Jan with Poodle Mix “Diamond”; December 16th,2012

 It is December, and many dogs will be so exciting to see UPS/USPS/FedEX guys frequently walking toward their house carrying box-ful of goodies for moms and dads to place under the beautiful Christmas tree for them.

 We, Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen, have been busy re-stocking all the treats and chews for everyone to shop for their precious paws.

 Our k9 Executive chef “Palette” sees UPS/USPS/FedEX guys walking toward our house with high pile boxes from top of the stairs,and she gets so excited. Her little nub going right to left,right to left with big loud greeting “Woof,Woof” to let me know they are here for the boxes.

 Have you picked special present for special furriends already?

 I am sure they are very anxious to find out what are in the boxes with their names on, and would be counting down the days to the Christmas.

 Today,I would like to introduce the Poodle Mix furriend “Diamond”.

 Recently, we have
received feedback from Poodle Mix furriends Diamond’s mom “Jan” from WV with very happy story,and we wanted to share the story with you.

 My little dog “Diamond” has skin issues, and already these buffalo trachea seem to be helping. Plus, he loves them!

 Maybe my next order I might try the lamb trachea, since this time I ordered a couple of lamb ears, to give us a chance to see if he is allergic to lamb. So far we seem to be good with venison and buffalo!

 Duck, alas, was too close to chicken, I guess, and made him itch like crazy… so my other little dog, a boston terrier, will probably get to enjoy the rest of the duck feet I bought before.

 Allergies are awfully tricky, but it is such a joy to see him getting better, bit by bit.

 I adopted Diamond back in July from our local no-kill shelter, and he was in pretty bad shape. Now he is bouncy and happy, and our goal is to try to grow back some of that hair he has lost over so many years before.
 I think the buffalo trachea help his skin and fur – his skin is so much stronger than it was when he first came (it would bleed at the least touch, back then), and his fur actually has a bit of a shine to it.

 Of all the hair I want to grow back in, the part I want the most, probably, is the top of his poor little long nose. It is quite bare, but at least now it looks shiny and almost healthy; when he came, it was covered in scabs, from his constant scratching at it, and his whole face and mouth (also covered in scabs) was so sore he couldn’t bear to have anything touch it.

 So, to see him sit down and chew through a piece of buffalo trachea for 20 minutes is a great joy to me – just that he is well enough and feels good enough to do it.

  Thank you also for all the other goodies. The deer antler with velvet is a big hit with both dogs.



***Feedback is used with permission***

 We always enjoy
reading feedback from furry friends and their mom & dad

about Diamond’s story with skin issue and his improvement on skin and fur, we are honored to be
part of his recovery and, we hope Diamond will continue to improve his skin condition.

 As you can see, his mom “Jan” is trying “wheat-free” due to his skin issue, and when she places an order on SnackSaturdays;the days your orders will come with one count of free Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen brand biscuits/Jerky (More detail on Snack Saturday program here.),she lets me know that it is Diamond’s and ,therefore,she would like no biscuits with the order by using special instruction box provided when ordering.

 Since we know Diamond’s issue, we substitute the Baguette biscuits with the Buffalo Trachea,which I heard that he is such a big fan of, when Jan order on Saturdays.

 If your dogs had allergy or skin issue like Diamond’s,please use the special instruction box to leave a message for us. We will try our best to find the substitute for the Snack Saturday treats.


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