Palette’s spring treats diary;March 24th,2013

 For Palette,last month might have been an eventful month.There were many things going on.

 I did lots of baking for human and for dogs,lots of treats making, and we had some visitors to give us an estimate for a dead tree we wanted to cut down for safety..

 Certainly, it was busy month for me as well.

 As you know, all the Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen brand biscuits (Baguette biscuits,Greek biscuits) and Yassy’s Gourmet Dog kitchen brand Jerky (Surf Turf jerky,Down Under Roo Jerky) are made to order and, we make them as close as possible to the shipping time because we like to offer freshest treats possible without preservatives.

 Therefore, I plan the schedule as close as possible to shipping time yet enough cooling time and we pack them fresh treats for furriends.

 Because of that, it is not out of ordinary that I sometime am still be up to finish up the last batch of treats at 5 am,and then finally go to bed.

 Last month,because of all the windy weather,storms and everything, we wanted to cut down a dead tree in our yard so it would not break into half and hit our house on bad weather day.

 My husband called a few places and,2 persons made me a good and a bad impression on me.

 The tree guy who gave me a bad impression told us that he would to come to our house on the certain day at the certain time, but he never showed.We waited,waited and waited,wondering what was going on.

 Next day,my husband gave him a call to make an appointment again to give him a second chance,and he did came but he was late.

 When he called us,I have picked up the phone and I heard him saying his car broke down a day before and he could not come.

 I thought then if I were him, I would have made a call to the customer to tell what is going on before they call me and set up another appointment and show up on time.

 When he finally came, he mumbled and complained that he might have come to give an estimate before although I do not think we have asked for the tree we wanted to cut down for the estimate before,ever.

 It was cloudy,windy evening because storm was supposed to come on the day at the late evening.

 He picked up a short branch, tapping at the base of the dead tree, peeling off the outer tree with his finger..looking up,walking around slowly as if he was not wanting to do anything with it.I could feel that even just looking at him.

 Since he did not show at the initial appointment a day before, my husband was at work and when he asked for him,I offered to call him myself because you needed to push extra numbers in addition to extension number, but he said he could call him by himself so I let him.

 He said since I asked my husband to call him to explain how to get here from work, he had my husband’s phone number on his phone so,he clicked on something and looked like calling somebody.

 However, he called to wrong person. He later explained it was his former customer and, instead of hang up and call to my husband,he chatted with that former customer for good 15 -30 minutes!

 I after all called my husband myself and handed the phone to him after he hang up on the former customer finally.

 He finally talked to my husband but,gave him over priced estimate at $1,000!!

 I heard that apparently, he wanted the deal with us and he called my husband back and amended the estimate price at $800.However, it sounded super expensive price.

 How much is the average cost in your area to cut down the dead tree in your yard?

 Of course, we did not make the deal with him because I did not like how he handled all the situation and,I did not feel like he would be passionate about his job and I felt like he was “whatever” mode just like the kennel staff Palette had stayed at, back in November when we visited my family in Japan.

 Therefore, my husband searched another tree guy, and he was very pleasant,polite guy with good attitude/manner and, his price was reasonable and it was less than half the estimate what other tree guy gave us.

 Not only that, he brought all the necessary documents such as copy of liability  insurance paper,certificate paper issued by Department of professional and occupational regulation in common wealth of Virginia and all other information we might have wanted.

 What I liked about him was that he wrote down what he is included in the estimate with the price written next to it. I thought it was a nice gesture.

 With this paper, we know what is included,what isn’t and how much we expect to pay them.

 The other tree guy did not show us any documents. I do not know if we made the deal with him,he might had something to show,but I do not know.

 You may have time you would like to cut the tree in your yard and you may call a few tree service people, but after experiencing the tree cutting service last month,plus one in the past, I think followings are good tips to pick good tree service people from the bunch.

1. Ask for liability insurance copy

 If the service people did not have liability insurance with them, if tree they were trying to cut down hit the house and damaged, you will be the liable, not them.

 Long time ago, we asked a guy we were referred to, to cut other tree down because the person was friend of them but, at that time, we did not think much of paper as necessary documents to ask them to cut the tree. 

 The job was a little bit clumsy for professional tree service,and when a tree went down, it hit the gutter of the house, but they never mentioned that to us.It was something we found out later by ourselves…

 They were not good at cleaning up after the job either.

2. Ask estimate not just one but a few tree services so you can see which price is average price for the tree

3. When you ask for estimate, be sure to be at home to observe how they estimate and also you can get a feeling of personality of the tree service people,and you can pick the one who you feel most comfortable making deal with.

4. When you think you have a tree service people you would like to ask the job to,make sure to ask question what are included in the price

5. For a peace of mind to know they know what they are doing, ask for the certificate for the service issued by the states

6.  If you can, for the tree removal day,be at home to observe how they do their business

7. Make a payment for the job when they finish their job and you are satisfied with what they did.Never pay beforehand.

** Personally,I prefer not to pay with cash but via personal check because cash never leave any trace if anything happened

8. Ask your friends if they have used them before.If they did use them,did they like what they did?

 Anyway, if you live in VA and needs tree removal or other landscaping related services, I highly recommend the tree guy we used from “All Top Notch“.

 The guy was quite pleasant and his job was smooth and quick and he and his team cleaned up after their job very nicely and we are happy with their job.

 If there was one thing to note about them, we made an appointment for them to com
e on the day but we did not hear the time they would come.

 We were not sure when they were coming but they showed up pretty early,and we actually woke up with the tree service guy’s ding dong

 If you ask them to do tree service,be sure to ask what time you would expect them to come so they would not surprise you with early time visit.

 Our tree removal day started with early morning visitor;company that came to remove the dead tree in our yard we were trying to getting hold of somebody who can remove it for a long time.

 I was still in bed and my husband answered him, and watched the whole process how he and his team did his job.

 Palette was still sleepy and, she had some woofy going on,but more sleepy than anything else and kept yawning in her crate

 But she came out to watch the guy and his team remove the tree through the window later.

 I did not see how tree was removed, but my husband said that they did great job. 40 minutes later, we had clean dead tree free yard.

 A few days before the removal day,we were worried if that dead tree brunch could fall with gusty wind via storm, but it survived the storm and, we both were surprised the tree was not that bad shape once cut down and see the trump.

 Now we have peace in mind when windy days come and go.


 Now, I will pass a pen to Palette to write her diary here.

March 24th,2013

 Last month was.. as mom has wrote, it was quite eventful day for me.

 Mom did lots of baking marathon for Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen and I got to taste test every batch to make sure each batch is tasty enough.

 I like my job.I think I have got the bestest job ever in da whole world!

 When mom bakes up biscuits for furriends, I usually station myself near da kitchen so I get to run to mom to tell her yummy is ready to be taken out for da taste testing.

 I already learned that da beep means food is ready to taste test and,I get so excited.

 One thing I do not understand is that,when da batch comes out,mom take itty bitty bits and set it aside on her desk and I nose her knee to let her know that I am there to help for taste testing and shows her I have been extra good too, to fit to da job.

 However, itty bitty bits biscuits does not come to me right away.

 I whine,nose mom,sit pretty, try my nice “down”,whine.. while I am doing all these,I get so drooly!

 Mom says I must wait for it comes to cool enough but waiting even for a second feel like “forever”!

 When I finally get the taste test bits,mom watches and listen carefully to make sure da biscuits are done as mom wanted it to be.

 See? Mom is very dedicated to offer healthy choice of doggy treats and chews and, she gets very happy when her customers tell her how much furriends enjoy all of those treats.

 When mom makes Jerky treats for furriends, mom told me that she needs to flip it at certain times to dry them evenly.

 Therefore,she set the time to beep at certain interval.

 As usual,I be babysitting the dehydrator,and every times mom comes around to flip the Jerky, I tend to think “Is it the taste test time yet?” and,I stands up and stare at mom’s every moves.

 But then, I sit down when I know it was da false alarm for taste testing,because mom put the tray back in and leave da kitchen after setting up da timer again.

 For Jerky making time,I be doing more self push-up exercise whenever mom comes to the kitchen,lol.

 By the time mom finish all da batches of Jerky,I get very tired from self push up exercise!

 I get to taste test small piece of Jerky each time but one thing I look forward to is Jerky crumbs.

 It is a jerky bits left on the Jerky sheets and mom take those bits off and sprinkle over my meal.

 I feel like so special and I like them!

 Mom knows how to make my meal extra yummy!

 Oh,that is right.Mom made me a special meatball last month too.That was super yummy! Mom said it is easy to make so, maybe you can ask your mom to make one for you.

 The meatball mom made was “K9 chicken meatball with Hollandaise sauce”. You can find da recipe here.

 I like everything mom makes, but one thing I look forward to every month is my cool down treats.

 It is something mom made me since I was a puppy . It is basically a frozen yogurt treats without fillers and,she gave me after walkie,after bathing time,after workout that makes me woofy hot.

 Mom has been introducing variety of frozen yogurt treats for furriends here,but have you tried any of those?

 It is very yummy and highly recommend it!

 Anyhow, the cool down treats mom made this time is frozen strawberry batata  yogurt treats.

Frozen Strawberry batata yogurt treats..

 Here is how you can make Frozen strawberry Batata yogurt treats.

 1.  To the mixer, add 8 oz peeled,steamed chopped Batata (White flesh sweet potato), 4 oz fresh strawberries stem removed, and 8 oz of Stonyfield organic
plain yogurt and puree them.

 5. Pour those onto ice cube tray and freeze them

yield; 14 block of frozen treats

** Frozen strawberry batata yogurt treats whole amount is roughly
about 374 kcal (you can see more detail at
website here ).So, each ice cube given is about 27 kcal.

**Mom wanted rough kcal to be as close to real one, and she used
Nutrition fact food label on the back of yogurt she used. She typed in
the information provided in the nutrition label on the yogurt.

** Nutrition profile for this treat was calculated using  regular “sweet potato” (Batata is white fresh sweet potato but,for this nutrition,I did not find the batata nutrition profile so I have used regular sweet potato profile.)

I know that some moms like to fill da Kong with peanut butter, but did you know that small size kong can hold approx 5 tsp of peanut butter?

 The creamy peanut butter 1 tbs is 90 kcal, so it means you are giving 158kcal (out of the 158kcal, 117 kcal comes from fat) just by filling the small size kong for your dogs to lick them each time.

 I think it is way too much kcal from treats.

 This frozen yogurt is much healthier to fill in the kong and, dog love them.

 My cool down treats usually is ice cube
size, and it is around 15 kcal to 30 kcal depending on what I will be
using but, they are much low calorie cool down treats, and they do not
contains added sugar or high calorie ingredients such as peanut butter.

 If you were not familiar with kong,
it is a non toxic dish wash safe rubber chew toy that you can fill the
hole in the center with food.

 Dogs are to chew/lick the Kong toy to get
to the treats inside the hole and, it is popular classic interactive

Mom,I am waiting on you to say “ok”..

I am waiting.. not touching it “yet”..

Ahh.. joy of cool down tweats..

Wet nose alert!

Hmm.. sooo good!

Mom,got more??

Who can resist my cute puppy eyes!

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