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Decoding kibble;Addiction Salmon bleu menu makeover for dogs and for people

 In the previous entry titled “What brand/type of dog food are best for your dogs?“, I wrote a little bit about homemade diet, and also wrote that with
homemade diet, they will look the kcal rather than how much weight of
food you would feed, and plan the menu to be able to fit to their preferred fat %-Carbohydrate %- Protein %.

 After that,they will look for each nutrient the recipe is lacking and supplement your dogs’ diet.They try to achieve the balanced meal recipe by recipe on daily basis, rather than balance over time; cookie cutter style.

 Often times, home made diet people make weekly batch and divide the food into portion.Then,they freeze them and feed it through, and then start planning the next recipe.

 When I was looking at homemade diet long time ago, Palette was 2 years old, weighed 35 lb (currently 31 lb)
with moderate activity level, and her recommended daily kcal for her was
1036 kcal with following sardine recipe below.

 When I noticed that this little dog who weigh about
3rd of me need almost half of average human’s recommended daily kcal;
for human, recommended kcal for women is 2,000 kcal and for men, 2,500
kcal, I was shocked.

 Recommended % each to start with to come up
with recipe for protein,carbohydrate,and fat were 28% for protein, 30% for fat,
36% for carbohydrate.

 This percentage of each nutrient’s number means that 28% of overall recipe kcal will come from protein, 30% of kcal comes from fat, and 36% of kcal comes from carbohydrate.

 Of course, they would consider age energy level, and types of proteins.carbohydrate,fat etc..

 With the recommended % of nutrient in mind, example recipes can look like this.

1 can  sardine in oil
5 oz    Dark meat from Turkey with skin on
20 oz     cooked sweet potatoes
2         Egg yolks raw

 The recipe provides about 1,034 kcal food. These nutrient file will be 29%
protein,32% fat, and 39% carbohydrate.Then.they usually give supplements that
are deficient in nutrient level.

 This example recipe that I received is one day worth of food served.

 I recognize that there are so many variable for homemade diet guidelines just like raw diet has so many variables.

 Some advocate recommends to feed 2-3% of ideal adult estimated weight as volume just like raw diet guideline will be,and then divide the daily feeding amount into variable % including leafy vegetables,starch etc..

 Some divide the daily feeding amount into 30%-60% muscle meat,0%-50% grains & vegetables, 10-20% eggs, 5-20% dairy such as yogurt,cottage cheese,5-10% organ, 1-2% calcium.

 Some homemade diet book such as the one ” Home prepared Dog&Cat Diet by Donald Strombeck DVM”many homemade diet people read to grasp the idea of homemade diet has chart to show you how much kcal ideal weight dog should get everyday.

 Even though I was recommended to feed Palette that provides 1,036 kcal, the book chart says 30lb dog that are at 7 years old should get about 792kcal per day.

 Some says that dogs should be fed based on resting energy level a.k.a. RER.

 I have showed you how to calculate RER in the previous entry titled “How to compare nutrient content between different form of food;Kibble, vs wet canned food vs fresh food“,and if you remember the entry, with Palette’s idea weight,the RER number came out as 492.70kcal per day.

 The number is a little bit less than what she gets through various raw diet menu I feed in average,but that kcal number is much closer to any of the other feeding method I have seen so far.

 Even though, no matter how you decide whose homemade diet method to follow, I find that there are so much gap between the daily caloric intake they suggest to feed for the same weight dog depending who you follow.

 As you know, I have visited my family after 4 years last November (Nov 2012), and I noticed that back home in Japan, home made diet is still popular than raw diet but, how the menu is planned was different from what I learned about homemade diet basic here in the states.

 I have been reading a little bit by little bit on Japanese way of homemade diet book for dogs and, I noticed that their way is much closer to how raw feeding people do; they will calculate the daily feeding amount volume rather than caloric intake amount.

 Daily feeding amount in most homemade diet book for dogs in Japan says to feed 2.5%- 3% of ideal weight of the adult dog,and then divide that volume into percentages into set categories; meat and fish 40%, grain and starches 30%, organ such as liver 7%, vegetables 20%, and calcium and source of Vitamin D 3% since not many food can provide vitamin D, the category is separated from other items.

 Then, the book encourage readers to feed different menu everyday since day in day out same food tends to make them more susceptible to develop allergy issue against the food fed often.

 Some homemade diet book in Japan says to calculate the daily feeding amount using metabolic weight.

 Just like we raw feeding people learned, the authors of the book (1 holistic vet and 1 canine nutritionist) wrote that balance is over time.

 Their book says that the most important thing to focus on homemade diet is to feed the variety of foods/menu over time rather than fixating on trying to feed cookie cutter menu making sure each nutrient is met to requirement each day by supplementing synthetic vitamin and mineral pills.

 I think that idea behind the Japanese way’s home made diet is very similar to ideas behind the mainstream raw diet method popular here in the states.

 If you feed kibble, it is good time to think about rotating foods
possibly with different companies rather than the same company with
different protein source because often times, I find that base
ingredients are same,formula is similar and simply protein source is
swapped from one thing to the other.

 Therefore, if you rotate different
companies’ formula, base ingredients/formula will be different, and it
will be more beneficial to your dogs.

 Now and then, I see people asking others if XYZ brand dog food is better than ABC brand dog food, and often times, so called “good kibble brand” name comes up as suggested kibbles.It is because they find dog magazine’s approved kibble list published annually, which they are known for.

 Personally, no matter how premium, how high quality kibbles the companies say they offer, or how pretty packaging it got or maybe someone famous is having their own line of kibbles, the finished products are still process food.

 Even if there were better brand than the other, what they offer is convenience, not nutrition packed food for furriends.

 If we would like to provide best possible nutrient dense menu to our furry furriends, I think it should be via fresh food diet;homemade diet or raw diet.

 Advantage of feeding good homemade diet or raw diet are as followings.

1. You will be able to pick the ingredients goes into your dog’s food.Therefore, ingredients are always fresh and properly stored, and you know where they are coming from.

 Big pet food companies might use ingredients imported from outside the countries they cannot observe every step away on how they were grown/raised under different regulations in the countries.

 The countries might not have the same standards in growing/raising food to the states.

2. By observing how dogs do on food you provide, you can tweak the menu if necessary.

 If you feed kibbles, and if your dog did not good on, you cannot change the company’s formula yourself, and only option is to switch the kibble companies,meaning, you will buy another brand of kibble, to see if other formula can fit to your dog’s need.

 That being said, some of you may not be ready to move on to the fresh food diet yet and,  I thought I would give you the tool to decode the kibble terms so you know what you are getting and feeding to your dogs at least.

 Some people may simply be interested in getting better kibble companies products name from people they know or from dog magazines, but if you were simply choosing food based on the better kibble brand list result,then you would never be able to learn how to pick the better food by yourself.

 If you could understand what to look for, what the terms mean in your kibble label,you would understand how to pick the better food in general.

 So here it is. I will be starting new series titled “Decoding the kibble”.

 I will be picking one product at a time and explain what terms in the kibble ingredients list to understand what exactly are in the food,and learn what to look for at the same time.

Decoding : Addiction Salmon Bleu

 Ingredients as followings:

1. Salmon Meal;cooking salmon at high temperatures, extracting the fat, and drying the remaining meat.

 Some thing you cannot be sure is that whether they used the fresh whole salmon sold for humans or used reminder such as leftover from fillet fish.

 Another point is that whether the salmon is farm raised or wild caught.

 Wild caught salmon is expensive compared to farm raised salmon, but quality is superior and,it is better choice to provide great nutrient through them.

 To read more on farm raise salmon vs wild  caught salmon in the previous entry titled “Raw feeding 911 Part 15:Farm raised fish vs Wild caught fish and Palette’s soft shell crab diary”, please click here.

2. Dried Potatoes

 Potato is night shade family vegetables,and if you have a dog with joint problems, it is best to avoid night shade family vegetables because they aggravate the inflammation in their joints.

3. Dried Tapioca

4. Chicken Fat (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols)

 Generally,”Animal fat” by definition through AAFCO means ”  Animal fat (or named protein source) was obtained from the tissues of named mammals and/or poultry in the commercial processes of rendering or extracting.

 It consists predominantly of glyceride esters of fatty acids and contains no additions of free fatty acids. If an antioxidant is used, the common name or names must be indicated, followed by the words “used as a preservative”.”

 Therefore, you can find “preserved with Mixed Tocopherols”. Mixed tocopherols are natural vitamin E most likely sourced from soy bean oil.

5. Peas

6. Natural Flavor

 Whether it is for human food or for dog treats/food, “natural flavor” appear in the label quite often.

 I always wondered why they need added flavor when chicken itself in this case has already has enough flavor.

 Palette gets portion cut chicken now and then, and I do not need to add any kinds of added flavor to make the food interested for her.

 Under FDA’s Code of federal regulations title 21, “natural flavoring means” the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof, whose significant function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional” (21CFR101.22).

 Artificial flavor includes the substances listed in 172.515(b) and 182.60 of this chapter except where these are derived from natural sources.”

 Therefore, since it is not named flavor such as “Natural Chicken flavor”, we never know what was used to flavor the food.

 You can read definition on “Natural flavoring” at FDA website here.
7.  Ground Flaxseed

 I wonder if it is for Omega 3 fatty acids or as natural preservatives, but if it was used as omega 3 fatty acids source, oily cold water fish such as salmon,mackerel,herring,sardine are great source of natural omega 3 fatty acids.

 If this ingredient was used for Omega 3 fatty acids, there is one thing you should know about it.

 Flaxseed is good for human, but it is not always the case to assume what is good for human is good for dogs.

 Flaxseed is high in omega3, and can use as natural preservative other than the source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

 I see  so many dog food,dog treats have them,but dog cannot convert ALA to EPA and DHA well.Flaxseed has Alpha-linolenic Acid, ALA.They need to be converted to EPA and DHA, the form of omega 3 the body uses.

 Then,flaxseed must be milled to get the benefit out of it, but within hours,it goes rancid.If we wanted to give omega3 in our dog’s meal,we rather use fish oil;fish oil has EPA,DHA which dogs can easily use in the body, or fresh oily cold water fish such as salmon,mackerel,herring,sardine etc.

8. Dried Kelp

 Is it as source of iodin?

 Too much kelp can suppress the function of thyroid in dogs.

9. Dried Cranberries

 Company states it was added for “sweetness and an abundance of antioxidants, phytochemicals and flavonoids”

 All foods dogs get needs to be sweetened?

 If your dog had UTI, cranberries are good one to give. It prevent the new bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall.

10. Dried Blueberries

11. Dried Spinach

 Did you know that too much spinach can interfere with absorption of calcium?

12. Brewers Dried Yeast

 Brewer’s yeast is by products after beer brewing. Often times, you can find “brewers yeast” in the ingredients for flea repellant tablet,and also they are used in the food as a source of Vitamin B.

 Meat,fish,dairy can offer great amount of Vitamin B.

13. Vitamin E Supplement

 Meat and eggs are good source for Vitamin E. Vitamin E gets destroyed by the heat.

 You can also give Sardine,
Halibut,Cod,Turkey,Beef liver,Egg etc as source of selenium (form of
anti oxidant) as part of the diet.

14. Niacin (Vitamin B3)

15. Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5)

16. Vitamin A Supplement

 If you like to provide Vitamin A, organ such as liver and animal heart are good source for this nutrient.

 That being said,Vitamin A from animal source is fat soluble vitamins and they get stored in the body if it was not used by the body. Therefore,too much Vitamin A can lead to toxicity level.

 If you feed Turkey liver,be careful how much you feed. Turkey liver has more than double amount of Vitamin A compared to chicken or beef liver.

  As I understand it, optimum Vitamin A amount for dogs is 100 IU-200 IU per kg of body weight.

 Here is conversion website to convert pounds to kilograms,if you need one.

17. Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1)

18. Riboavin Supplement

19. Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)

20. Vitamin B12 Supplement

21. Vitamin D3 Supplement

 Vitamin D is one of those vitamins that not many food can deliver the nutrient. However, dogs can get Vitamin D from animal heart, oily fish such as
mackerel, salmon, sardine, and herrings, beef liver, egg, and sun light.

22. Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

23. Sodium Chloride

24. Taurine,

 If you like to feed Taurine, animal heart is the good source for that. Animal heart also contains coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), and this is very good menu especially for dogs with heart problems.

25.Choline Chloride

26. Magnesium Sulfate

27. Zinc Sulfate

28. Ferrous Sulfate

29. Calcium Carbonate

30. Copper Sulfate

31. Manganese Sulfate

32. Calcium Iodate

33. Cobalt Sulfate

34. Sodium Selenite

35. Green Tea Extract

36. Rosemary Extract

 Rosemary is often used as natural source of preservatives in food and treats and sometimes pump type style fish body oil ingredients.However, if you do have a dog with EPI. It is better to avoid the products that contains rosemary extract because it can be a trigger for seizure.

 As many people know, pet food ingredients are listed by weight.

 1st ingredients weigh more than the latter ingredients.

 When I was attending puppy training class 6 years ago, our trainer had mini segment that let us learn overall dog things from nail trimming to food choice etc and,one thing she has mentioned is that, you should read the label and look for the products that has protein source listed within top 5 ingredients.

 I think it is a good suggestion.

 Later, I also learned many more things such as..

1. If you are getting kibbles, then, ingredients should be named protein source not vague ingredients; Not “animal fat” but “chicken fat”,for example.

2. Find more than 1 animal protein source in the ingredients list close to the top in the ingredient list.

3. Find whole form of vegetables,grain etc and not “ground” form of grain/vegetables

4. Avoid “by- products” in the list

 If you find “chicken by products” for example in the ingredients list of the kibble, it means by definition “consists of the ground, rendered, clean parts of the carcass of slaughtered chicken, such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs and intestines, exclusive of feathers, except in such amounts as might occur unavoidable in good processing practice.”

5. Avoid artificial colors,preservatives,and sweeteners etc..

6. Know the splitting system in the pet food market

 “Splitting” is the way to make one ingredient into smaller category.

 Ingredients are listed in order by weights. With this method, even if rice was main ingredients (more weights than protein source), by splitting, it can make lamb or any other protein source look like most weight ingredients.

 For example, with above kibble, I have grouped them up by different colors

 Blue is protein related ingredients, purple is vegetables, dark brown is other miscellaneous ingredients.

 You can see that it looks “good” at glance knowing the ingredients list starts off with protein source, but when you group it up, you can see that you find more purple ingredients than dark blue ingredients and, they are carbohydrates heavy food.

 They are marketed as “grain-free” kibble but it does not mean “carbohydrates free food”. To make kibbles, they need something starchy as a base,and often times, vegetables such as potatoes,tapioca,peas are popular ingredients in the grain free kibble.

 This food is also marketed as “hypoallergenic dog food”.

 As I have written in the previous entry titled ” Hypoallergenic Dog Food,Hypoallergenic Dog treats, there are products marketed as “Hypoallergenic Dog food or treats”, “Hypoallergenic” is buzzword for pet food industry and,I do not think any companies can make food no dogs will be allergic to.

 I see that the Addiction food uses salmon as primary protein source,but then when you keep reading the label, there is “chicken fat”.

 I think many dogs are already exposed to chicken via form of treats or table scrap or maybe other dog food that uses chicken as primary source.

 Therefore, I do not know why this product is “Hypoallergenic” dog food.

 I see that some dog food companies trying to offer food for dogs with allergy but, I think that they need to see that even if they do swap the common allergen with something else, or using better quality meat by their definition, dogs can still react to number of other things including preservatives,colorings, synthetic vitamins, flavorings etc etc.

 I believe that nothing can beat the wholesomeness, full of nutrient content with fresh food. When people are looking at more of fresh food on table, not processed food, why not for our furriends too?

 If I convert this salmon base Addiction Salmon bleu into fresh food (raw diet) form, it can be like this.

***  Palette’s raw diet version of “Addiction salmon bleu” ***

 Her daily intake amount is 10 oz – 12 oz

 To calculate daily feeding amount, fill the blank below.

 Guideline is to feed 2%-3% adult dog ideal weight.

Dog’s adult ideal weight x 16 x 0.02= daily feeding amount

Dog’s adult ideal weight x 16 x 0.03= daily feeding amount

 I follow 80% meat, 10% bone,10% organ guideline.

Divide the daily feeding amount into 80% meat -10% bone -10% organ

 Since I tend to feed salmon as salmon soup (Salmon fillet is gently simmered in the small amount of water,and pour it over raw liver.Served with 1 count of raw chicken foot), her typical salmon dinner will be just like this.

 AM; portion cut bone-in chicken 5 oz raw

 PM; Salmon soup* (salmon fillet 4 oz,chicken liver 1 oz) with 1 chicken foot raw

 I could not find raw chicken feet nutrient profile and I had to use boiled chicken feet nutrient profile plus,the data will not be counting nutrient coming from bones in the chicken but, roughly, with this menu, Palette will be getting about 600kcal plus.

 You can see nutrient detail at here.

 If you feed raw salmon, here is what you need to know.

 Feeding wild caught fresh salmon,trout,steelhead and other salmonids from Pacific Northwest..

 When you feed fresh wild caught salmon, trout,steelhead and other salmonids
fish, there is one thing you should know about it and be careful about
how you feed them to your dogs.

If you got wild-caught FRESH salmon or trout or steelhead from Pacific Northwest,you need to
them for a few weeks before feeding them to avoid salmon poisoning.

 Cooking the fresh wild caught
salmon/trout/steelhead from Pacific Northwest will kill the parasite
that can cause salmon poisoning, and you do not have to worry about
salmon poisoning from fresh wild caught salmon from Pacific Northwest.

 The kibble itself contains 36 ingredients. What about Palette‘s?

 4 ingredients without any added vitamins and minerals etc..

 I do not know if salmon meal is something that is made from “whole wild caiught salmon” or using bones,blood etc.., but I know what I am giving Palette is the wild caught sockeye salmon sold for human.

 That is the difference between feeding kibble and fresh food. You can pick what goes into your dog’s bowl, and you can see the quality of the menu/ingredients.

 If this kibble is going to be converted into homemade diet, it will have more ingredients than raw diet menu since they use vegetables too, but less ingredients than kibble ingredients list without additives, vitamin/mineral spray mix to make up the lost nutrient during the processing the kibbles.

 If I am going to feed Palette homemade diet Japanese way,the makeover menu for Salmon bleu would look like this.

Japanese homemade diet version of Addition bleu..

Berry K9 Salmon Chicken Shepherd pie..

<Berry K9 Salmon Chicken Shepherd pie>

Ingredients for Berry K9 Salmon Chicken Shepherd pie:

3 oz wild caught salmon fillet
2 oz Russet potato
1/8 tsp Extra virgin olive oil
1.5 oz chicken tender cut into 1/4″ dice
1/8 tsp chopped fresh rosemary

 ** If you have a dog with EPI,do not use rosemary.Rosemary can be a trigger for seizure

0.4 oz fresh cranberries
0.4 oz fresh blueberries
1.7 oz frozen spinach leaves ground in food processor
1.5 oz frozen green peas

 Her daily feeding amount is about 10-12 oz a day. So, using that as daily feeding amount, divide them into Japanese homemade diet menu guideline ratio; meat
and fish 40%, grain and starches 30%, organ such as liver 7%,
vegetables 20%, and calcium and source of Vitamin D 3% since not many
food can provide vitamin D, the category is separated from other items

1. In the small skillet, pour small amount of water and simmer 3 oz wild caught salmon fillet until fish is cooked through

Drain the skillet and,take the salmon fillet out to cool

3. When fillet got cool enough to handle, peel off the skin and flake the fish fillet,and set it aside

4. Wrap 2 oz Russet potato skin on with plastic wrap and microwave for 1 minutes,and remove the plastic wrap, peel off the potato skin and mash them in the small container and set it aside

5. Add 1/8 tsp Extra virgin olive oil in the skillet, and when it got hot enough, add 1.5 oz chicken tender cut into 1/4″ dice and season it with 1/8 tsp chopped fresh rosemary and stir

6. When chicken got cooked through,put it over salmon flake container and mix well

7. In the small skillet, add 0.4 oz fresh cranberry,0.4 oz fresh blueberry,and 3 tbs water and let it cook and mash them in the skillet

8. When water got almost absorbed, add 3 tbs water again and let it come to boil and,cook about 1-2 minutes more and strain them over a measuring cup*,and add the sauce into salmon-chicken mix and mix well

* Place a kitchen sieve over a measuring cup and pour cranberry blueberry sauce over to strain.

9. In the food processor, add 1.7 oz frozen spinach leaves and grind them,and add that into mashed russet potato and mix well

10. Make 2.5″ diameter medallion with spinach potato mix and place them onto non stick foil lined cookie sheet,and bake them at 425F for 15 minutes

11. In the small skillet, add 1 tbs water and when it got hot enough,add 1.5 oz frozen green peas and cook till almost all the water gets evaporated and set the peas aside

12. Add the green peas into salmon-chicken mix seasoned with berry sauce and mix well

13. On the plate, place the 3″ diameter round cookie cutter,and put some rosemary chicken salmon green peas seasoned with berry sauce into it so you can use the cookie cutter as mold

14. Carefully,remove the cookie cutter and, gently place the spinach mashed potato on top and serve

Makes; 3 count of 3″ diameter Berry K9 salmon chicken Shepherd pie

Berry K9 salmon chicken Shepherd pie recipe is 355kcal,and 1 Shepherd pie piece is about 118 kcal. You can look up nutrition profile at website here.

 Since this recipe does not offer calcium source, you may want to add ground eggshell as source of calcium source (1/2 tsp per pound of food served) or feed bones to go with this meal.

you were going to make this shepherd pie outside the regular feeding,
consider the kcal added to your dog’s regular menu.

 As I was imagining, since chosen meat was leaner,and majority of ingredients are carbohydrate (vegetables,fruits can add volume to food in the bowl, but it provides empty calories with less nutrient compared to nice fresh hunk of meat.Meat provide much wide range of nutrient with more calories than vegetables), the total kcal came out much lower than she normally gets via raw diet menu.

 If I really serve this for main diet meal, I think I would need time to tweak the volume of each ingredients or change the ratio of meat vs vegetables groups or maybe pick dark chicken meat (thigh) instead of tender, so it provides more kcal than it is.

 Palette really loved the special menu for her. I now think she might had been a little hungry then.

Oh,my! Is it for me??

Nom,nom,nom.. Hmm..

 However, I am much more comfortable giving small amount of vegetables as treats outside the diet.

 After everything that I had as my own project for this entry, it occurred to me “what if” – what if I am going to make our dinner (people food) using these ingredients,it will be much more challenging, but it is a fun project.

 For dinner for people, I decided my own rule; I must use all the ingredients in the kibble,which means chicken tender,salmon, russet potato,spinach,rosemary,green peas,cranberry,blueberry, but can add more ingredients to that to make a delicious dinner for family.

 Therefore, I did my own challenge and came up a few dishes for people,and I thought I would share the recipe with you as well.

 Please note that following recipes below are for people, NOT for dogs.

Yassy’s Addiction bleu makeover menu for people..
 First dish that came to my mind was meatballs. I made rosemary salmon meat balls, Pecorino Romano Chicken meatballs with Chipotle Jack Daniel’s berry BBQ sauce.

 Both meatballs and sauce was my made-up menu, but turned out it was good and, my husband especially loved the my made-up Chipotle Jack Daniel’s berry BBQ sauce.

 He said that he loved the flavor combination of sweet and spicy and, he enjoyed meatball sandwich a day later.

 I have served it with Bacon cheddar mashed potato, and Spinach strawberry salad.

 The meatballs were hit, but my husband’s most favorite dish of the day was Spinach strawberry salad.

 I think it got fresh fruit in the salad,it is a good starter dish before the entree meal.

Bacon cheddar mashed potato, chicken/salmon meatballs with chipotle Jack Daniel’s berry BBQ sauce..

Ingredients for Chipotle Jack Daniel’s Berry BBQ sauce;

1/3C fresh blueberry
1/3C fresh cranberry
Extra virgin olive oil
1/8   Sweet onion chopped
1 clove garlic finely chopped
4 tbs dark brown sugar
1 tbs unprocessed dark Molasses * recommend Grandma’s Molasses brand
1 tbs
horseradish mustard
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/2   chipotle chili in adobo
sauce chopped fine * recommends La costena brand
4 tbs red wine vinegar
liquid smoke
1.5 tbs Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

Ingredients for Pecorino Romano Chicken meatballs;

10 oz chicken tender roughly ground
2 oz   Hot Italian sausage out from casing
1/6C Panko bread crumbs
1 tbs milk
1/6C pine nuts toasted and ground finely
1 egg lightly beaten
1/6C grated Pecorino romano cheese
1/8 tsp kosher salt
1/16 tsp ground black pepper
Chipotle Jack Daniel’s berry BBQ sauce* recipe follows
Ingredients for rosemary salmon meatballs;

8 oz wild caught salmon fillet ground
1/4 tsp chopped fresh rosemary
1/6C Panko bread crumbs
1 tbs milk
1 tbs lightly beaten egg
1/4 tsp kosher salt
1/16 tsp ground black pepper

Ingredients for Bacon cheddar mashed potato;

2 strips center cut bacon strips
2 Russet potato
2 tbs butter
1/4C heavy cream
1/2C milk
pinch of ground black pepper
pinch of Kosher salt
1 tsp sour cream
1/2C Sharp Irish cheddar cheese

Ingredients for Spinach strawberry salad;

2 strips center cut bacon strips cooked to crisp
1/3C red wine vinegar
1 tbs balsamic vinegar
1/2 tsp horseradish mustard
4 tbs white sugar
1/4C extra virgin olive oil
1/8 tsp sesame oil
ground black pepper
1/8   red onion thinly sliced
5 oz   strawberry cut to bite size pieces
2 oz   baby spinach leaves
2 tbs chopped walnut toasted

<Chipotle Jack Daniel’s berry BBQ sauce>

1. In the skillet, add 1/3C fresh blueberry,1/3C fresh cranberry and 1/4C water and smash them as it gets cooked. Let it cook till almost all the water gets absorbed.

2. Add another 1/4C water and let it come to boil and strain the berry sauce over kitchen sieve

* Place a kitchen sieve over a measuring cup and pour cranberry blueberry sauce over to strain.

The sauce should be about 1/4C sauce

3. In the sauce pan, drizzle Extra virgin olive oil, and add 1/8 Sweet onions chopped, 1 clove garlic finely chopped, and stir

4. When it got fragrant, add 1/2C ketchup, 4 tbs dark brown sugar,1 tbs unprocessed dark Molasses, 1 tbs horseradish mustard, 1/2 tsp ground cumin, 1/2 chipotle chili in adobo sauce chopped fine,1/4C cranberry-blueberry sauce,4 tbs red wine vinegar,and stir

** Chipotle in adobo sauce comes in a can and can be found at International foods aisle.If you could not find one, you can find them at website as well

Chipotle in adobo sauce is a smoked jarapano in spicy sauce in a can. A little goes a long way so adjust the heat of the sauce by adding a little by little.

5. When you started seeing bubbles in the sauce, turn down the heat to simmer and let it cook about a few minutes more

6. Add a drop or two of liquid smoke,1.5 tbs Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and stir

7. Put the lid on and let it simmer for another minutes and your BBQ sauce is done.

8. Take it off from heat and set it aside

<Pecorino Romano Cheese Chicken meatball with Chipotle Jack Daniel’s berry BBQ sauce>

1. Cut 10 oz chicken tender into 2″ or so pieces and put them into food processor to grind rough

** Use “Pulse” button to adjust the roughness of the meat chunks

2. Soak 1/6C Panko bread crumbs in 1 tbs milk

3. Put ground chicken into a medium size bowl, add 2 oz Hot Italian sausage out from casing,1/6C Panko bread crumbs soaked in 1 tbs milk,1/6C pine nuts toasted and ground finely, 1 Egg lightly beaten,1/6C grated Pecorino romano cheese, 1/8 tsp kosher salt,1/16 tsp ground black pepper and mix well with hands,but don’t over-mix them

4. Take thumb nail size piece and cook them in the skillet to see if the seasoning is right.

 If seasoning was ok, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and keep it in the fridge till you need it.

5. When you are ready to cook the meatballs, roll it out into golf ball size and put them onto non stick foil line cookie sheet and bake them at 425F for 15-17 minutes

6. Mix the meatball with about 1/4C Chipotle Jack Daniel’s berry BBQ sauce,and set it aside

7. Enjoy!

Makes: 8-10 meatballs

<Rosemary salmon meatball with Chipotle Jack Daniel’s berry BBQ sauce>

1. Put 8 oz wild caught salmon fillet in the food processor and grind them,and take off the salmon skin

2. Soak 1/6C Panko bread crumbs in 1 tbs milk in small container

3. Put ground salmon into a medium size bowl, add 1/4 tsp chopped fresh rosemary, 1/6C Panko bread crumbs soaked in 1 tbs milk,1 tbs lightly beaten egg, 1/4 tsp kosher salt,1/16 tsp ground black pepper and mix well with hands,but don’t over-mix them

4. Take thumb nail size piece and cook them in the skillet to see if the seasoning is right.

 If seasoning was ok, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and keep it in the fridge till you need it.

5. When you are ready to cook the meatballs, roll it out into golf ball size and put them onto non stick foil line cookie sheet and bake them at 425F for 15-17 minutes

6. Mix the meatball with about 1/4C Chipotle Jack Daniel’s berry BBQ sauce,and set it aside

7. Enjoy!

Makes: 6-7 meatballs 

<Bacon cheddar mashed potato>

0. Cook the 2 strips of bacon in the skillet to crisp

1. Wash the 2 potatoes, and wrap them
in plastic wrap and put it on microwaveable plate and cook them for 7-9 minutes.

*** 1 potatoes
needs 3 minutes plus one minute.

 If you use 3 potatoes, 3 potatoes x 3
minutes+1 minutes=10 minutes. It depends on size of the potatoes
but,usually I use 3-5 medium size potatoes for 2 adult serving.

 I usually do not use Russet potato for mashed potato because yukon gold potato (our favorite pick for mashed potato) makes much more creamier,buttery texture and it tastes better.

 However, my project was to parallel with what I made for Palette so,I decided to make mashed potato with russet potato this time.

2. With oven mitten,grab the plate and toss the potatoes onto bowl, and carefully remove the plastic wrap.

3. Peel off the potato skin,and mashed them

*** I use chopstick to peel off the potato skin

4. To the hot steamy mashed potatoes in the bowl, add 2 tbs butter, 1/4C heavy cream, 1/2C milk, pinch of black ground pepper,pinch of Kosher salt,1 tsp sour cream,1/2C Sharp Irish cheddar cheese and mix them well

** Heat from the potato will help butter and cheese melt easily

5.  Add 2 strips of crispy bacon chopped and mix well

** Don’t over whip mashed potato. Over whipped mashed potato let more
starch out from potato and,it turns gloppy mashed potatoes.

6. Cook 1/6C green peas in the skillet,season it with Morton’s Natures seasons

7. Place Bacon cheddar mashed potato on the plate and garnish it with green peas

Spinach strawberry salad with sesame balsamic vinaigrette..

<Spinach Strawberry salad>

0. Cook 2 strips of center cut bacon to crisp

1. Make sesame balsamic vinaigrette

** In the bowl, add 1/3C red wine vinegar, 1 tbs balsamic vinegar, 1/2 tsp horseradish mustard,4 tbs white sugar,and whisk them to combine.

 Then, slowly at steady pace add 1/4C Extra virgin olive oil into the bowl while you are still keep whisking the mix

 Then, add 1/8 tsp sesame oil and pinch of ground black pepper and whisk it to combine and keep it in the air tight container in the fridge.Keeps for 2 weeks.

2. Wash 2 oz fresh baby spinach leaves under the water,and drain the water as much as possible so you would not have wet salad

3. Slice 1/8 red onion thinly,and put them in the small container and pour some water in and wash the onion in the water and drain the water out and pour some water in and put the lid on and keep it in the fridge till you need it.

** Chilled,washed,and thinly sliced onion does not have much zing to it and, less makes your nose/eyes watery

4. Toast the 2 tbs chopped walnut in the skillet and set it aside

5. Cut 5 oz strawberry into bite size pieces

6. In the big bowl,add drained baby spinach leaves red onion washed,chilled and  thinly sliced, bite size pieces of strawberry pieces and mix well

7. Place them onto the plate, sprinkle the plate with toasted walnut and chopped crispy bacon bits,and drizzle small amount of sesame balsamic vinaigrette

** When you pour the vinaigrette over the plate, drizzle only small amount so you would not over dress them,which makes the salad soggy

8. Serve on the cold plate

9.  Serve the salad plate with small amount of vinaigrette on the separate small container so people can add more vinaigrette if they wanted to.

** Do not dress the spinach salad mixture all at once. Make a habit of drizzle vinaigrette in stead. This way, you can keep the fresh salad longer without getting soggy,unappetizing salad mixture in the fridge,and you can enjoy the salad made fresh and you can dress the salad each time you eat.

 I keep the vinaigrette in the Maison jar in the fridge.You can take it out before you start cooking so it comes to the room temperature by the time you finish cooking.

 When you keep the olive oil based dressing in the fridge, oil gets solid,so you would want the time for it to come to the room temperature and become liquid form again.

 Before dress the salad, shake it vigorously for your fresh made salad each time.

10. Enjoy!

Makes: 3-4 servings

 I hope this entry has given you some insight of decoding kibble ingredients and gave you the tool to understand what are in the food better.

 Also some fun to makeover the kibble into fresh food menu for you and your furriends.

 Lastly, please do not give people food menu shared above because some of the ingredients such as onions are toxic to dogs.


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