Amazing Black Labrador using toilet and flushes

 If you follow my blog entries, you will notice that I love teaching Palette fun tricks besides basic obedience tricks such as sit-stay etc.

I enjoy training her because she is very eager to learn the new thing, and she gets so excited when she gets it right.

 She gives me huge Corgi smile on her with her tongue hanging out as if she is very proud of herself.

Palette has been trained with clicker since the puppyhood.

 When we enrolled into puppy training class, we were introduced to the clicker training and, I found it very effective way to teach her many things and she seems to have fun learning new things as much as I do.

 Therefore,I have been sticking with the clicker training ever since.

 Just recently, I came across the youtube video of black Labrador,who uses toilet and flushes them.

 I was amazed to see that not only she does her potty on the toilet but remember to flushes them…

 I do not know if the dog was trained via clicker but I thought the Black Labrador was amazing!

 Therefore,I thought I would share the youtube video with you. What do you think of this black Labrador flushing toilet?Isn’t it amazing?

Black Labrador uses toilet and flushes..

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May 30, 2013 | Comments are off | Amazing Animals

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