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Clicker training with birds

 In the previous entry titled “Clicker training:Clicker is your friend“, I wrote that

The trainer’s whistle tells seals or dolphin or whale
they did good job and they have just earned their yummy fish. (to read
more,please click here)

The clicker
training was first introduced to me when I enrolled into puppy training
class. Clicker is small training tool that has metal that makes unique

 This sound is so unique that dogs would probably not hear the
same sound in their daily life other than in clicker training session.
This makes training more effective.

After dogs started looking for treats when they hear the sound, it can tells you they now know what clicker sound means.

kinds of treats you would use for?

 Since repetition is the key,and give
lots of treats during training session, it is best to find something
you can break into small pieces by hands or by scissors to lentil size
(quarter inch or less),which dog can swallow treats and not require

This means,no biscuits treats for training session because crunching slow down the speed of training.


 Clicker training is not just for mammals or dogs but also can be used for birds as well.

 Have you seen a bird being trained with clicker?

 It is amazing to see how simple clicker can become a powerful training tool to communicate with various kinds of animals,and being able to teach “what to do” positively without physical force.

 You do not need any “tools” to teach “what not to do” to shape your pets with force physically.

 To show you how simple clicker can teach not just dogs or mammals but also birds as well, I decided to share the youtube video that I came across recently.

 The video provides very useful tips you can take away for your dog’s training too.

Building Trust with your birds..

 Do you clicker training other kind of animals?
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