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Palette’s Food Market Guide; Finding a local farmer

 In the previous entry titled “Palette’s Food Market Guide:Buying a whole animal“, I wrote various ways to find farmers nears you,and what you can ask for if you decided to buy a whole animal from them,and story about my experience of buying a whole animal from farmers.

Nom,nom,nom.. I love herring!

 If you miss the entry, to find a farmer near you, I have suggested following ways.

1. You
can Google the farms by typing in the specific animal protein source
plus farms in the search box to see if any good result would show.

2. Since farmers tend to show at the farmer’s market,you can check
out the local farmer’s market and get to know the farmers.

 Then, in the future, if they agree to you, you may be able to ask for buying a whole animals to feed your dogs.

3. Search the farmers near you by using the local
harvest website (To visit the local harvest website,please click here) or another website called “Eat Wild” (To visit the Eat Wild website,please click here).

on the website might offer only cut of meats on the website itself, but
you can always ask them if they are willing to offer you the whole

 Also, some farmers can ship the products so you can ask them if they are willing to ship the meat,organs, and bones to you.

 In this entry, I would like to introduce more ways to find the farmers near you through an organization called ” Weston A Price foundation.

What is Weston A Price foundation?

 Weston A price foundation is a non profit charity foundation built on 1999.

 One of the foundation’s mission is to restoring the nutrient dense food to human diet through education,research and activism,and they support a number of movements that contribute to this objective including
accurate nutrition instruction, organic and biodynamic farming,
pasture-feeding of livestock, community-supported farms, honest and
informative labeling, prepared parenting and nurturing therapies.

 Therefore, when you look for local farmers, you can contact the volunteers for the foundation who might be able to refer you to the local farmers in your area.

 To find a local volunteer working for the foundation, you can visit the “Find a local chapter page” here.

 Then, click on your state to see the list of volunteer workers’ contact information.

 The Local chapters can help you find locally-grown organic and biodynamic
vegetables, fruits and grains; and milk products, butter, eggs, chicken
and meat from pasture-fed animals.

 Interesting thing is that they may host cooking
classes, potluck dinners and other activities to help you learn to incorporate the whole foods into your diet.

 Because of that, it is not only a good source to find meat etc.. for your dogs but also it is a good chance for you to have fun cooking with various whole foods for your family, and to learn cooking techniques and more.

 One other advantage of getting foods from local farmers directly is that you can get to know them in person, and know how the foods were grown/raised, and since there will be no middle men such as grocery stores that package things up to be able to sell products, it might be cheaper and more flexible to your requests and meat will be much fresher when it gets delivered to your home.

 Personally, I would prefer to get a small amount of meat first to make sure Palette does good on,and eat them fine first before looking for options of buying foods in bulk, but this foundation is probably good place to bookmark their website on your computer for future reference.

 I sometime hear XXZ brand of kibble is better than ABC kibble but, no matter how premium or high quality ingredients the companies say they use in their products, they have to consider adding something extras for long storage time at pet supply stores and, all of those products are still process food.

 I hope that many people would improve furry furriends’ diet to fresh food as well by providing fresh food, not process food.

 If you are feeding kibbles and you are not ready to move on to home made diet or raw diet (fresh food diet), then one thing you can do is to add protein source as kibble topping.

 Since kibble in general already has heavy load of carbohydrate, if you are going to add something to bump up the nutrient level, it is best to add meat not fruits or vegetables.

 I would like to see more dogs live healthy,long,happy life with fresh food diet.


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