Raw feeding 911 Part 20: Feeding liver

 It has been 6 years since the day I first handed out raw diet menu to Palette and, I still feel like it was yesterday.

 Time flies.

 Over the 6 years, I have learned a lot about raw feeding, and also started noticing common problems people might encounter when they start feeding raw diet menu to their dogs even though some of those popular problems in the course of raw feeding did not apply to Palette too much though.

 One of the common questions that I see people asking is about feeding liver.

 With Palette, she did not turned her nose up for liver most of the time but I remember that she had problem with pork liver until she gets used to it.

 By then, I already started noticing what methods would work to get her interested in the food in the question, and I did not have much struggles there. However, for some, feeding liver seems to be the one little obstacles for some time.

 Therefore, in this entry, I thought I would like to share the tips and tricks for feeding the liver.

Salmon soup step 1 liver


 For starter,in Palette’s case, she had problem with pork liver and what worked for her was simply liver bits in the doggy bowl and pour over lightly beaten raw egg and she gobbled it up.

 Often times, quick searing or pouring lightly beaten egg over the liver worked to get her used to the flavor of the liver.

 I think when dogs have hard time enjoying liver, I think they have problem with  flavor of the protein source, or texture or smell of the food and you could tweak those points to see if any of the methods would help.

Health benefit of feeding liver..

 Since liver is the super food packed with nutrition, it is the one menu you would really want to include in your dog’s diet. Especially beef liver is known to have wide variety of nutrient.

 Beef liver ,for example, is great source of zinc,Vitamin B12,Vitamin A, Copper,Iron,folate,riboflavin,Vitamin B6,selenium, protein,niacin,pantothenic acids,and phosphorus.

 Here is the raw beef liver nutrition profile from nutritiondata.self.com website. If you look at the nutrient balance indicator,you can see that the liver has quite wide variety of nutrient in it.

 Liver has great health benefit on its own although liver contains Vitamin A that is fat soluble vitamins that gets stored if not used by the body. Because of the fat soluble Vitamin A in the liver, you do not want to over-feed them just because you hear that liver is good for your dog’s health, but they are great menu to add in your dog’s diet.

 Vitamin A can be obtained from vegetable or fruits such as carrots, and body convert the beta carotene into Vitamin A. In this case, the body only convert beta carotene into Vitamin A when the body needs it.

 You may think that if the dog can get Vitamin A from fruits and vegetables, they could get Vitamin A from fruits and vegetables, and you could omit liver if dogs did not like it.

 However, when you think about it, fruits and vegetables are less nutrient dense menu for dogs compared to liver.Plus, dogs have to convert the beta carotene to Vitamin A to make it available in their body.

 Therefore, they would rather do better using the Vitamin A they get straight from animal protein source such as liver.

 Only Vitamin A from animal source; fat soluble vitamin, get stored in the body when body did not use up all the vitamin A they got.

 As I understand it, optimum Vitamin A amount for dogs is 100 IU-200 IU per kg of body weight.

 That means, Palette is 31 lb,which is 15kg. Therefore, her optimum Vitamin A amount per day is 1,500IU to 3,000IU per day.

 Here is conversion website to convert pounds to kilograms.

 Enter your dog’s weight and click on convert button, and that will tell you how many kilograms your dog is.

10 tricks you can try to feed liver to your dogs..

 Below is 10 tricks you can try and see if your dog’s reaction toward the liver can change

1. Cut the liver into daily portion and put them in the ice cube tray and freeze it,a.k.a. liversicle



** By using ice cube tray to freeze individual liver bits, the liver does not get stick each other so,you can take one piece out to feed it.

 If amount of liver size fits, you could use the 7 day pill organizer that has day of the week printed on just like this one here at 4imprintusa website.That way, it does not take space in your freezer and easy to pull out frozen liversicle when needed.
 If you have large number of liver bits, you can certainly use baking sheet as well

2. Make eggsicle



** Crack an egg in a bowl,and whisk the egg to blend evenly and pour the egg over sliced liver in the ice cube tray and freeze it and serve

1 large egg makes 6 cubes

3. Make liver meatball

a; Grind favorite meat in the food processor and roll it to golf ball size and stuff it with sliver of liver and serve fresh or frozen

b; Grind favorite meat in the food processor along with liver and roll it into golf ball size and serve fresh or frozen.

** For method <a> and <b>,it does not have to be boneless meat only.You can use ground tripe (make sure to wear the glove so the smell would not linger on your finger),or animal heart such as beef heart,or if your dogs love fish, you can grind the fillet or whole fish with bone along with the liver and serve it as raw or frozen meatball.

If you make the meatball with whole sardine etc (bone-in fish), you do not want to cook the fish meatball though.

chicken meatball raw

Raw chicken -liver meatball..

c; Make oven baked liver meatball with k9 Hollandaise sauce.

** Sometimes, cooking helps the food makes appealing to them.

Chicken meat ball with K9 hollandaise sauce

Chicken meatball with K9 Hollandaise sauce..

<Chicken meatball>

Ingredients for Chicken meatball:

4 oz chicken tender
1 oz beef liver
1/4 tsp ground Parmesan cheese

** I have used Palette’s dinner menu on that day:chicken tender and beef liver, but you can use other meat and liver you were planning to serve on that day

 Her menu on that day was planned chicken tender 4 oz, beef liver 1 oz for dinner. I was going to feed boneless beef, but it was out.Therefore, I gave her chicken tender we had in our freezer.

 She had lamb breast (unfrenched lamb rib) 5 oz for breakfast, totaling 10 oz feeding amount t
hat day.

 Her daily feeding amount is about 10-12 oz a day.

 Use the amount of meat scheduled to feed along with the liver amount planned to feed.

1. Grind 4 oz chicken tender along with beef liver 1 oz in the food processor and add1/4 tsp ground parmesan cheese

2. Roll them into golf ball size meat ball and place them onto the nonstick foil line baking sheet and bake them at 425F oven for 15 minutes

3. Make K9 Hollandaise sauce (optional), and drizzle it over the meat ball,garnish with chopped Italian parsley and serve

Makes; 3 meatballs

 The Chicken meatball with k9 Hollandaise sauce whole recipe is 388kcal,and 1 meatball is about 129 kcal. You can look up nutrition profile at nutritiondata.self.com website here.

 If you were going to make this meatball outside the regular feeding, consider the kcal each meatball can add to your dog’s regular menu.

<K9 Hollandaise sauce>

k9 hollandaise sauce

K9 Hollandaise sauce..

Ingredient for K9 Hollandaise sauce: 1 Egg yolk

1. Place double boiler on the stove top, and let the water come to boil

2. Turn the heat down to the simmer

3. In the bowl, put one egg yolk,1/2 tbs cold water and whisk till a little bit frothy on top off heat

4. Place the bowl over top double boiler and keep whisking for 2-4 minutes until color turns to pale yellow and gets thicken.

** The Hollandaise sauce gets volume up as you whisk over the double boiler

4. Grind freeze dried/dehydrated liver treats, and sprinkle them over the meal as topper

 Currently, Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen carry freeze dried liver treats with variety choice of beef liver or duck liver. You can find them under gourmet dehydrated dog treats category here.

 You can also make your own dehydrated liver treats as well.

5. Give Freeze dried/dehydrated liver as is snack or use it in the training time

 Currently, Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen
carry freeze dried liver treats with variety choice of beef liver or
duck liver. You can find them under gourmet dehydrated dog treats
category here.

 You can also make your own dehydrated liver treats as well.

6. Switch supplier you get the liver from

** Sometimes, switching the source can change the reaction you get from dog for the food you are trying to feed

7. Switch protein source

** Sometimes, dog likes specific type of liver but not others. Example, they might eat beef liver but not pork liver. You can always switch the protein source and see if switching can help them interested in the liver you would like to feed

8. Make Mini Fritata Muffin

Mini Fritata muffin

Mini Fritata Muffin..

Ingredient for Mini Fritata Muffin;

2       eggs
1 oz  beef liver
1/2 tsp heavy cream

1. In the bowl,crack 2 eggs and whisk to blend evenly and add 1/2 tsp heavy cream, chopped 1 oz beef liver and stir

2. In the mini muffin baking pan, put muffin cup and pour about 2 tbs each in the cup,pour water into empty muffin cup area about 1/4″ depth to prevent them from scorching.

** You can use this “filling empty muffin tin area with bit of water” trick to make your own muffin too. It prevents them from scorching and also, it gives steaming effect so, it bakes up fluffy,moist muffins. Just do not fill the empty muffin tin area with too much water.

** If you have a party, you could make Fritata muffin for your guests too. Use 2 eggs, 1/4C heavy cream and adjust seasoning and vegetables.It will be cute on the plate.
3. Bake them at 425F oven for 9 minutes

** Because of little addition of heavy cream, the Fritata muffin gets puffed up a little on top and comes out cute

** If you like, you can sprinkle chopped Flat leaf Italian Parsley and serve

Makes; 6 Mini Fritata Muffin

 The Mini Fritata muffin
whole recipe is 186kcal,and 1 Fritata muffin is about 31 kcal. You can look
up nutrition profile at nutritiondata.self.com website here.

 If you were going to make this Mini Fritata muffin outside the regular feeding, consider the kcal each Mini Fritata muffin can add to your dog’s regular menu.

9. Quick sear on one side to bring the aroma of the  liver

** Sometimes, aroma of the food can help enticing your dogs to try it

10. Make liver soup

Put the chunk of liver in the doggy bowl and pour screaming hot water over it about 2-3 tbs to make liver soup. Let it cool down a bit and serve.

 I hope these tricks would help your dogs interested in the liver.

 Here are some of behind the scene pictures and videos. You can tell how much Palette enjoyed my experiment of the liver meals.

Palette and chicken meatball 4

Look at Dat!!

Palette and chicken meatball 1

Ohhh! Howling good smell!!

Palette and chicken meatball 5

Sample?? Drooling!

It really IS mine!

It is in MY bowl!!

Wet nose alert!!

 Palette and chicken meatball

Got it! Nommy!

Mini Fritata muffin Palette 1

Wet nose Alert for Mini Fritata Muffin!

Palette and Chicken meatball and Mini Fritata muffin

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