Amazing Border Collie “Jumpy” trick video

 If you follow my blog entries, you will notice that
I love teaching Palette fun tricks besides basic obedience tricks such
as sit-stay etc.
I enjoy training her because she is very eager to learn the new thing,
and she gets so excited when she gets it right.

 She gives me huge Corgi smile on her with her tongue hanging out as if she is very proud of herself.
Palette has been trained with clicker since when she was a puppy.

 Just recently, I came across the youtube video of Amazing Boarder collie named “Jumpy” showing variety of tricks. I thought it was very inspiring for me to teach Palette more tricks like he did in the video, and have fun with it.

 What Jumpy made me smile most is at the very end where he winks at camera.

 How did he teach that cute trick? It was super cute.

Jumpy the amazing Boarder Collie

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Do you do trick training?

If so, what trick did you teach your dog?

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Aug 27, 2013 | Comments are off | Amazing Animals

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