Have fun with your dogs; Lure Coursing

 When you have fun with your dogs, what games/sports do you play?

 Agility? Dock Jumping? Frisbee? Fetch ball game? Find it game? Or something else?

 When Palette and I have fun together, we play all kinds of fun games.

 One thing we play a lot is “Find it” game after training time-Palette
is supposed to sniff the treats,and then she “stays” at the spot where she cannot see where I
hid the treats and,with “Go find it!” release call, she goes sniff out
the yummy with nose up in the air, nose on the ground.

 After a while, I have leveled it up to “Find the toy” game- Palette
is supposed to sniff the toy,and then “stay” at the spot where she cannot see where I
hid the toy and,with “Go find it!” release call, she goes sniff out the
toy I hid and then, she has to get it and bring it back to me.

 By doing
so, she is eligible for the exchange with jackpot treats.

 You can see her playing “Find it” game in the previous entry titled “Find it” game here .

 Another game we play a lot is fetch ball and Frisbee. When she sees
balls,Frisbee, she gets so talkative and I can see her little nub/butt
moving left and right and it is always fun to play with her.

 You can see her playing ball/Frisbee in the previous entry titled “Playing game of Fetch ball/Frisbee” here.

 Some years ago, I got Palette “weave pole” for her birthday so
that we can have fun at home. It is one of the obstacle in the sports
called “Agility”.

 Agility is a canine sports that dogs goes through all kinds of
obstacles with direction of handlers such as tunnels, A shaped obstacle
called “A frame”, dog walk,weave pole, jumping bars,teeter etc..and
compete the time to finish the course, and how precisely completed the
each obstacles.

 It is very exciting to watch team work of one handler and one dog and
also exciting to see performance of the dog going through the obstacles.

 Recently, I came across the youtube video where dogs are having so much fun with the another k9 sports called “Lure coursing”.

 Do you know what “Lure coursing” is

 What  is lure coursing?

 According to wikipedia website,”Lure Coursing” is the k9 sports where dogs are set to chasing after the mechanically operated lure (also called “bunny”);plastic bags,across the field following patterns to stimulate live coursing.

 It exaplains that typical coursing is 600 yard to 1000 yard,but in Europe,the length can be more than 1,000 yards,and many people incorporate the obstacles or jumps in the coursing.

 It sounds like European lure coursing seems to be combination of Agility and lure coursing and,I am sure many dogs would love their version of lure coursing fun.

 I enjoyed watching dogs being dogs, feeling the wind and running in the open field chasing after the plastic bags that are attached to wire so the bags are set to move with set speed across the field. 

 I think lure coursing is also fun k9 sports.

 For dogs, they can have outlet for pent up energy plus it is fun for
them. Most of all, this canine sports has lots of running and dog’s natural instinct;chasing objects, so, they can have physical exercise and mental exercise both through this fun sports.

 Here are 2 youtube videos that I watched and would like to share with you.

 Aren’t the dogs all looking having so much fun? The best part is, it seems each video shows quite bit of personalities in each individual dogs

Spot Shot;Lure coursing..

If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video.

Reidsville,NC Lure coursing..

If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video.

 To learn more about “Lure Coursing”, you can visit Lure coursing fanatic website here. The website seems to be full of information for those who are interested in the sports.

 Also, AKC website here has all the information you would find it helpful such as lure coursing club search in your area.

 Does your dog have fun with “Lure coursing”?

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