Amazing canine actors Standard poodle Parti Boys “Scotty” and Joey”

 As you already know, “Palette” the Corgi is clicker trained,and I love teaching Palette some funny tricks.

 Some tricks that she learned became her chore in the house. Some tricks she learned became things to entertain people in the house.

 When we do doggy school time (training time), I can see she is very ready and willing to learn new stuff each day.

 I love seeing her huge grin on her face,and she enjoys training time with me. I enjoy every moment I train her because I know we both are having a lots of fun.

Palette with clicker

Time for da training,mom!

In the previous entry titled “Mental exercise for your dogs“, you have seen the youtube video of the clicker trained horse.

Clicker training is not just for dogs, but for many variety of animals.

In fact, in the previous entry titled “Clicker training ;clicker is your friend“,

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 Below is the clicker that I use for Palette.

th Dog bone clicker

Dog bone clicker..

The clicker sound is so unique that dogs would probably not hear the same sound in their daily life other than in clicker training session.

 This makes training even more effective.

 Plus, dogs seems to have lots of fun during the training time because to dogs, the training with clicker is kind of like “thinking game” plus, they seem to learn quicker than force based training technique.

Positive dog trainer “Victoria Stilwell” from It’s Me or the Dog on Animal Planet channel has youtube videos. I came across a few good videos to show you how clicker training works at glance.

 Victoria Stilwell also has her own website “Positively” and,you can find lots of great information regarding training there too.

Palette and I started clicker training just like Victoria did in the first video; teaching dogs to associate the sound of clicker and yummy treats.

 Then, start clicking -treating when dogs gave you preferred behavior and when you think they have solid connection between clicker sound with preferred behavior,name the behavior right before the behavior happens and treat them..

Lets watch how clicker training starts out,and how itty bitty puppy can learn “sit” with clicker training quite fast.

Clicker training..

Palette and I learned together with clicker training,but you can use the same technique/principle to clicker training to teach your dog desired behavior without a clicker, and praise your dog “Good boy” too.

 Teaching a puppy to “sit” with clicker training principle..

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 Isn’t it amazing to see how fast itty bitty puppy can learn to “sit”?

However, this training video shows that you can train your dogs positively even without a clicker.I think it is a great video.

 As you can see above in the videos,clicker training principle is not just for grown up dogs.Itty bitty puppy can learn stuff pretty fast too,even without a clicker!

 Once dogs can associate clicker sound and yummy treats, and start understanding the whole process of clicker training, now the new thinking game begins each time and they can learn so many things with clicker.

Clicker trained dogs can learn to act too!

 Meet amazing standard Poodle “Scotty” and “Joey”.

 Their mom “Charlene” clicker trained “Scotty” and “Joey”, and started making short movies using actions/behavior only taught by clicker training method.

 Here is the short movie ” Halloween Dog Adventure; A Bag of rats


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Isn’t it amazing knowing how far you can train your dogs using only clicker training?

 I thought “Scotty”,”Joey” and their mom “Charlene” did great job. 

Great fun movie for spooky Halloween night!

 After watching the amazing acts by Scotty and Joey in the movies, I wanted to know more about the stories behind the scene.

 Scotty and Joey’s mom “Charlene” gave me some great tips about clicker training your dogs.

 Lets hear from Charlene about what clicker training is about, how she trained Scotty and Joey and learn more about clicker training.

 Yassy: Thank you for taking your time to talk about clicker training. The movie was very fun to watch and, I really enjoyed other movies besides Halloween Dog Adventure;A bag of rats.

Scotty and Joey were great in the movies.

I was introduced to clicker training when we enrolled into puppy training class with Palette. I was amazed to see how fast she can learn new stuff from basic “sit” to trick training such as “go hide under the blankie” etc and, how much she enjoys the training time.I like using clicker for the training because it can mark the right exact behavior without delay,and there will be no miscommunication between me and Palette.She knows what behavior exactly has earned yummy treats. She loves the training time

As soon as she hears me picking the treat pouch up,she comes right up right in front of me, laying down like sphinx and, I give her itty bitty treats to her. I really do not have to call her for the training time.

It has been long time since Palette’s puppy training class graduation day,but we are still using the clicker to train Palette.It is really great to see how far clicker trained dogs can do for the entire movies only using clicker training method.

I know you clicker trained them, but why did you choose clicker training?

Charlene: When I was young (many years ago), I loved watching dogs on television and in movies (Rin Tin Tin, Hobo, Benji, Lassie, Boomer, etal), and I wanted to train my own dog like that. However, at that time, there were very few books about “trick” training and no classes at all.In the late 1980s, after reading Karen Pryor’s book “Don’t Shoot the Dog”, I attended one of her first seminars for dog people.  There, I learned about the power of isolating a specific behavior (or part of a behavior) by “marking” it with a clicker.Soon after that, I bought a set of videotapes featuring Ted Turner, an exotic animal trainer from Sea World, titled “The ABCs of Behavior Shaping and The Fundamentals of Training.”

As Turner pointed out, the only reason people train dogs using force is because they can.  He said that one could not teach a killer whale to perform using any method other than positive reinforcement.

 I knew that I wanted to use only positive reinforcement with my own dogs so, after learning the fundamentals of training from Karen Pryor and Ted Turner, I began applying these techniques to behaviors I wanted to teach my own dogs.
Today, novice trainers are lucky in that there is a wealth of clicker-training information on such Internet sites as

Yassy: Our first clicker training teacher was our puppy training class trainer and, after Palette graduated from puppy training class, I too read lots of training books such as book via Ian Dunber,or magazines article via Pat Miller, behavior articles via Patricia McConnell and watch dog training show such as “It’s Me or The Dog” via Victoria Stilwell, and also joined in the dog training lists that consists of professional positive dog trainers and non professional dog trainer people,who love to train their dogs positive way by clicker training.I learned tips on clicker training through those sources. I still am in the process of learning because I learn new thing every day.

Youtube videos along with TV shows are great with visual and, it helps me understand better how the clicker training process works. They are great source to learn. What do you like about clicker training?


Charlene: I like that the “click” is a distinct sound that isolates the behavior I want my dog to repeat, making it easier for him or her to understand what is expected.It is especially helpful in teaching “natural” behaviors such as yawning, scratching, sneezing, etc. as I can click the exact moment the dog is doing the behavior.Receiving a click and a reward makes the dog more likely to repeat what got them the reward. Clicking and reinforcing the behavior over time will ultimately allow me to get the behavior on-cue.I carry a clicker and cookies on me at all times and am ready to “capture” a behavior I see my dogs doing.

Yassy: I like that idea. I also like clicker training can be a “thinking game” for dog. When you click the behavior you want at the right moment, dogs start to “think” and explore what behavior has earned the click from you. I recently taught Palette to bring a tissue paper when I sneeze.It was fun. 

One funny moment of the day was when I was reviewing her trick repertoire, and I pretended to sneeze, she remembered to go get me a tissue paper but, since it was rather newer trick, I asked her other trick such as play bow, play dead etc and back to sneeze again.I did that about a couple of times.She was doing all that with huge Corgi smile but, then when she heard me sneeze for the last time I pretended, she thought she should give me a box of tissue paper, and brought a whole box of tissue box,lol.It was quite awkward for her to carry the whole tissue box because she is so short and stubby. However, she brought it for me all the way with trouble anyway.

I smiled at her and gave her a few pieces of treats non stop, and she was very happy about that

I thought she is very considerate dog.

 Palette is our very first dog, and we have never had more than 1 dog.
  Watching your movies, I was wondering how you trained them. Did you trained them together or did you trained them separately? How did you let them know the click sound is for Scotty, for example, and not Joey’s? I am sure there are many people out there with multiple dogs who are trying to training their dog positive way (clicker training). Do you have any tips on clicker training multiple dogs?
Charlene: As I always have more than one dog, I often train them together. One of my objectives in training is preparing my dogs to “act” in the movies my husband and I produce so the dogs are often in scenes together.In training, sometimes I will switch back and forth between two (or more) dogs, having one (or more) doing a stationary behavior such as sit/stay or down/stay while one is doing something active such as going to a
mark and performing behaviors there.Then I will switch to the other dog who will then do the active behaviors while the other does a stationary
one.  Also, I will often have them do interactive behaviors such as one dog sitting while the other dog circles around him or one in a “down” while the other jumps over him . . . and things of that nature.
 When I work with all four dogs at once, they have learned to respond to cues in two ways: First, if I look at one dog and say its name and give a cue, only that dog is to respond to that cue.  I reward all four if the named dog responds to his cue and the other three do not.Often, I will have each dog (in a line) responding to its name and a
different cue from any of the others.  Second, if I give a cue with *no* dog’s name in the front of it and I sweep my eyes over the group, they are all to respond to that cue.  (I reward only the ones who do it correctly which makes any that don’t pay closer attention next time.)I don’t try to differentiate voice tones or clicks or anything like that between dogs . . . they all hear the same voice tone and the same clicker.

Yassy: Those are great tips! Eye contact,and starts training using their name right before the cue first.

Thank you very much for great tips and insight of clicker training.

 Charlene has great website called “Canine horizon” that has lots of information on dog training, and you can find more dog movies there as well.

 To visit Canine horizon website,please click here.

“Scotty” and Joey” has their own website,too.

 To get to know them better,please click here.

You can also find them on youtube here.

I have watched some more movies beside “Halloween Dog Adventure: A Bag of rats”, and I enjoyed watching their movies a lot.

 Happy Halloween!

 What are your favorite movies by Scotty,Joey and Charlene?

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