Palette’s winter treats diary;February 14th,2013

 For Palette, last month was not so exciting month for her favorite activity of the day;walkie.

 It was because we had more rainy days than she wish to have,and she had less walkie days because of that.

 During January, we had many rainy days, one foggy day, and a few snowy days.

 When we had sunny days, Palette was very excited. Especially she sees me trying to wear the treats bag around my waist.

 On the cue “Get the leash”, she disappeared from my sight and came back with her leash in her mouth,going down the stairs to bring the leash to me.

 I could tell she was very very excited knowing she will be out for the walkie.

 Her little nub was going 200mph side to side, and without me telling her,she came right up to me and stay still so I can hook her leash onto her collar.

 Then,she proceeds to sit-stay in front of the entrance door when I opened the door slowly and we were out for the walkie.

 Going for a walk on sunny days,enjoying scenery,feeling fresh air is quite nice. Palette gets to read up all the missed doggy news on the ground and so excited when she sees squirrels running across the street playing “catch me if you can” game with other squirrels.

 Of course, when she sees them playing the game, she wanted to be counted and she goes up to them with brisk walk but squirrels ran away from her. She simply wanted to say “hi” and ask them to let her join in the game but she never got a chance to.

 One day, when she was trying to talk to the big squirrel buddies playing games, of course, those buddies ran away from her,but two guys witnessed how her conversation with squirrels buddies went and they called her “Hey,squirrel dogs”.

 If you know Palette, she loves people. She loves to be pet and cannot get enough of it. As soon as she hears them talking to her, her ears perked up and smiled at them and took me to greet those guys who was working on neighbor’s tree.

 One of the guys came down to the ground,and immediately, she went to him with her back pressing against him asking for being pet with wiggling butt with her ears hold.

 Her butt wagging exercise time

 She can wiggle so well that our lady vet cannot help but saying “So cute!”

 Palette knows she gets attention with her cute butt wagging wiggle gesture

 Once the guy stops petting, she pushed her body against him or should I say bumped her body onto him as if to nudge him to keep going.

 She had a great time.

 Palette enjoys walkie itself, but I think she loves walkie more if she got to meet new people and furriends.

 How about your dogs?

 When Palette and I go for walkie longer distance, I let her rest a bit after letting her enjoy her favorite cool down treats.

 She usually rest on her favorite cool bed, but sometimes, tummy rub bugs get into her mind, and she comes right up to me and roll onto the carpet and shows me her tummy as if to say “tummy rubs please!”.

 When she does that, can you resist and say “No”?

 I gave her some tummy rubs, and she started to closing her eyes,and almost going to fall asleep and .. here comes “beep,beep,beep..” the sound of truck backing up into neighbor’s driveway.

 Palette woke up right away,ran to top of the stairs,and started woofing at the truck. She is quite sensitive to the truck backing beeping sound.I am not sure if it is because she learned that the sound of truck backing equal to boxful of treats that UPS/FedEx guys bring?

 When the truck was gone, she then walked into our bed room slowly as if she was so disappointed that the truck did not drop by us, and went under the bed and she decided to napping before breakfast.

I be napping until meal time..

 Tired dog is happy dog I agree with that.

  Even after the longer distance walkie time, if she was up to, she sometimes bring me the Frisbee and asked to play with a bit.

 She picks up her favorite Frisbee disc and bring it to me, and tossed it over to me so we played a little bit of Frisbee plus tug play before breakfast.

Lets play tug game!

See if you win or me!

 Sometimes,I sit on the carpet to play tug with her and you will be surprised to know how strong she is. With her little body, she got quite power to pull!

 She sometimes go “Grr” while tug playing and, tries to win the tug and pull,and I pull it back and she gets so much fun.

 However, she does not like when I simply forfeit the tug game after a few tug between us, and let her win

 She goes “Why?You are not playing hard enough and toss the Frisbee back to me to tug again.”

 As her name suggests, I think she got lots of personality in one little body

 When meal times come, no matter how tired she looked when resting, she always come to the kitchen, so excited, and enjoys her meal every bite of it.

 She says her life is good.

 Now, I will pass a pen to Palette to write her diary here.

February 14th,2013

 Last month was not so fun month when it comes to walkie time because we got many rainy days and less walkie time.

 However, I found that a sunny day after rainy day, all da daily doggy news on da ground smell so different and I had to sniff out very thoroughly as we walk.

 Da walkie took longer than it would have been but, reading da daily doggy news thoroughly so I would not miss anything is very important and, I took da reading very seriously.

 One evening, when mom and I walked out from da house, it was very foggy as if TV screen set during da Halloween season. It was spooky,did not see well,and I needed a moment to think what was happening.

 I took a quick potty time and right back in.

 As you know,mom is da boss at da Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen,and she needed to get a lot of stuff from vendors last month, and we had UPS/FedEx guys visited us quite often with boxes.

 If you know me, I am a great security guard making sure our yard is free from strangers.

 One day, UPS guy came with a box and I was so happy so, I greeted him.”Woof,woof,woof! (translation:Hey,come over here! Is it for me?)”

 When the guy left, I was very excited trying to sniff out what are in it.

 For some reasons, I could not tell what was in it. But,I was very very interested in witnessing when mom opened the box. I stood with stubby hind paws and watched at the box so intense to find out what was inside the box.

 Inside was tote bag,bone shape magnet with mom’s website address on etc.. and I have to tell you that I was so disappointed not being able to find the chews in there.

 I thought that all those UPS/FedEx guys bring tweats all da time,but I was wrong.

 With these boxes,I was not interested.

 In fact, I was so disappointed, I walked away from mom and decided to nap under da bed.

 People tell me I was da luckiest Corgi in da world because I got to taste test mom’s fresh baked tweats to make sure all batch is delicious enough for other furriends.

 I love my job; to be k9 executive chef for mom.

 Sundays are often times Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen’s baking marathon time

 When I see her preparing for da baking,I get very excited already dreaming about biscuits or Jerky, and I stay still near the kitchen and follow mom’s every move with my eyes.

 I never let her out of my sight for da sake of taste test nibble,lol.

 When mom set da timer, I then decided to stay in da kitchen,babysitting da oven or should I say staring at da oven because I know that when it beeps,it is da time to get da yummy out from da oven and need to woof at mom.

 Last month, there was a few occasions where mom was still up making yummy at past 1am. Latest finished time in last month was 2am.

 See? Mom works hard trying to make yummy tweats for everypawdy with love. When mom is still up, I am up as well,but I don’t mind.I can still take a nap until taste test time plus I can sleep in next day

 During last month alone, mom saw 2 chicken tweats voluntary recall incident.

 I am not scared to try tweats from mom though, because she checks tweats for me,making sure what I get is safe stuff to enjoy.

 In case you have not heard yet, Purina voluntarily recalled made in China Jerky “Waggin’ Train” and “Canyon Creek Ranch” on Jan 9th due to trace amount of antibiotic in the products.

 Also,Hartz chicken chews and Hartz pork skin roll
wrapped with chicken (Oinkies) was recalled due to trace amount of antibiotic was
found in the treats.

 You can read more information on FDA issued Hartz treat recall news at the PR Newswire link here.

 In China, it is allowed to give antibiotic to chicken but not in the states the purina website article says.

 Some dog treats companies choose to process treats in China,probably because they can make treats at lower cost, but they also should know that each country has its own rules as to how to raise live stocks and it can be different one country from the another. The chicken in China and chicken in the states are not raised equal standard on feed,vaccination and everything else.

 In Japan, I could crack an raw egg over hot steamy rice with dash of soy sauce or we could use raw fresh cracked egg as dipper for sukiyaki dish, and even though I had raw eggs that way back home in Japan, I was fine health wise.

 However, when me and my father tried to make Sukiyaki dish for my husband and his family, it raised concern. I was told then that, in the states, raw egg is considered dangerous and, I cannot do that anymore.

 Eating habit in Japan and the states difference is probably either freshness; Japan is smaller country than the states and eggs might not need to travel as far as eggs in the state might have to, or might be issue of difference of the standard in raising chicken, or maybe simply different ideas on eating raw eggs.

 To read more on the recall article, please click here

 For long time, made in China Jerky made us “dogs” ill,and against those made in China Chicken Jerky treats,FDA issued warning over and over again as the numbers of ill furry furriends increased.

 If you had seen the article on chicken jerky treats made in china and sick dogs, you would have noticed that despite the fact there were repeated warning against the treats, many retail stores did not take the treats off the shelves right away.

 Therefore, I wonder if those who had not notice made in China Jerky warning might have bought the treats for their dogs even after the warning news broke out,and ultimately increased the sick dog’s number.

 The company states that the residue of antibiotic in the treats does not pose the risk for dog’s health but, there are already many sick dogs with made in China Chicken Jerky and I do not know how they can still say safe to feed to their dogs.Please tell your mom and dad to be aware of the made in China treats.

 Some retail stores offer made in China duck treats, made in China rabbit treats, and some website do not show origin of the country;where the treats were made,and they love to use the buzz words such as “premium”,”high quality” etc…

 On the talk of treats recall story, back in April 2012, made in China sweet potato dog treats were also recalled as well. Recall is not just about chicken treats made in China.

 To read more on sweet potato dog treats recall news at north country gazette website,please click here.

 Oh, I have to tell you that we got a few snowy days too! I was very happy.It did not snow as much as it used to in the past but I enjoyed it.

 Sadly,it melted quickly and I did not get to enjoy as much as I wish to but that is ok.I will wait for the next snow day.

Sniff,sniff… Is this mom’s foot print??

 Now, do you hide your tweats as snack for later?

 One day, mom started hearing *lick,lick,lick* sound from my bed.Mom thought that I must be chewing paws although she did not think of anything she fed to her that would makes me itchy.

 Therefore,mom turned the light on, and here I was chewing mid night snack…

 Can you guess what it was?

 It was a Woofy stick (bully sticks)!

 Mom thought I ate them all,and did not imagine I put it in da den den but yes, you guessed it, I saved it for later and put it on the place that mom did not see

 She has no idea where it was, but I enjoyed it and then fell asleep

 Anyhow, the cool down treats mom made this time is frozen papaya yuca yogurt treats.

 I like Papaya! When mom makes cool down treats, I will
be right there in the kitchen waiting for the taste test. Sometimes, I get to taste unfrozen cool down treats but sometimes, I get to taste test ingredient itself before mom makes da tweats.

 This time, I got to taste test ingredient itself.

Hmm… Papaya! Yum!

 Mom thought I simply would sniff at it but nope,I will take a bite of it!
 It was so yummy! I love tropical fruits like this,

 Did you know that papaya is the known fruits to aid digestion with enzyme found in papaya called “Papin” and some dog’s digestive aid products contain “papin”.


 Unripe papaya is often used in Thai cuisine and papaya salad is popular Thai dish using unripe papaya.

 You can find the recipe of papaya salad in the previous entry titled “Thai cooking: Papaya salad” here.

What is dad? I donno if I Like it..


 Do you know what Yuca is?

 Yuca is a root vegetable and probably most often used in south American cuisine such as Cuban dishes or Mexican dishes.

 This is anti-inflammatory vegetable and some company use yuca extract for joint health supplement.

 Some people make the tea out of it,by steeping them,too.

 Yuca is also known as “cassava” and you can find them at the frozen item section as well.

 The papaya was very tasty and unfrozen papaya yuca yogurt puree was tasty,too! I cannot wait till I get to have frozen one!


Frozen papaya yuca yogurt treats..

Here is how you can make Frozen papaya yuca yogurt treats.

 1.  To the mixer, add 10 oz peeled,seeded papaya chopped, 4.5 oz yuca peeled and steamed and mashed, and 10 oz of Stonyfield organic
plain yogurt and puree them.

 5. Pour those onto ice cube tray and freeze them

yield; 16 block of frozen treats

** Frozen papaya yuca yogurt treats whole amount is roughly
about 521 kcal (you can see more detail at
website here ).So, each ice cube given is about 33 kcal.

**Mom wanted rough kcal to be as close to real one, and she used
Nutrition fact food label on the back of yogurt she used. She typed in
the information provided in the nutrition label on the yogurt.

** Nutrition profile for this treat was made using “cassava” (Yuca’s another name)

I do not have Arthritis but,I have limping history so, mom wonders if adding yuca this way can help for da healthy joint to some degree.

I want one! I want one!

*Wet nose alert!*

Hmm…. Good!

 I really really really really liked da tweats!

 You should ask your mom to make one for you!

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