Palette’s note: Grass-fed Australian beef bully sticks 18″

 When you pick up treats for your
dogs, what would you look at? Ingredients? Fancy looking
pictures?Description of the products?

 Have you ever wondered if you
could actually see how other dogs are enjoying them? Not pictures,but in
the video so that you can actually HEAR and feel the treats’ textures?

 Some of you may have already
recognized that I have been putting up treats /toys taste testing videos on youtube so that
people can hear the sound,see Palette in action and get more detail on
each product we offer at our store.

 With “Palette’s Note” series,I like to put out Palette’s taste test videos. This time, “Grass fed Australian beef bully sticks 18″“.

 In the previous entry titled Long lasting chews/recreational bones for dogs,
I talked about what Deer Antlers is, and how much I love (and of
course, how much our stumpy k9 executive chef “Palette” the Corgi loves) these Deer
Antlers for long lasting chew.

 Then, in the previous entry titled “Palette’s note;Deer Antlers“,
I talked about her Antler lasted more than 1 year despite the fact that
she chewed on it daily about 15 minutes or so each time.

 If you were looking for long lasting chew, I would recommend Deer Antlers.

 With our Corgi “Palette”- moderate chewer, with L size Deer Antler, it
is with her for more than one year with the same Antler. She religiously
spend about 15-20 min 2 sessions per day but still gnawing the same

 Antlers are more economical overall, and one Antler lasts much

 Since she now got a few kinds of Deer Antlers:Regular Antlers, Antler with some velvet left on, and Antler bottom,
plus Caribou Antlers, Moose Antlers, the time she spend on regular Deer Antlers is less than before (she seems to
gnaw one by one alternating among the Antlers) , but she enjoys
her gnawing time.

 No matter how long/thick the bully stick is, one bully
stick will be gone much faster than Deer Antlers would. 

 In the previous entry titled “Palette’s note; Free Range Moo! Supreme bully stick“,I
wrote that for medium chewer “Palette”, one supreme bully stick 6″ lasted
about 3 days,while average bully stick usually be gone within 20

 For a bully sticks with the same length, that bully sticks was
long lasting bully sticks for her.

 Recently, manufacturer of Moo! line products has added another category of their popular odor free bully sticks,and thickest category of bully sticks they offer is Grass-fed Moo! Odor free bully sticks “Super Monster. They are available in 2 sizes; 6″ and 12″.

 With Palette, her staple chews are Antlers and she also has Himalayan Dog Chew (Hard Cheese Stick Chew),which I give her back everyday and so far, I can tell you that the L size Himalayan Dog Chew lasted 38 days for her.

 When the chew got to about 1.5″ long chunk,I have decided to follow
maker’s suggestion and try and see if Palette would like it that way.

 Palette loved the puffed Cheese cracker ball (a.k.a. microwaved
puffed Himalayan Dog Chew.I have microwaved about 40 seconds to 60 seconds,and it started
puffing up at about 40 seconds.). You can tell how much she loved them.

Ohh..! I love da puffed cheese cracker ball!

 It becomes very crunchy texture,almost like
cracker when microwaved. That is why, I told Palette it is puffed cheese cracker ball

 To read full taste testing entry on Himalayan Dog Chew with taste testing videos,please click here.

loves bully sticks. Many dogs adore bully sticks. Palette is one
of them, but don’t underestimate her. She actually is a tough judge.

gave me nosed up,paws down on some of bully sticks I got her to try out.
Paws down bully sticks did not make it to the store to offer others.

 After all, she is k9 executive chef who control the quality of menu to
be served to others, along side with me. We are the team.

 She will be responsible for the taste testing and I will be doing her leg work and check its texture,origin of the treats, checking the details on treats.

 This team work makes the treats we offer to be various variety of selected healthy,drool-gnaw worthy treats you can give to your dogs.

 I should add that only Palette’s approved
menu is served to others.

 If you browse through what we carry,what we do not carry, you would notice
that most of all our treats are single ingredient treats without
fillers and,we do not carry anything everything just because the treats
might sell well.

 We are picky
for selecting treats we offer to other furriends,and before taste
testing the treats with Palette, we ask questions to vendors and, I
think they might see me as customers with lots of questions, but I think
it is for good for our furriends after all.

 I personally gives bully sticks as occasional chew.

 For her, it is not a daily chew but, she gets it now and then. She loves it so much that when she gets the bully sticks from me, she hold it horizontally in her mouth and trot to her doggy bed designated for eating chews,and collapse on the doggy bed to start chewing right away.

 When I give this 18″ bully sticks though,it is so comical to see this stubby dog is holding such a long chew in her mouth and trot with it.

 She is very cute with it. 

 This Grass fed Australian beef bully sticks are made in Australia, and made from Grass fed beef
that received no antibiotic or growth hormones in their life.

 For her, 18” one lasts longer than 15 minutes partly because her paws are
short, and the long bully sticks like 18” one is hard to hold for her, and she
uses her bed or wall to support her bully sticks and it looks awkward
for her to chew on.

 Until it gets down to about 6″ long, she most likely to be chewing on them hand free style or one paw hold because of that

 What I like about this bully sticks is
that,although these are not odor free line bully sticks,it is not stinky at all
and,I can still sit right next to
her while she is working on her bully sticks.

think this bully sticks are not super thick like Moo! Odor free bully sticks “Super Monster” but they are not super skinny like chopsticks and,for the average thickness with these bully sticks, they are still great chews to provide good amount of chews.

 Some customer with older dogs has mentioned to me once that their dogs can enjoy this bully sticks and they love them.

 This bully sticks are probably not for aggressive chewers if you were specifically looking for the bully sticks that lasts longer, but for chew fun, it will be fun chew since they are super long compared to the regular popular size bully sticks,and it still can provide good amount of chew fun.

 Ingredients: Beef

 Let’s watch Palette in action with Grass fed Australian bully sticks taste test. If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch video Part 1, please click here for Part II video.

Palette and Grass-fed Australian bully sticks 18″ Part I

Palette and Grass-fed Australian Bully sticks 18″ Part II

the Part I video, she started off with free hand chew style since her
paws are too short to hold the bully sticks at good angle for her to

 Sometime later, she decided to use the bed to hold the
bully sticks so she can chew the bully sticks at good angle without it
being sliding around while she tries to chew it.

 Can you see she is working very hard to work on her Grass
fed Australian beef bully sticks? She worked on this bully sticks nonstop to finish it up on the day!

bully sticks is one of my favorite bully sticks to give to Palette because it does not stink up the
room, and this is also Palette’s favorite as you can see in videos and

 By the way, I asked Palette to ring the potty bell so she does something to get something yummy,but as you could see,she was way too excited and she was not ringing the bell as she normally would although she did made the bell ring.

 When she rings the bell in calm manner, she would ring the bell like this.

Palette rings the potty bell..

 If you are a blog subscriber, please click here to watch the video.

 While she is working on the chew, she is being very very very quiet.

Wish I had longer paws…

Hands free chew style Corgis way

Pausing for da camera..

Look! Wet Nose! You can see how much I love these!

Trying to be cute..


I can finally hold da bully sticks!

I am getting close to finish..

I am a bit getting tired from all da chews…but tasty tweats!

Ask your mom/dad to get one for you too.You may love these!

 Please note that due to natural products,
thickness of the bully sticks can vary.

 To visit our store,please click here or paste and copy the link
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