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Smart cat playing guessing game..

 Do you train your dogs daily?

 If you follow my blog entries, you will notice
that I love teaching Palette fun tricks besides basic obedience tricks
such as sit-stay etc with clicker training.

 I enjoy training her because she is very
eager to learn the new thing, and she gets so excited when she gets it
right. She gives me huge Corgi smile on her with her tongue hanging out
as if she is very proud of herself.

 Palette has been trained with clicker since the puppy-hood.

like the clicker training because dogs are much more eager to learn
things,and clicker’s unique sound can deliver the exact moment dogs did
right, and it has no miscommunication between us as to what behavior got
rewarded. Thus, it results in fast learning.

 I also like the fact that the training is not like a doggy boot camp.

 By using clicker training principals, you can teach variety of animals from chicken,fish,dolphins, etc other than dogs, wide variety of things.

if you will take only 5 minutes training session daily with your dogs,
it is worth it. The key for the good training is to be consistent and be
patient. Clicker training is fun for both of you,and it is good for
your dogs too.

 Training is a great mental exercise for your dogs
because especially with the clicker training, the dogs “think” and try
act accordingly to see if any of their behavior gets us to click the
clicker to earn the reward. In a way, clicker training is a thinking
game for them.

 Just recently, I came across the youtube video of
cat playing a little “guessing game” on the table with upside down walnut shells and, I thought it was very cute video.

 I think it is one of those good interactive games you could play with your dogs too.

 Watch how smart this cat is.

Cat playing guessing game..

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