytime napping.

 A small British study with cherry juice suggested that drinking tart cherry juice especially helped volunteers to sleep more deeper and longer due to increased level of melatonin; natural sleep hormone.

 In fact, there is another 5 months study done by Dr Russel Reiter;professor of neuroendocrinology at University of Texas Health science center, according to the article written by Bob Trott at msnbc website.

 Dr Reiter found out that cherry contains significant amount of melatonin; hormone produced in the brain’s pineal gland that has been known to showering the aging process,help sleeping, and jet lag.

 Melatonin was also studied for potential treatment for cancer, depression,other diseases and disorders.

 Cherry and Arthritis..

 According to a study at Baylor Research Institute, tart cherry juice eased osteoarthritis pain by 20% for most men and women.

 As you have learned from the London study in the previous entry titled People food for thought Part 25: Color of vegetables/fruits and health benefit“, Cherry can ease joint and muscle pain because they contains anti-inflammatory compounds.

 Jennifer points out that scientists at Michigan University found out that the natural anthocyanins from raspberry and sweet cherry work similar to pain reliever drug such as ibuprofen (Advil) , and naproxen  (Aleve), and they have natural version of inhibitors COX-1, COX-2 in smaller amount as well as other antioxidant properties not found in pills.

 Cherry and Athletes..

 Researchers at University of Vermont found out that when weight lifters drank 12 oz of cherry juice daily for over a week lost only 4% of muscle strength compared to 22% for those who did not drink the cherry juice.

 Researchers at  Oregon Health and Science University found out that drinking 12 oz of cherry juice daily for 7 days before and during a long distance race also helps for runners to minimize muscle pain,and recover strength quickly.

 To read full article written by Jennifer Motl,please click here.

 To read the full article written by Bob Trott at msnbc website,please click here.

 Cherry and heart disease, diabetes

 According to the study done at University of Michigan Cardiovascular center, rat received whole tart cherry powder mixed with high fat meal did not gain as much  weight as the one who did not receive the tart cherry powder with their meal.

 Their blood test showed that the rat received tart cherry with their meal had much lower level of inflammation molecular linked to disease such as heart disease, and diabetes. 

 Also, they had low level of cholesterol and triglyceride.

 To read more on study from University of Michigan Cardiovascular center at science daily website,please click here.

 Now you know the benefit of tart cherry.

 I like cherry and, I buy sweet cherry now and then. Our stubby Corgi “Palette” loves cherry too. If she sees you snacking the cherries, she will be sitting right in front of you,staring at you and tries to impress you with good “sit” and sometimes, she tries various stuff she has learned during her doggy school time a.k.a. training time, to see any of them will give her the yummy cherry nibbles.

 She sometimes tries to “down”, “wave”, “speak”…It is quite interesting to see what she would try to get the nibble.

 Often times, at the very end, I give her one cherry (pits and stem removed,of course) and she does the impressive “sit” again for more.

When we have enough cherries, I sometimes put cherry in her cool down treats and she really goes crazy for those too.

 It is good to know that if you get to find the tart cherry (fresh, frozen, dried, and liquid form),  you will have whole array of health benefit by consuming them.

 I just came across the article from live strong website about black cherry being good for antioxidant property (polyphenol),and can reduce inflammation just like tart cherry I wrote about above. Then,black cherry is used for kidney support,joint health, and treating gout and sleeping aid.

 Here is on black cherry,article written by Caroline Thompson at live strong website here.

 Many studies seem to praise tart cherry juice for health benefit, but there is one thing you would need to watch out for.

 Fruits juice sometimes contains preservatives and high fructose corn syrup,or maybe fruit extract instead of actual juice from whole tart cherry and not much actual fruits juice in them. So, take a time and read the nutrition label so you get to see what exactly in them and choose the best one for your health.

 I found one organic tart cherry juice from Eden Foods here. As you see, when you look at ingredient, it has only tart cherry in it.

 Now look at this cheery juice here; you can see the ingredient include Tart cherry juice,water,apple juice concentrate

 Now look at this cherry juice here; ingredients include water,sour cherry juice (20%),fructose corn syrup,sugar,citric acid,sour cherry flavoring,and ascorbic acids

 If you saw these 3 kinds at your grocery store, you know which one has most benefit for your health by drinking the tart cherry juice.

 Not all fruit juice are made equal.

 Take a time and pick the best one from the store and, make a habit of having a little bit of fruits as desert instead of munching baked goods as desert after the meal.

 Back home in Japan, desert my mother gave me with Bento (lunch box) was fresh fruits, and fresh fruit was our desert at home after meal also. When we have coffee time after dinner or tea time at 3 pm, we had small amount of snacks but that is about it. 

 If you go to restaurants in Japan,you will notice that many places offer fresh fruits as small desert, not many are offering pies,carrot cakes, creme brulee,brownie etc.. many American restaurants tend to like to offer.

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Blanket exercise Palette’s way

 Have you ever wondered why your dogs do what they do, and no matter how hard you try to think about the reason behind the behavior,sometimes, you never understand the necessity of the behavior or reasons to do so.

 The other day, we were in the TV room,and suddenly we started hearing sound blanket is dragged all the way across the floor, and there she was,Palette the corgi is working hard digging/scooping and moving the blanket across the room.

 She seemed to do so with motive,which I first thought was simply arranging the blanket so she can rest on it just the way she like it, but it looked like once she reached to the wall across the room,she then hops over the rolled blanket and digging/scooping/arranging it all the way back to where it was and she hops over the blanket again and move the blanket to where she was dragging it from..

 I have no idea why she was doing so,and I had never seen it before. Was it the new game she came up with?

 At one point time, she stood still for a second or so as if she was thinking something and she rest on the blanket and, she started doing the same thing again, and rest on it.

 Therefore, I thought, just like she wants to find just the right spot for potty, blanket thing is probably the same way and she wanted it to be at just the right spot for her to rest on.

 However, she did not rest on it whole time while we were at the TV room.

 It was quite entertaining watching her how she moves the blanket all the way across the room,and I thought it was cute.

 I tried to take pictures and video when she was doing bed making round 1,but she noticed the camera and she stopped doing what she was doing, and turned around,stared at the camera with Corgi smile.

 I thought I would not be able to catch this comical moment but luckily, she was so into the bed making for round 2,and I could take some pictures and videos.

 Does your dog do what Palette was doing the other day?


Blanket exercise Palette’s way..


Bed making exercise 1.2.3..

It is so hard work to make it just right,you know..

Just..taking.. break..

A couple of more moves and I am at da other side of da wall..


Ok, now to da other side..

First thing first; taking break..

See my tongue hanging out?

I am getting tired..

Changed my mind..

Maybe move da blanket to this side..


What was that?

Umm.. my butt bumped into something…

Ok,change my plan..

Move it close to daddy..

No… maybe I should move it close to mommy..

It was such a hard work but I think I can rest here a bit..

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Japanese cooking: Teriyaki Chicken with vegetables II

 What is your favorite Japanese dish?

 When I watch food related TV shows, clearly, popular Japanese dishes seems to be Sushi,and dishes with Teriyaki sauce.

 Some restaurants like Outback steakhouse has fillet medallions with Teriyaki sauce,and I believe last time we visited Bonefish Grill restaurant,they had Salmon with Teriyaki sauce under seasonal special menu, and subway has sweet onion teriyaki chicken sandwich.

 Most of the time, I find either Teriyaki sauce served at restaurant/sandwich store has slightly different flavor to the true authentic sauce or sauce is way too sweet.

 With sushi, many people imagine raw fish when they hear the word “sushi”,but sushi is not just with raw fish.

 In Japan, sushi bar
we used to go to had topping like corn kernel mixed with mayo,crab
mixed with mayo, or tempura shrimp,grilled/broiled teriyaki eel, sashimi etc.
You can always be creative and make your own version of sushi.

 The other day, I was watching the show called “Master chef”. In one episode, contestants were asked to team up and make sushi platter just like the sample sushi platter. There were tuna,shrimp,salmon etc.. on top of formed sushi rice.

 One of the contestants “David” said “You should start soaking the Nori (lever)” and I had question marks in my head. We never soak lever to make sushi or any other Japanese dishes.

 Then, Gordon Ramsey said  to David team if their team has seasoned the rice with salt to cook.

 We Japanese don’t put salt in the rice cooker to cook the rice. Rice
will be seasoned after being cooked plus sushi sauce does not contains

 You can watch the MasterChef episode on Sushi platter making here.

 I have been to so called “Japanese restaurant”, and sometimes I find wrong dish name, wrong ingredients etc.. and I can’t help but thinking that some of our culture is misunderstood here.

  If you go to
Japanese restaurant here in the states, what you mostly expect is sushi
bar, and Teppan yaki style dishes. Some Japanese restaurant in the
states call the cooking method on grill “Hibachi style” but it is
actually called “Teppan yaki style” in Japan. Teppan yaki dish is a dish
made with small griddle.

 Often times, our family sat around the griddle and my mother cut all type of vegetables and marinade sliced beef and when the griddle came to warm enough, father put some lard or butter on the surface, letting them melt and cook as we eat.

 People here in the states call the large griddle at Japanese steak house place and they call it “Hi-ba-chi” but Hi-ba-chi in Japan is the heating
device in Japan.

 Not cooking tool. The word “Hi” means “Fire” in
Japanese. “Bachi” means “bowl” so, it is fire bowl if you translate it directly
to English. It usually made with ceramic and it contains charcoal to
keep the room warm.

 Japanese dishes are more than sushi and teriyaki sauce dish,and I am hoping that I can introduce more Japanese dishes through our blog entries.

 In the past, I have shown you how to make Teriyaki chicken dish (recipe here),and it has been one of popular entries viewed at our blog.

 In this entries, I thought I would introduce you to Teriyaki sauce with twist; I would marry the two popular dish sauce for “sushi” and “Teriyaki chicken”, yet to keep its Teriyaki flavor.

 Many recipes for Teriyaki sauce you can find here in the states from TV station or from other sources seems to like to use brown sugar,for some reasons. We Japanese do not use brown sugar that often for many dishes.It is rather rare to use them.

 I have no idea where the idea of using brown sugar for Japanese dish is coming from, but I can imagine it could stem from Thai dishes recipes.

 That is because in true Thai dish recipes,sugar used in the recipe is palm sugar,not brown sugar.

 I used to work for Airline and we had workmate from Thailand.She has once told me that they use Palm sugar, not brown sugar.

 Palm sugar comes in a jar just like you get peanut butter from grocery store and, they are slightly caramel-like flavor. If you live near Asian stores, you would probably be able to find them.

 Because of the caramel-like flavor and you can substitute Palm sugar for brown sugar in a pinch. I wonder it could extended to frequent appearance in the most Asian recipes.

 I have Thai dish recipes,and I admit I did not put Palm sugar in the ingredients. I am sure if my workmate was with me, she would definitely point it that out and say “Palm sugar, not brown sugar!”.

 If you like to make much more authentic Thai dish, use palm sugar, instead of brown sugar.

 On the talk of Thai dishes… Thai dishes seems to be also one of those things that some celebrity chefs has weak detail knowledge for.

 I was watching the show called “Around the world in 80 plates” and, in one of the episodes, Wolfgang Puck said “I wish I could taste ginger or basil in this papaya salad”, and show host “Cat Cora nodded and told his comments and said she would agree to that to the contestant Avery who made the papaya salad.

 As you know, I learned how to make papaya salad from Thai lady at work (You can find Thai papaya salad recipe here),and her recipe did not have any of those in it.

 The contestant Avery who made the papaya salad also learned from locals how to make papaya salad and those local who taught her how to make the papaya salad also did not use those two ingredients.

 Ginger (actually, it is called Galangal, and it tastes slightly different from ginger you see at grocery store) or Thai basil are not the ingredients for papaya salad although many Thai dishes use those two ingredients such as curry.

 This is the episode I am talking about regarding green papaya salad.

 Around the world in 80 plates finale

 If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video.

 I think celebrity chefs are great in cooking but, it seems they have slightly different ideas about Asian cuisines.

 In Japanese dishes recipes though, our staple sugar is white sugar and not brown sugar that gives caramel-like/molasses-like flavor. Therefore, when you use brown sugar in Japanese dish recipes, the dish comes out slightly different flavor.

 Brown sugar or as we call it “Ku-ro za-to-u” is more likely used in desert recipes or candies.

 If you have seen my sushi sauce (recipe for sushi here), you will notice that I use soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, wasabi and salt for sushi sauce.

 I will use it as the Teriyaki sauce base recipe with different ratio of each ingredient but take wasabi and salt out from it,then add basic Teriyaki sauce ingredients, marrying the two sauce together to create one notch up tasty Teriyaki sauce.

 This dish came out quite  juicy and flavorful. I am happy with the result.

 This dish is also quick and easy dish and great dish to make when your time is pressed.

 Since this Teriyaki chicken dish will be version 2, I will simply call it “Teriyaki chicken with vegetables II” ,and I would share the recipe with you.

Teriyaki chicken with vegetable II..

Ingredients for Lemon Herb rice:

1C            Jasmine rice
1 1/4 tbs butter
1/4C        Italian flat leaf parsley chopped fine
lemon juice from 1/2 lemon
pinch of Kosher salt

Ingredients for Teriyaki chicken with vegetables II:

5 pieces Chicken thigh with skin on
Morton’s Natures seasons
3 tbs soy sauce
3 tbs rice vinegar
2 tbs sugar
Extra virgin olive oil

1/2 sweet onion rough chopped
red pepper rough chopped
1/4 green pepper rough chopped
1/4 orange pepper rough chopped

<Lemon Herb rice>

1. To the sauce pan, add 1C Jasmine rice, 1 2/3C water, 1 1/4 tbs butter and stir and let it come to boil on medium heat

Once boiled, stir the rice and turn the heat to medium low,cover with
lid and cook for 10 minutes, and lower the heat to simmer to cook 10
more minutes

3.Once rice is done, fluff the rice and add 1/4C
Italian flat leaf parsley chopped fine, lemon juice from 1/2 lemon,
pinch of Kosher salt and stir and adjust the seasoning if needed

Makes; 4 servings

<Teriyaki chicken with vegetable II>

1. In the small container, add 3 tbs soy sauce,3 tbs rice vinegar,2 tbs sugar and mix well

2. Drizzle Extra virgin olive oil in the skillet on medium high heat and let it comes to screaming hot,and put the chicken thigh with skin side down and sear

3. Add teriyaki sauce that you made at step <1> into the skillet

4. Turn the heat down to medium heat, and cook about 10 minutes

5. Turn the chicken thigh over and cook 10 minutes more

6. Flip the chicken thigh again so the skin side gets down again and, cook about a couple of minutes more

7. Set the chicken aside on the plate,keep the sauce in the skillet

8. In another skillet,add 1/2 sweet onion rough chopped, 1/4 red pepper rough chopped, 1/4 green pepper
rough chopped, 1/4 Orange pepper rough chopped and season it with Morton’s Natures Seasons

9. When onion became translucent, pour the teriyaki sauce from the skillet you cooked the chicken on and stir

10. Let the sauce thicken up

11. Take the skillet off from the heat

12. Plate up the lemon herb rice,and Teriyaki chicken and pour vegetable and sauce over and serve

Makes: 2-3 servings


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Palette’s note: Free Range Brazilian Beef braided gullet stick

 When you pick up treats for your dogs, what would you look at?

 Ingredients? Fancy looking pictures?Description of the products?

you ever wondered if you could actually see how other dogs are enjoying
them? Not pictures,but in video so that you can actually HEAR and feel
the treats’ textures?

 Some of you may have already recognized I
have been putting up treats’ video on youtube so that people can hear
the sound,see Palette in action and get more detail on products.

 With “Palette’s Note” series,I like to put taste test videos. This time, “Free Range Brazilian Beef braided gullet sticks“.

k9 executive chef “Palette” enjoys her Free Range Brazilian Beef braided gullet stick with wet nose..

 Free Range Brazilian beef braided gullet stick are made from Free range beef in Brazil that received No antibiotic,No growth hormone in their life.

 This braided gullet sticks are currently available with size 12″. They are soft texture chew, yet since they are braided, it gives more gnaw worthy texture although it does not last as long as regular bully sticks would.

 If you were looking for long lasting chew, we recommend Deer Antlers.

 If you were looking for softer chew than Antlers,but the one lasts long enough, then, we would recommend Himalayan Dog Chew, which we call it “Cheese stick” for our k9 executive chef “Palette”. She chewed roughly 1″ per 20 minutes long per time.

 Our K9 executive chef “Palette” loves this braided gullet stick chew, and this is by far one of her favorite top 10 jackpot snacks.

 If she sees you having the braided gullet sticks in your hand, she will be very talkative,and very impatient and tell you “Give me,give me,give me, NOW!”

 If you are following my blog entries, you already know that she has limping history.

 In case you missed it, Palette used to limp years ago and,now she is
limp free and runs like wind.

 When she was limping, ortho vet thought it was due to ligament tore from the X-ray and manipulation of her hind legs.

 However, her ligament was perfectly fine and no tore.

leg surgery was simply cut-close surgery, but she had to go through the
same recovery process like the ones whom ortho vet operated surgery on
damaged ligaments, and she could not go for walk for 2 months due to
restricted activity.

 Palette was still limping after surgery and ortho vet was scratching
their head because they were not sure what caused the limping.

 What made her limp free after all?
It was Glucosamine/Chondroitin/NZ Green lipped muscle joint care tablet.

 It was something I started giving her after reading about joint health
and benefit of Glucosamine/Chondroitin. She was on it for 1 week or so,
and voilĂ ,she was limp free.

 Now,she is not on the tablet at

 However,I make sure I give her natural source of Glucosamine such as
poultry feet (chicken feet,duck feet etc),Gullet, Trachea regularly through her diet menu and also via form of treats.

 I also give her
fish body oil capsule (not the one that has omega 6 fatty acids along with omega 3 fatty acids) to bump up her omega3 fatty acids level she gets.

 If you would like to give your furriends treats that are natural source of glucosamine/chondroitin great for joint health, we have Buffalo trachea, Free range Brazilian beef gullet strip, Free range Brazilian beef braided gullet stick 12″, Free Range Brazilian beef gullet stick 6″, Grass-fed Angus beef trachea,Dehydrated Chicken feet, Free Range American Lamb trachea, Free Range American Lamb Weasand (gullet) twists,and Dehydrated Duck feet.

 Ingredients: Beef gullet
 Let’s watch how much Palette enjoy her Free Range Brazilian beef braided gullet stick below.

Palette and Free Range beef gullet stick

 Can you hear the sound of Palette chewing the braided gullet stick and see the treat is soft texture yet gnaw worthy level of softness? Can
you see how much she likes the braided gullet stick? She gets very excited for this treats and,
her nose gets wet in a second.

 I normally give treats letting her “wait” and then give her cue to eat it but she could not wait for the cue.

 Since she was way excited and talkative telling me “I want one,I want one now!” and she was being so impatient, I hold the treats in front of her so she can sees her treats are there and then… her head coming closer,closer ..taking treats away from my hands.

 I was going to put the treat on her doggy bed and let her wait but she could not wait

*pant,pant,pant.twirl, twirl,woof!*

Mom,I am very ready for da tweats!

See? I am a good Corgi!

Good girl gets something yummy!


Yup,that is what I am talking about!

Mom,you can tell furriends it is gnaw worthy chew..

Even thought it gone faster than bully sticks..

Wet nose alert!

Hands free chew style!

Umm… Did I hear something?

What was that??

Should I go check??

Nah,forget about it.

I got more important things to do; making sure nothing is left behind..

Please note that due to natural treats,thickness of the each Gullet stick can vary.

To visit our store,please click here or paste and copy the link below into your browser.

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Noh (Traditional theatrical play) in Japan

 In the previous entry titled “Kabuki (Traditional theatrical play) in Japan“,I wrote that traditional
theatrical play in Japan called “Ka-bu-ki” started back in the early Edo period
(around 1600) when a woman named “O-ku-ni of I-zu-mo” performed a
Buddhist dance in unusual costume in Kyoto,which is located in western
part of Japan.

 Before the Kabuki culture has started, another form of traditional theatrical play called “No-h” culture has started.

 No-h in Japanese means “Talented” or “skilled”.

 No-h is the oldest form of theatrical play in Japan.

 According to Japan-i website article, the theatrical play “No-h” has long,rich history behind it, and it has been the world’s oldest theatrical form with the history of more than 600 years.

 Form of  “No-h” is originated from the art of de-n ga-ku (ritual field music and dance),and sa-ru ga-ku (mimic plays) in the ka-ma-ku-ra era,which developed as musical play incorporating music and dance in the Mu-ro ma-chi era (1336-1573).

 Ka-n a-mi and Ze-a-mi;father and son, created No-h play in 14th century, then created another form of theatrical play called ” Kyo-ge-n,which is comedic drama.

 No-h often times uses tragic stories passed down from Mu-ro ma-chi era (1336-1573),and use them as theme and dramatize them through the play (recitation,music,and dance).

 It uses performers movement,voice,song, and musical effects.

 Some of you may wonder what is the difference between Ka-bu-ki and No-h.

 Performers in N0-h wear wooden masks such as O-n-na me-n (for female roles), Jo me-n ( for elderly men roles), Ha-n nya (for female demon roles), Ki-tsu-ne me-n (for fox roles), E-bi-su me-n (for gods of commerce role).

 One thing I did not know was that, there are more than 200 variety of me-n (mask) in No-h play,according to Japan-i website article.

 The mask type is categorized into 6 types, and they are old people, men, women, demons, ghosts, and old men.

 Unlike you see Ka-bu-ki performers’ facial expression in the play, when you go see No-h play, since performers are wearing the mask for No-h play,you cannot see their facial expressions.

 What is interesting about the wooden mask for creatures roles is that, the area around the eyes are turned gold by attaching metal clasps to make it looks like shining eyes.

 With masks for old men roles, mouth part is separated and,it is hold together by thin strings so performers can move its jaw.

 Performers in Ka-bu-ki wears thick make-up,and do not wear the masks.

 In No-h play, just like Ka-bu-ki play, there are some basic roles in them.Here are some of the examples.

** Shit-e; main character and he will be wearing mask

** Tsu-re; companion character to Shi-te

** wa-ki; supporting character and he will not be wearing mask

** Jiu-ta-i; chorus

** Ha-ya-shi Ka-ta; large floor drum,large hand drum,small hand drum and flute players

 In Ka-bu-ki stage, I wrote that stage floor is
usually made of cypress, and they are equipped with various devices such
as revolving stage (ma-wa-ri bu-ta-i),trap door (se-ri) for special

 In No-h stage, in an early times, the play was performed at shrines or temple hall but now, at modern times, the No-h is performed at No-h theater in major cities such as Tokyo,Osaka, and Nagoya city.

 No-h theater stage has Bu-ta-i (main stage;19.69 ft/6 m x 19.69 ft/6 m), Ha-ya-shi za (rear stage), Ka-ga-mi i-ta (scene panel), I-chi no Ma-tsu (first pine), Ni-no ma-tsu (second pine), Sa-n no ma-tsu (third pine), A-ge maku (curtain), Ha-shi ga-ka-ri (bridge), and Ji-u ta-i-za (side stage).

 The No-h stage is made from Japanese cypress (white hinoki).

 Often times,No-h is played as a set with Kyo-gen (comedic drama),and kyo-gen is played in between the No-h play.

 You can read full article about No-h play at japan-i website here.

 I came across 2 youtube videos where you get to see what the No-h play is like, and how the wooden masks are made. I think these videos are quite interesting and it will make easier for you to understand No-h better.

Noh theater in Japan

If you are a blog subscriber, please click here to watch the video.

How wooden No-h masks are made

If you are a blog subscriber, please click here to watch the video.

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Heimlich maneuver for dogs

 In previous entry titled “Why do dogs eat inedible?
, I wrote about I had one incident that got me worried very much when
Palette swallowed coin.

 In the other previous entry titled “Dog proofing the house:5 golf gloves,10 socks, 1 stocking and 1 towel “, I wrote that I came across one article at about Golden Retriever “Bailey” who ate 5 golf gloves,10
socks, 1 stocking and 1 towel and those inedible items were found when
vet tried to treat what they thought was tumor.

 Also in the recent previous entry titled “Are you smarter than your dogs?”, I introduced the website dedicated to showcase the “What did you do?” moment after finding out all the hard work dogs did while their owners were gone.

 At the same time, I wrote that dogs
eat all sorts of things you would not imagine they would eat and, for
human, it is fascinating to see pictures/watch videos what dogs can
eat/chewed up.

 However, we should not end with fascination,and we should use the experience to manage the problems so it would not happen again.

 It is very important for you to dog proofing the house:all inedible should
be out of reach of dogs. Electrical cords is especially dangerous.

 Despite the list of things dogs ate, they might be okay now,but you would never know what they would get into next.

 What if they have ate toxic stuff such as bag of chocolates,bag of raisins family member has left on the counter?

 Dogs do not know they are bad things for them to eat.

 It is believed that raisins/grapes make dogs renal failure, and very toxic to dogs. 

 With chocolate, toxic level will be depend on the type of chocolate, amount consumed, and size of the dogs and you might find your dogs were okay now,but chocolate is not a good thing for them to eat.

 The toxic chemical for dogs in the chocolate is called “methylxanthine alkaloids”.

 Different type of chocolate contains different amount of the chemical in them.

 As you have read in the previous entry titled”Chocolate,caffeine, and cacao“, according to, followings are amount of chemical present in the chocolate.

  • White chocolate 1mg/oz
  • Hot chocolate 12 mg /oz
  • Milk chocolate 44-66 mg/oz
  • Semi-sweet chocolate 260 mg/oz
  • Dark chocolate 450 mg/oz (wow!)
  • Baking/bitter chocolate or cocoa powder varies as much as 150-600 mg/oz.

 To 16lb dog,one pound of milk chocolate is enough to be toxic level.

 It is said to be toxic level if dog ingested methylxanthine alkaloids 100mg-200mg/kg of body weight.

  If the house was not dog proofing, since dogs can put their mouth on many things, it also has potential risk of choking with objects they should not have been in their mouth.

 When you were not around in the house, dog proofing the house, and crate them if necessary and, make sure to give them plenty of opportunities for them to let out the pent up energy everyday and walk your dogs everyday if weather permits.

 Dogs needs exercise physically and mentally. If it were too hot outside, you can play with them inside the house. Fetch ball, Frisbee, find it game, or training time.. plenty of things you can do with your dogs.

 Risk of choking incident would not be about only when you are out. It can happen anytime,anywhere whether you are at home or not.

 As stated above, if you were to go out, then, you could take preventative measure by dog proofing house and crating them to lower the possibility of choking incident while you were out,but what can you do if you were at present?

 Do you know what you can do when you saw your dogs were choking with something?

 I have seen the news clip about a little Shih-tzu “Harry” choked with rawhide, but he was saved by k9 unit officer who performed modified Heimlich maneuver.

 According to the article written by Ronni Newton at West Hartford Patch website, when the incident occurred,there were no animal control officer available to respond to the emergency call,and k9 police officer Tom Lazure who has been trained in basic canine first aid was called to the scene and saved the little Shih-Tzu “Harry”.

 You can read the full article written by Ronni Newton at West Hartford Patch website here.

 As you all know, Palette is our first dog, and I enjoy every moment with her. She brings joy,laughter and comfort.

 When she first came to our house, I did not think much about preparedness for potential risk of choking although we did dog proofing the house and crated her, and I made sure I will be around when I give her any treats or chews.

 6 years later, she is not being crated anymore when we are out, but we still make sure things she should not be reaching out for is out of reach and our house is being dog proofed.

 5 years ago, I have switched her diet to raw diet.

 Many people back home in Japan such as neighbors, cousin fed their dog home cooked meals, feeding real food was more natural to me and felt right, and it all made sense providing fresh food,not processed food.

 When I was a kid, I used to have parakeet and they had cucumber,lettuce etc other than bird feed, and Japanese bell cricket (su-zu mu-shi) we had ate fresh eggplant,bonito flakes  (Ka-tsu-o bu-shi in Japanese) and cucumber. Our pet rabbit in Japan had carrots etc..

 Have you seen/heard bell cricket before? Bell cricket (su-zu mu-shi) is symbol of autumn in Japan, and very soothing to hear them sing.

 I came across the youtube video where you get to see we Japanese people really feed fresh food to bell cricket too (cucumber,in this case),and you get to hear the sound of bell cricket.

Bell cricket in Japan..

 If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video

 We do feed fresh food to not only dogs but also other animals in our daily life. Therefore, feeding fresh food to animal was very natural to me.

 In fact, when I first saw the kibble handed by Palette’s breeder, I did not know what it was.. I still remember the awkward moment in the conversation.

 Very first day when I handed the bone-in chicken to Palette, I was a little worried thinking if she will be able to eat the bone without any incident.

 5 years later, I have completely different attitude toward the meal time and, I actually enjoy seeing how excited she will become with meal time and enjoy every crunch I hear and, I simply sit back and watch her meal time.

 Sometimes, since she is a stubby dogs, especially when I feed big meal to her, it is somewhat quite entertaining.

 Just like I had been doing for 6 years with treats or chews, I still supervise the chew time and meal time, but I also thought it will be good idea to have rough ideas as to what you can do if/when choking incident happened. As you know, knowledge is power.Being prepared  is good thing.

 Here is what I find.

 According to Holly Nash DVM at website, no matter what size your dogs are, very first thing to do is to check for the foreign object in their mouth and make sure dogs are actually choking.

 If your dogs were suddenly acting weird;they are opening mouth,retching over  or pawing at their mouth with paws as if wiping off something, it could be choking.

 Check their mouth and see if you see any foreign object in there.

 Now you know your dogs were choking. What can you do?

 Holly Nash DVM at peteducation explains step by step using the chart here.

 Below is her step by step instruction for dogs that you can lift them up.

 If you have bigger dogs and you cannot lift them up, please look up the chart at their website.

 Heimlich maneuver for dogs..

1. If the object is blocking the airway, grab the tongue and pull it outward to try to dislodge the object.

2. Sweep your finger through the dog’s mouth in an effort to feel or dislodge any object.

3. If the object cannot be reached or pulled out, lift the dog and place the dog’s spine against your chest.

4. Place both hands under your dog at the waist line, behind the ribs. Clench your hands together to make a fist and place the fist behind the last rib. Perform abdominal thrusts by pushing up and in with your fist quickly 5 times.

5. Open the dog’s mouth and look for the foreign object. Use your finger to sweep the dog’s mouth to dislodge the object and remove it.

6. If the object was not dislodged, place your hands in front of the hips, lift the dog and position the dog with the head hanging down.

7. Check their mouth to see if any foreign object got dislodged.If it was, remove it.

8. Hold your dog in sitting/standing position and give 5 sharp blows with your hand to the dog’s back between the shoulder blades.

9. Repeat until foreign object gets dislodged

10. When the object is dislodged, stop the abdominal thrusts,and check the dog’s airway, and make sure they are breathing and heart beat. Perform CPR if needed.

11. Take dogs to vet right away

 I have found the youtube video where you can see how to perform Heimlich maneuver to dogs.

Heimlich maneuver for dogs..

 If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video

 It maybe good idea for you to keep the step by step chart from Holly Nash DVM on the fridge door or something where you can easily have access to Heimilich maneuver information when or if your dogs got choking incident.

 Sometimes, you don’t think about necessity of things like this until you really need it but, knowing what to do can sometimes makes difference.


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Subway’s menu; Chipotle southwest sauce Yassy’s version II

 When you hear “summer”, what dishes do you imagine?

 For many, ribs/brisket from smoker, grilled steaks/burgers and vegetables from grill might be the ones along with juicy watermelon and chilled drink on side.

 For me, summer is the season for broiled eel (U-na-gi in Japanese). I like broiled eel basted with sweet thick sauce.

 In fact, there is a day called “Do-yo-u U-shi no hi” (midsummer day of the ox) around late July in Japan when many people eat eel to boost the energy.

 According to the article on “Doyo No Ushi no hi” written by Namiko Abe at website,this customary started in 18th century.

 If you have been to Japan during the summer seasons, you would know how humid and hot it is there during the summer and, we get very tired because of the humid and hot summer.
 People believe that eating eel can increase stamina and,beat the summer heat.

 You can read Namiko Abe’s full article at website here.

 In fact, you know that there are so few food items that can provide Vitamin D. Eel actually is one of the food items you can get Vitamin D from, and it has variety of nutrient in them.

 According to Health Hokkaido website, u-na-gi (eel) contains vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E, which are effective nutrient for rejuvenating the body in summer.

 vitamin B1 is especially easy to loose in sweat. Also, some minerals and fatty acids like DHA and EPA (Omega 3 fatty acids) are abundant in u-na-gi ( 1 oz of U-na-gi raw for example, contains 183mg of Omega 3 fatty acids (you can see the nutritin profile at here.

 Big health benefits of DHA and EPA (Omega 3 fatty acids) include decreases cholesterol – Lowers blood pressure – Prevents vascular diseases – Reduces the risk of developing arthritis – Promotes normal brain development and nervous system function – Promotes good eyesight.

 You can read full article on eel and nutrition at Health Hokkaido here.

 That being said, king of omega 3 fatty acids provider is mackerel ( 1 oz Atlantic raw offer 748mg Omega 3 fatty acids), next comes salmon ( 1 oz of raw Atlantic offer 565 mg omega 3 fatty acids), and next comes herring ( 1 oz raw Atlantic offer 488mg Omega 3 fatty acids).

 Another oily fish is sardine and I could not find raw sardine nutirition profile,but cooked sardine offer 414mg Omega 3 fatty acids.

 I crave for eel once in a while, but so called “Japanese restaurant” often time does not serve broiled eel dish called “U-na-gi do-n”; broiled eel over steamy hot rice. Therefore, it is one of those dishes that I like to have when I back home to see my family there.

 Once in a blue moon, we drive to the restaurant 90 min away, and sit down at Japanese restaurant that offer much more authentic Japanese dishes that include my favorite broiled eel dish.

 Often times, I bring half of the dish home and, I found that Palette loves eel too. I cannot eat eel alone. I always have furriends with me staring,and trying to impress me with good “sit”. Sometimes,she does a couple of nudging with her cold nose to let me know she is here and she is being good girl.

 I cannot eat eel so often every summer just like the time back home, but one thing that I  look forward to the season here in the states is the seafood king “Lobster”.

 When summer comes around many restaurants start offering their special menu often times with lobster and, I get excited to try them. 

 We cannot eat lobster frequently but I like them,and once in a while,when summer comes around, I tend to order some lobster dishes once in a while.

 One of my favorite lobster dishes is lobster bisque;creamy tomato base soup often times cooked with sherry or brandy. Very flavorful soup. If you like tomato soup, you would like them.

 Currently, Bonefish Grill is offering Lobster bisque,and I have tried them. They will give you good generous amount of lobster on top of the soup as garnish and, you would not disappoint them.

 Only downside is that their bisque is a bit salty and, when you eat them, it kinds of like coating your tongue. Too much cream in the soup? Too much flour (although I don’t use roux to make lobster bisque at home)? I do not know but something in their recipe is making the soup almost too thick for the soup.

 Another place you can try out lobster bisque is Bravo! Cucina Italiano restaurant. Their lobster bisque does not come with lobster meat on top of the soup like Bonefish Grill lobster bisque, but they use very tender poached shrimp on top of the soup and, their lobster bisque is great.

 Only downside of them is the amount of poached shrimp is not consistent and sometimes, we get so little poached shrimp on top. I wish the amount of the poached shrimp on top of the lobster bisque was consistent. Otherwise,they are very tasty good starter dish.

 I wish I could see the actual ingredient like lobster meat on Bonefish Grill’s lobster bisque.

 Other than lobster bisque, I like to order grilled lobster.

 Best place to have grilled lobster among the restaurants I have visited so far is either Firebirds Wood Fired Grill Grilled lobster tail or Bonefish Grill’s limited time special menu;Grilled Canadian lobster tail. Both restaurants’ lobster is very juicy,tender,not chewy, and very flavorful. I was very happy with the dish I got.

 Dry heat cooking like grilling require timing and some techniques so it would not get them over cooked,or under cooked and stay moist. They have done very good job on lobsters.

 In the past, one restaurant served me half raw half cooked grilled lobster tail in the shell. I was going to cook more and eat it,but I ended up not eating it.

 However, Palette was crazy around the boxed lobster tail meat and I gave it to her.She loved lobster. Actually, she loves seafood very much

 Other lobster dish I have had was lobster roll from Panera bread long time ago.It was on limited menu. It was rather pricy,but since I love seafood and love lobster, I tried them once but it was a bit disappointing.

 Visually, it looked impressive because of the amount of lobster meat they put on the roll, but the meat they used was one long piece of claw meat, and when I bit the sandwich,one big piece of lobster came off from sandwich.

 Also, the sandwich did not have much sauce on it so, it was rather bland sandwich. If the lobster meat was cut to bite size pieces, it would have been much easier to eat it and, I wish they had good flavorful sauce on it. I am sure they would have made great sandwich.

 I recently saw that Bonefish Grill has Lobster roll as limited time menu. I have not tried one yet.I would love to try out and see if I like them.

 If you follow my entries from the past, you know that I plan weekly menu for family and for Palette.

 I usually plan weekly menu based on what I already have in the fridge,freezer,and pantry and, our grocery bill got much less, 34% less to be exact, than previous time.

 Therefore, if you go grocery shopping with me, you will see lots of fresh vegetables, herbs,spice and possibly one or two protein source;meat/fish etc.

 Because of the decrease in the grocery bill, we can now spend that money on quality meats/fish and sometimes on things like scallops,lobster,Ahi Tuna etc once in a while.

 I don’t cook lobster often,but once in a blue moon, I purchase wild caught US lobster tail, and cook lobster bisque, lobster roll etc..

 Recent lobster dish that I made was lobster roll with creamy chipotle sauce on it.

 My husband liked it and actually, he said that the lobster was very juicy and it was much tender than the lobster tail meat served on our plate at the restaurants

 It was the biggest compliment I have had, and I feel so good about it.

 When you have lobster roll, most recipes are simple; mayonnaise mixed with lobster and shredded lettuce on buttered bun.

 I have never had true authentic lobster roll,but I would love to try them someday.

 My husband is not a big fan of mayonnaise. Therefore, I decided to make the lobster roll with his favorite sauce from Subway;Chipotle southwest sauce.

 As you already know, I have made my version of chipotle sauce before with Asian twist on it (you can find recipe in the previous entry titled “Subway’s menu:Chipotle southwest sauce Yassy’s Version“), but I have made another version for this lobster roll.

 According to my husband, this one tastes pretty much like subway’s chipotle southwest sauce.

 Here, I would like to share the recipe for Lemon butter lobster roll with creamy chipotle sauce.

Lemon butter lobster roll with creamy chipotle sauce..

Ingredients for grilled lemon butter lobster tail;

2        lobster tail (6-10 oz tail)
1 tbs butter 
garlic clove grated
2 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice (don’t toss the rind but use it)
Morton’s natures Seasons
1/4C White wine (Recommend Chardonnay)

Ingredients for creamy chipotle sauce;

1/16C Dijon mustard
1/4 lime juiced
pinch of garlic
2 tsp adobo sauce from chipotle in adobo
1/4 chipotle chili in
adobo sauce chopped
1.5 tsp chopped fresh cilantro
1/2 tsp honey

Satay vegetable topping;

virgin olive oil
1/8 Red pepper sliced
1/8 Green pepper
1/8 Cubanelle pepper sliced (Italian sweet pepper)
1/4 Sweet onion sliced
Morton’s Natures seasons

Miscellaneous ingredient;

Hoagie roll
Grated Parmesan cheese
Shredded Mozzarella cheese

<Grilled Lemon butter lobster tail>

1. Cut the lobster tail into half length wise, and remove vein if you see them,and rinse under the running water

** Often times, lobster tail comes with cut in the center on the shell so, you can just cut them through
2. Place skillet on the stove with medium high heat, and let it come to screaming hot; hot enough to make the water sizzle loud and evaporate instantly when you splash the water onto the skillet

3. Turn the heat down to medium heat

4. Add 1 tbs butter and let it melt and add 1 clove of garlic grated and stir

5. Wait till you see bubbles on the melted butter

6. Put each lobster tail, meat size down,and you will hear the loud sizzle

7. Add 2tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice onto the skillet

8. Toss the lemon rind you squeezed lemon juice from onto the pan, and after a few minutes, when meat is nicely seared, flip each tail halves top shell side down,and season it with Morton’s Natures Seasons

9. Deglaze the pan with 1/4C white wine (recommend Chardonnay), and cook for a few more minutes,and flip the tail halves to belly shell side down and cook for another few minutes or so

10. Cook until shell turns bright red color, and meat is firm enough to touch and opaque color

** Just like shrimp gets curled up when cooked through, lobster tail gets a little curled ,and shell color turns to very bright red when cooked. All you need to do then, is to check the color of the meat being opaque,not translucent and firm to touch.

11. Set the lobster in the shell aside on the plate to cool down

12. When cool enough to handle, take the lobster meat off from the shell and cut to bite size piece

<Creamy chipotle sauce>

Creamy chipotle sauce..

1. In the small container, mix 1/8C mayonnaise, 1/16C Dijon mustard, 1/4 lime juiced,pinch of garlic powder, 2 tsp adobo sauce from chipotle in adobo,1/4 chipotle chili in adobo sauce chopped, 1.5 tsp chopped fresh cilantro, 1/2 tsp honey

2. Keep chilled in the fridge until ready to use

Makes; 1/4C sauce

<Satay vegetable topping>

1. In the skillet, drizzle extra virgin olive oil,and add 1/8 Red pepper sliced, 1/8 Green pepper sliced,1/8 Cubanelle pepper sliced,  1/4 Sweet onion sliced

** Cubanelle pepper is light green colored Sweet Italian pepper

2. Season it with Morton’s Natures Seasons


1. Toast half sliced Hoagie roll

2. Line the cookie sheet with non stick foil

3. Place satayed vegetables and bite size pieces of lobster tail meat on the bottom of the bread,sprinkle it with grated Parmesan cheese,and only small amount of shredded Mozzarella cheese

** Don’t over-do the cheese enough to cover the lobster tail meat.

4. Place them under
the broiler on HI until cheese is just enough to be melted

5. Take it out and pour the creamy chipotle sauce and put the top back on,and serve

6. Enjoy!

Makes; about 2-3 sandwiches

Notes: You can substitute lobster with shrimp,and make shrimp roll. Also, you can substitute satay vegetable with  fresh raw vegetables such as raw pepper,raw onion etc..

 If you make shrimp roll, here is my secret tips to make tender shrimp.

 The secret is in the marinade.

<How to make tender shrimp>

1. In the small container, mix 1/4 tsp Kosher salt, 1 tbs corn starch, 1 tsp sake, 1/4tsp Baking soda,3 tbs water well.

2. Add peeled,deveined shrimp and stir and put the lid on and keep in the fridge for 4-6 hours

3. Rinse the shrimp well under cold running water and pat them dry with paper towel and follow the recipe. To cook the marinaded shrimp, it is best to cook on the  hot skillet and be careful not to overcook them.

** I usually make this marinade for 10 count of medium size shrimp.

** You can use this marinade for scallop as well to make them tender.

 Lastly,here is a little bit about lobster fact.

 Did you know that lobster can live up to about 50 years and biggest lobster found in the past was about 40lb wt, and 3-4 ft long??

 You can read more fact on lobster at National Geographic website here.

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Food safety tips during the emergency situation

A couple of weeks ago, sound of big thunder and heavy rain woke us all up in the middle of the night. Without any thoughts, I started counting 1,2,3, right after the flash of lightening bolt till I hear the sound of thunder just to see how far they are.

 In Japan, we measure distance kilometer as opposed to mile and, we as a kids, were told to count 1.2.3. right after you see the flash of lightening bolt to the actual sound of thunder to determine how far they are, and we were told that 1 second is equal to roughly 1 km (0.6 mile) away.

 I knew that we measure the distance to the thunder this way because light travels much faster than sound.

 However, recently I came across howstuffworks website explaining about thunder and distance, and according to the article at howstuffworks website,scientifically,  sound travel 1 km (0.6 mile) every 3 seconds. In other words, sound travel 1 mile in roughly 5 seconds.

 Therefore, if you start counting numbers after the flash of lightening bolt and took 10 seconds to hear the sound of thunder, the thunder is roughly 2 miles (3km away).

 You can read the full article about calculation of distance to the thunder at howstuffworks website here.

 When thunderstorms hits, sometimes, we encounter the emergency situation such as power outage.

 How much prepared are you?

 In the past, we have lost power now and then due to storms, but longest we had experienced was short hours, and we did not have any refrigerator cleaning or freezer cleaning due to spoilage of food.

 During the power outage time, we made sure we do not open freezer or refrigerator at all to keep them cold as long as possible.

 However, the longer the power outage last, the more chance you would need to clean the refrigerator or freezer even if you kept the refrigerator and freezer shut to make sure all foods you have in there are all safe to eat.

 Do you know how to check if food you have in the refrigerator are still good or you should throw away?

 USDA website has food safety tips page, and here are some of the tips from the website.

** Keep refrigerator and freezer door close as much as possible to keep the cold temperature

** If the refrigerator door was kept closed, the food in there will be cold and safe for 4 hours

** Full freezer will keep the cold temperature for 48 hours as long as the door was kept shut

** Half full freezer will keep cold temperature for 24 hours as long as door was shut

** Look for the dry ice or bag of ice to keep the food cold when power outage time got longer than the time refrigerator or freezer can keep food cold safely on its own.

 50 lb of dry ice can keep food safely cold for 2 days with 18 cubic foot freezer

 The USDA website has refrigerated food chart where it shows you should throw away if the food was above 40F for more than 2 hours.

 Also,they have frozen food chart where it shows you should throw away if the food had thawed and food temperature is above 40F for more than 2 hours.

 You can use the chart to determine if the food in the question is safe to eat or not.

 You can find the chart “Refrigerator food and frozen food:When to save,when to throw out” and more food safety tips during the emergency situation here.

 Our regular meals are mostly cooked with fresh ingredients,not processed food. Whether for human or for dogs, fresh food are much better than processed food.

 However, it is also good idea to keep emergency food around the house such as dehydrated food,canned food,bottled water etc..,which does not require refrigeration. 

 Then, replace them time to time.

 If you are into canning, you can keep the canned food for emergency situation.

 Honey lasts forever and, never goes bad. Therefore, it is one good item to keep around the house along with things like crackers,bread etc..

 I feed Palette raw diet as you already know and, her meals are kept in her freezer but for the emergency purpose, we have some canned fish that was packed in water, not in tomato sauce or in oil. Then, she got her own treat box that does not require refrigeration.

 We do not have dehydrated dog food such as Honest Kitchen at home. I am not sure we should get food like that for the emergency situation.

 You will never think much about how much prepared you are for emergency situation,but it is always nice to being prepared and have knowledge about food safety tips during emergency situation.

 What are your staple emergency food supplies you keep in your pantry?

 If you feed your dogs/cats raw diet to them,what are their staple emergency food?


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Palette’s summer treats diary;Special edition August 5th,2012

 We like to go for walk,and during the hot months like summer, we try to wake up very early in the morning and get ready and go. However, most of the time, the Sun beats us and even if it was early in the morning, it is already steaming hot.

 Therefore, we end up canceling the walk Palette was counting down to,and instead, we play fetch game or Frisbee inside the house to fill the fun moment of the day.

 Very first time I introduced the Frisbee to Palette, she did not know how to play with it but now she knows how it works and she gets very talkative with her little nub moving right to left,right to left while waiting for the Frisbee to be thrown for the catch in the air.

 She loves it. I see her huge Corgi smiles on her. I love having fun together,and enjoy watching how much she likes to play it with me.

 After the walk/Frisbee time, Palette usually gets a cool down treats, and then a bit of resting time. After that,it is her favorite time of the day (Yes,she has many favorite times of the day,lol).- meal time!

 As you already know, I feed Palette fresh food diet a.k.a. raw diet. Then,once a month, I feed her big meal.

 Big meal usually about 3 lb to 6 lb hunk of meat with bone and, she gets to wrestle with it to eat it; ripping,tearing, placing paws on the meat and pull… She gets very tired after the big meal day, but she likes the big meal time.

 Last month’s  big meal was Bone-in llama meat.

 Initially, I ordered it thinking it was rib bones but when I received it, it turned out to be the leg bone (around shank area? from the shape of the bone), and my original plan of portioning out the rib bones had to be off, and since leg bone is not something I can cut to portion so, I decided to use it for her big meal day.

I am getting stuffed ….


I am getting close to da end..nom,nom,nom..

Soon trading time with my favorite Duck foot..

Anything in there?? Sniff,sniff,sniff..

One leg kicked out;Corgi style chewing

 This thing started off with 36 oz (2.25lb), and what she ate was only a bit of bones, mostly meat total weight 28 oz (1.75lb) and she traded 8 oz (0.5lb) naked bone with 1 duck foot.

 She normally eats around 10-12 oz, and this day, she had about a couple of days worth of food in one sitting.

 Following days, she had much smaller meal to adjust the big meal day calorie  intake.

 I was glad that she enjoyed it, but then she had another event to tell.

 A day or two later, we found one spot on her hind leg she chewed,chewed to raw and, it was only one spot but then,next day, we found a couple of more spots and she had very red tummy. Our original thought was if Palette was allergic to Llama??

 When my father visited us years ago, I got some meats he would not be able to find  back home in Japan so I can cook for him. Then,I also got her one llama steak, and she enjoyed it with no problems.

 She has had it before with no problems. Therefore, last month’s Llama becomes her second time and, I was not sure about the connection between itchy skin and big meal day Llama meal.

 If I give her treats preserved with mixed tocopherols, she gets itchy paws right away and she chews,chews and chew and, if Llama was problem, I assumed that chewing would start right away or at least on the same day.

 We were going to take “wait and see” measure but since the spot seems to be popping up and,it seemed like intense itch, so, we took her to her lady vet.

 The lady vet said food allergy is unlikely in her case.

 After examining Palette, she thought it will be either contact allergy (since she is short,easy to touch her tummy with grass etc..) or seasonal allergy.

 She told us that this year started off much warmer/hotter than last year, and normally, they tend to see seasonal allergy around fall, but it seemed to be shifted to summer this year and sees dogs like Palette often during this season.

 She also said to us that we were early to catch the hot spot area, so Palette does not have to be on antibiotic.

 Palette came back home with a bit of shaved hind leg so the area can breath,clean,and dry.

The area is mean and red..

 So,the day 1 with cone of shame began..

 Palette gets hotspot once in a while, and last time she had back in 2008 around butt cheek area (our lady vet shaved the bum heart shaped,so the area can breath,clean and dry..), the area was much bigger and much worse than the leg one we had this year, she had antibiotic, anti itch pill (prednisolone), and Neo-predef with tetracaine powder back then.

 We gave those pills and, and 2-3 times a day, we wiped the area with witch hazel&aloe wipe and applied this Neopredef powder to dry the area up.

 On the talk of antibiotic,if your dogs needed to take antibiotic, make sure to give probiotic
during the antibiotic treatment and plus 1 month after antibiotic time
period has ended because antibiotic kills all the beneficial bacteria in
the gut and you need to introduce the good beneficial bacteria back to
their gut again.

 Our vet said to give probiotic during the
course of antibiotic treatment and plus 3-5 days more after treatment is
ended but,with Palette, it was not enough to bring the number of
beneficial bacteria back to her gut. She needed probiotic for 1 full

 Then, until the intense itch gets calmed down and she can ignore the area, she had to wear the soft elizabeth collar.

Counting down to da day I can get out from da comfy cone..

 Now and then, people asks what you can do for hot spot but, I think the powder the lady vet gave us back in 2008 for the care back then worked out very good. Within a couple of days,the area got scabby looking and eventually fell off.

 It looks like many people are happy with the Neopredef powder.

 This powder lasts quite a bit so, don’t just toss it into a trash once treatment is finished.

 I kept the bottle and brought it with us to ask if we can still use it when we took Palette for hot spot on her hind leg last month.

 Turned out that the powder that I got was good until 2011. So, at least I know now that powder was good for 3 years. So,if you did get the powder, keep it with you for just in case.

 This time with hind leg, we had anti itch pill,and topical cream called Quadritop ointment.

 With the topical cream, what was important for us to keep in mind was to make sure the cream will be on for at least good enough time so the medicine can work its magic on her area.

 Palette was very interested in the cream,and wanted to lick it.

 The lady vet has told us that she can lick the cream as long as it was staying there long enough for it to work,but we had to redirect the attention from the area to something else to keep the cream stays on the area long enough.

 One good trick I found is that, I let her come for the meal and tell her to ok to eat it and, while she is eating, I wipe the area with witch hazel&Aloe wipe and then,dab the topical cream on it and then, I move away to fish body oil capsule bottle and shake it so she will know it is time for the supplement time.

 For some reasons, she really likes fish body oil capsule and Vitamin E capsule I give and, she gets so excited about it.

 So, I used it to play the “find it” game. I let her wait on one spot while my husband is watching her so she woulds not lick the area. Then, I hide the supplement capsules in the house and call her “Palette,find it!”.

 She gets her nub up and sniff in the air, sniff on the ground and she becomes busy trotting one place to the other. It was a good way to distract her,and make sure the cream on the spot will stay long enough.

 After the game, she wore comfy cone again. When she seems to ignore the spot more,and she can sleep through the night, we took her out from the comfy cone as long as we are around. Then,if she goes to have her-time away from us, I put the comfy cone back to her.

After about 4-5 days, the area got so much better, and she was not wearing the comfy cone as much as she used to.

After 4 days..

Looks much better, not as mean read as it used to be, and her tummy’s color returned to her normal color from angry red..


 After 11 days later… almost gone,fur is growing back nicely..

 With this hind leg hot spot, we did not need any more med to treat the area other than what our lady vet gave us, but when we visited the lady vet, she told us that if the itch persists even after all the med she prescribed us has gone, what we could do was to give Palette (31 lb) 25 mg of benadryl twice a day.

 With bigger dogs,smaller dogs, the dosage could be different and,depending on what other medicines dogs are on, this benadryl idea might not be good.Therefore, if you were thinking about giving it to your dogs, please ask your vet and see what they recommend to your furriends. 

 After the not so fun moment, something good must come, right?

 It sure did.

 Palette’s birthday is near and, I made her special birthday cake for her 7th birthday last week a little early.

 I cannot believe that we are already with her for that long. I feel like she came to our house just yesterday. Time flies,really!


I graduated puppy training class.. 2006..

I did not like to wear da hat..

I wanted to take it off so I pawed at it and my teacher kept putting it back in place..

Is it a new game, teacher?

 I usually don’t make things like this but when her special days comes, I make extra special yummy stuff for her special day.

 I enjoy brainstorming and being creative with what I can make for her

 I had fun creating something new for her special day.

 I will leave the recipe here so you too can make extra special furriends extra special yummy cake for their special day..

 Just recently, as you know, I made homemade peanut butter (recipe can be found here), and I used it to make peanut butter chocolate chip cupcake with brandy chocolate frosting (The recipe is here), and I still had leftover peanut butter so, I made bread pudding with it for us.

 While we were eating them, poor little Palette tried so hard to get some nibble but since it got raisin and liqueur, we did not give in for her puppy eye look thing.

 Therefore, I thought, what if I make one she can eat with bread pudding style.

 What I made was “cheesy steak and banana bread pudding bites”. It got beef,cherry,banana,snap peas, and cheese with aromatic spice such as cinnamon. It actually smelled so good and, I wanted to bite for taste test, but I didn’t.

 She loves all the ingredients I put in the bread pudding and, I sprinkled cheese on top because she loves cheese crisps (that is what we call it for the crunchy cheese melted on the side of sub and crisped up when I make oven bake sandwiches),and by being baked long in the oven, I thought it would crisp up some and makes some good crusty cheesy top.

 At first, I was not sure if the custard part will set because I guesstimated custard ratio but it did set and,I was happy about it.

 Normally, when I make bread pudding for human, I use water bath to bake it but this time, I wanted the cheesy top to be crispier so, the bread pudding was baked without water bath.

Cheesy steak and banana bread pudding bites..

A slice of Cheesy steak and banana bread pudding bites..

 Here is how you make the Cheesy steak and banana bread pudding bites...


9 slice   butter bread
2 oz       beef cut to 1/4″ dice
1.5 oz    banana cut to 1/4″ dice
0.5 oz    Sugar snap pea finely sliced
1/8 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/16 tsp cinnamon
fresh ginger grated (tiny bit,about 1/32 tsp)

1/2C       milk
1/2C       heavy cream
1 tsp       homemade peanut butter (recipe here)

3 oz        cherry pits removed,stem removed
1/6C      shredded sharp cheddar cheese

1. Preheat the oven at 350F

2. Line the cake pan 8″x 4″ x 3″ with non stick foil

3. Slice off the ears of bread from 5 slice of bread,and cut them into 1/2″ size dice,and put those onto the bottom of the cake pan

4. Slice off the ears of bread from 4 slice of bread, and cut them into 1/2″ size dice and put them into medium size bowl

5. To the bowl, add 2 oz beef cut to 1/4″ dice size, 1.5 oz banana cut to 1/4″ size dice, 0.5 oz sugar snap pea finely sliced

6. mix it well with bread in the bowl

7. In the another medium size bowl, crack 2 eggs, and add 1/8 tsp pure vanilla extract, 1/16 tsp cinnamon, fresh ginger grated (only a bit),and whisk it well

8. In the sauce pan, add 1/2C milk, 1/2C heavy cream,1 tsp homemade peanut butter and let it come to boil

9. To the egg mixture you made at the step 7, add one ladle of milk (mixture from step 8) at a time to raise the egg mixture’s temperature

10. Keep adding the hot milk mixture into egg mixture bowl one ladle at a time and mix well

11. Put 3 oz cherry pits removed,stem removed into blender, and add milk-egg mixture one ladle or two and puree them

12. Keep adding the milk-egg mixture into blender and puree with cherry well.

13. To the bread mixture in the non stick foil, pour the cherry custard over, and sprinkle 1/6 C shredded sharp cheddar over

14. Let it sit for 20-40 minutes

15. Bake for 45 minutes or until top is golden and until when you insert the tip of the knife or toothpicks in the center of the bread pudding,it comes out clean

16. Let it sit for 20 minutes to set

17. cut and serve

Makes 3.5″ x 8″ size bread pudding

 You can slice at
about 1″ thick and cut each slice into 4 pieces to make mini bread pudding
bites. If you cut to bite size, it will make about 32 pieces.

 Or,you can slice at
about 1/2″ thick and cut each slice into 4 pieces to make mini bread pudding
bites. If you cut to bite size, it will make about 64 pieces.

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