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How to keep track of Pet food/treats recalls

 January 2013, 2 cases. February,2013 5 cases. March,2013 7 cases, April 1 case.

 Do you know what this number is for?

 This is the number of recalls via FDA related to pet food and treats,mostly due to possible health risk of salmonella.

 In these 4 months alone, already 15 recalls were made.

 This will be more than enough reasons for many to switch their diet to raw diet or homemade diet so you can control the quality of food you would provide to your pets,and making sure that the food served are properly handled and chilled until you will need them.

 If you feed your dogs raw diet or homemade diet, then, you will be going through all the steps from sourcing the food,handling the food,storing the food to serving to your dogs.

 Therefore, you will know more about the food served to your dogs, and much more easier for you to tweak the menu if necessary according to how your dogs do.

 This is the virtue of the homemade diet and raw feeding.

 Your dog’s food are always fresh, you know where the meat is coming from, you know how they are stored, you know how they are handled prior to the feeding, and most of all, you can make their menu tailor towards each individual dog’s needs.

 On and off, I see people asking specific pet food they offer to their pets are effected by the recall or not.

 For those who wonder, I thought I will introduce you how you can keep track of all the recall made through FDA for pet food/treats.

Sign up for the recall alert through FDA website..

 When you visit FDA website here, you can find the section you can choose the topic you would like the alert for,and then you can sign up for the recall alert when you would like to get notified via e-mail.

 Since you would be interested in pet food/treats recall, you would click on “Recalls and safety alerts”,and you would land the page here.

 Then, you would click “Recalls,Market withdrawals, and safety alerts”,and you will land on e-mail sign up page here.

 Now all you need to do is to enter your e-mail address there to get the alert from them and you can keep track of all the recalls made through them.

 I understand that some people get notified via other different online source for recall alerts, but FDA is the ones that releasing the alerts.

 Therefore,you will get notified via FDA sooner than other online resources for the recalls, and its information will be accurate especially when you need to check the lot numbers and more detail in depth.

Bookmark the recalls and safety alert page..

 If you do not want to clog up your e-mail Inbox with recalls and safety alerts from FDA, one thing you can do is to bookmark the FDA’s recall page here.

 You can then make a habit to check the page to check the recall yourself.

Check the recall by typing in the brand name of the food or treats..

 You can also bookmark this FDA page to check the recall information.

 When you go to the FDA’s Pet food recall list page, you can find the blank box on your right hand side,and you can type in the brand name of the pet food and it will show you whether the brand you have entered in the box has been recalled or any recall history.

 Another way to keep track of recall on treats/food without clogging up your e-mail Inbox is that, you can subscribe their page via RSS feed.

 RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication.

 To do so, visit FDA website here, and scroll down to the bottom,and you will find the orange icons with 3 lines in the button.

 When you move your cursor over to the icon,you will see that it says “subscribe to RSS feed”.

 Click the orange RSS feed icon, and it will bring up the list of topics you can choose from.

 Click the “Pet Health”, and it pops up a small window that says “subscribe with live bookmark”, and click “OK”.

 Then, you will find the folder under the bookmark on your computer, and when you click the FDA folder, you will see the pet food related recall press release with RSS feed orange icon next to it.

 Once you click it,it will take you to the press release page for the specific recall alerts.

 Once the press release article is read, the RSS feed icon will turn to gray.

 As they update their recall release,you will find new ones on top.

 On the talk of Pet food/treats recall, some of you would be remembering the recall of variety of dog treats manufacturered by Kasel due to possible health risk of salmonella.

 For me,it was most memorable recall by far so far.

 You may wonder why.

 When the Kasel recalled variety of dog treats sold through many online/offline stores, I came across the information that the manufacturer’s processing plant was inspected by Agency back in September 2012, and they had issued recalls 3 times already.

 What makes me cringe is that, if you read the press release report on FDA’s website, you can see that when Colorado department of agriculture sampled their dog treats and 48 out of 87 environmental swabs collected during the facility’s inspection tested  positive for salmonella.

 Not only that,they had found more than ten different species of salmonella in their products and the manufacturing facility!

 According to efoodalert website, FDA released the inspection report Form 483 on Kasel (to view the PDF format report,please click here), and I was shocked to read the full 9 page report; unsanitary facility environment, bugs, flies, rodent poop, beetles-like insects etc..

 Wouldn’t this make you feel cringe?

 Knowing how treats/food were processed at facilities like this, would you offer these treats to your dogs?

 I think you wouldn’t.

 Knowing how environmentally unacceptable, would you offer treats to others if you found yourself as a seller,who is unfortunate to carry their brand of treats without consciousness?

 I think you wouldn’t.

 If it were me, even if the “in-stock” item’s lot number was not on the recall list,I would still take it off from the shelf.

 I am sad to see that some of the pet supply places still carry the treats made by Kassel, probably because the lot number they had in stock did not match with the numbers they had, and they might have thought it would be ok to offer.

 I am also sad that specific pet supply place did not mention about the recall information on their main website front page although I saw they were replying back with lot number information on their facebook page.

 If things like this happen, I think as a responsible seller of the pet supplies, they should place the message on the main front page so everyone can find the information easily with link to FDA website or something similar, and reassure them that the products they purchased was not made by kassel etc..and they should have don
e more to customers to give more clear information on the topic.

 What are your thoughts on Kassel’s “voluntary recall” case?

Note: If you feed your dogs kibble, best way to store their food is to keep them in the freezer.

Every time you will open the bag, the food gets expose to air,and it starts oxidize.

Make sure to keep the dog food bag,too until you finish feeding the bag so you know the lot number and best by date etc..

Since all the dog food recall information is released with lot number and best by date,you should have your dog food’s bag to be able to check the lot number affected by the recall if the brand of kibble you feed to your dog got recalled.

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