Palette’s fall treats diary;September 17th,2013 Special edition

 For Palette, last month was another super,super exciting month.

 For one thing,she has turned 8 last month,and she had yummy mini pupcake that I made.

If you follow my blog entries, you know that I was trying to create the simple treats recipes for new lines of biscuits and Jerky treats for K9 restaurant “Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen” for coming 2014 treats.

 Because of that, I have been baking with different ratio of ingredients to adjust the outcome so many times and as a result,Palette got many prototype biscuits/Jerky in her freezer enough for her to be able to pick one from those variety of biscuits and Jerky.She got zillions of biscuits,cakes and stuff like that in her freezer from my testing of new recipes.

 Therefore, I was debating if I would make yummy treats for her birthday or, I would make super special once in a blue moon kind of meal,but I have settled with the idea of making pupcake for her.

 I do not think she would complain about that though.

 Most challenging part in creating new recipes for new line of treats is when creating new gluten free / grain free cake base recipe.

 There are certain ingredients that I see in recipes floating in the Internet but I would rather not use in my recipes and I tend to limit the ingredients what used,what not used and,it makes more challenging for me.

I was not sure how it comes out,but it came out great.

 Very first step of my recipe creation starts from brainstorming the ratio of each ingredients on the paper and then, visualize the treats by drawing,then, use that to make the base recipe with ingredients minus star ingredient;in our case, meat.

 Then,next step will be
baking as close ingredients as I would like to use in the cake and then,
go from there to create the prototype treats.

  When working on the base recipe, there are nothing people cannot eat or goes “Eww” in the base recipe.

 Therefore,most often, I taste test the base recipe in front of Palette staring at me as if to say “Can I have one too?I thought it was mine.”

 With the grain free/gluten free cake recipe, since it got no salt,no sugar,no butter etc.;. the popular ingredients you see in cake recipes for human, for us to taste, it needed a little bit of something to enhance the flavor of the cake.

 So, I have cut out
small pieces and soaked it in a bit of Rum and made quick frosting;
heavy cream whipped and flavored with vanilla extract,sugar,rum and
topped with toasted coconut.

 I have taste tested the the sugar free salt free
gluten&grain free cake intended to use for the base of the doggy
cake next year after eating small piece of plain cake without nothing done to them

  Even without sugar,salt,butter, it was not too bad,taste wise although adding flavors like Rum really helped to make them tastier

 Whole time I was eating the piece of cake trying to examine the texture,taste and everything, Palette was staring at me..

Of course, she is k9 executive chef at our K9 restaurants and she is entitled to taste test for other furriends. I cut out the plain piece of grain free,gluten free new cake for Palette and gave her “as is”.

 She ate it super fast.

 Then,after that, since I knew she loves yogurt on everything, I poured some plain organic yogurt over her another piece of cake next day and, she loved it.

 Now I know the ratio of the cake ingredients can rise fine and it is good texture and, I made one more times to make sure it would work. After that, finally, added the star ingredient I was planning to use and made that cake twice to be sure it would work even if added weight from meat.

 Then finally,I made once more to ship out to the lab to get it tested.

 Now you know that to make and offer one treats,so many process to go through and so many care,passion,and detail will be put into.

 Because I bake one recipes many time to make sure the recipes would work for what I was planning, Palette ends up getting many prototype treats later on.

 Freezer-ful of gourmet treats, I think she enjoys picking one treats from the bunch.

 You would think she would not understand the concept of “picking” but when I lay out 3 types of treats on the floor and tell her to pick, what she does first is to sniff at each bag and go back to pick one bag to hand it to me.

 I think she understood that the bag she hand it to me will be opened and she can get the treat.It is always fun to see what she picks.She seems to be picking different flavor each day.

 I cannot wait for 2014 so I would start offering all of these new line of healthy treats

 Anyway, last month was Palette’s birthday month, and I made Apple cream chicken cupcake for Palette’s birthday

It was such a huge hit and, as you can see, I decided to use video to show you how much she gets excited for the new treats instead of
pictures for this entry.

 I think if I decided to use the picture, I would be able to take the picture of Palette licking her plate or Palette licking her mouth only because it was gone in a blink of eyes,lol.

 Before the plate with cupcake touches on the floor,here comes Palette jump and snatch her cupcake and gone!I was left with empty plate..

  I am glad she liked it!

 This is inspired by Boston cream cupcake, but recipe is my made-up.

 Since you can fill the inside of the cupcake with whatever filling you like,you can make this cupcake recipes many times with different flavor each time you bake them.

 If you freeze the cake, your dog can have frozen mini birthday cake!

 Not a bad idea, is it?

 This “Palette’s treat diary” entry will be special edition and will share the recipe of Palette’s birthday cake with you.

 I hope your dogs would like them as much as Palette did.


 Now I will pass a pen to Palette to write a dairy here.

September 20th,2013

 Last month was super,super exciting month. I got to taste test mom’s new biscuits,cakes, and Jerky. She came up with many ideas and she tried her ideas with new recipes to see if her idea works, and she was experimenting ingredient ratio and tweaking recipes here and there..

 The more she works on the recipes, the more taste testing treats and I was secretly hoping she would make an errors more and keep baking day in day out

 After all, I am a k9 executive chef,and I would need to give her a “go” or “decline”. I like being a boss for her when it comes to treats taste testing time.

 Plus I get to taste all kinds of stuff. I think I have the best job in the world!

 Then, my birthday came and mom decided to make super, uber delicious cupcake,which made me drool instantly.

 What a super yummy month!

 Wish I could have birthday all day all year around!

 Mom knew I like coconut a lot so, it got coconut and my other favorite; yogurt! It  got cinnamon apple in there too. Imagine that. Why my nose was wet whole time it was sleeping in the oven!

 I was in and out the
kitchen with my nose up in the air,down on the floor. I was being quite
busy trotting around the house

  Our house smelt like nutty,
coconutty smell.If we had smellvision, your dogs might want to
sit right in front of you and leave their nose art on your PC

 Oh,and I could go see our lady vet too! I love car ride,especially to our lady vet!

 She is super nice and vet tech ladies are all kind to me and, I get super,super excited and my little nub keep moving side to side super fast!

 Our lady
vet says she cannot get enough of seeing my little nub going side to
side She loves my little wiggle on my butt

 We went to go see her for yearly heartworm/tick test
Snap4DX test.They told mom and dad that I was very very good girl.

 Only thing I
did not care for was when the lady vet tried to checking my back end
and I was like “What are YOU doing?”

 Otherwise, I was good.

 They wanted to take a picture of me for their FB page and, mom told me
“picture time” and I hopped onto sitting area against the wall and
gave them a big Corgi smile.

Smize… as Tyra Banks says…

 Anyway,I had a great birthday with yummy homemade treats. It really is very yummy and highly recommend it!

 Ask your mom to bake you apple cream chicken pupcake. You would like them!


Apple cream chicken pupcake..

Here is how you can make the Apple cream chicken pupcake.

Ingredients for apple cream chicken pupcake;

3/8C unbleached all purpose flour
3/8C Whole wheat pastry flour
7/8tsp baking powder
1/16 tsp baking soda

1           Egg
1/2 tbs   butter melted
1/4 Fuji Apple chopped to 1/4″ pieces, plus 1/4 Fuji apple grated
pinch of ground cinnamon

1 oz wt chicken tender chopped to 1/4″ dice
1/2C plain stonyfield organic yogurt
1/8 tsp creamy peanut butter

Ingredients for apple cream filling;

Cooked apple cinnamon
1/4 tsp creamy peanut butter
3 tbs plain stonyfield organic yogurt

Ingredient for crushed toasted coconut flake;

1/4C unsweetened coconut flakes (recommend Bob’s red mill brand)

<Apple cream chicken pupcake>

0.Preheat the oven at 350F

1. On top of the big bowl, place the kitchen sieve,pour 3/8C unbleached all purpose flour,3/8C Whole wheat pastry flour7/8tsp baking powder,1/16 tsp baking soda and shift the flour mixture

2. In a container, beat 1 egg until it gets lighter in color

3. In skillet, add 1/2 tbs butter and let it melt til it gets bubbly and add 1/4 Fuji Apple chopped to 1/4″ pieces, and add pinch of ground cinnamon and when apple is cooked, set it aside to cool

4. In a small container grate 1/4 Fuji apple (about 1/4C worth),and add it to beaten egg

5. Cut 1 oz chicken tender into 1/4″ pieces and set it aside in a small container

6. In a small container, add 1/2C plain stonyfield organic yogurt and mix it with 1/8 tsp creamy peanut butter and add to flour mixture

7. Add chopped chicken to the flour and,mix gently

8. Add beaten egg and grated apple mixture a little at a time to the flour-chicken mixture and gently fold it in

9. Add the batter to the greased mini muffin tin, almost to the top.

10. Place towel under the
muffin tin pan and drop the pan gently about 10 times or so to get all the
air bubbles out from the batter,
and bake them 30-35 minutes until toothpicks inserted in the center comes out clean

11. Cool the cupcake on the cooling rack

<Apple cream filling>

1. Mix 1/4 tsp creamy peanut butter,3 tbs plain stonyfield organic yogurt,cooked apple cinnamon and mix well

<Toasted crushed coconut flakes>

1. Toast 1/4C unsweetened coconut flakes in the skillet.

**  Stir often so it would not get burn.

2. When cooled, crush them to smaller pieces and use it as garnish over the pupcake

<Cake assembling>

1. When cake got cool enough for you to be able to handling them, using the small knife, cut out the top at 45 degree, about 1/4″ away from the edge,and remove the upside shape cone top

 America’s Test kitchen website here has a great tutorial of how to cut out the cupcake top to make the Boston cream cupcake with pictures.

2. Fill the pupcake with apple cream filling

3. Cut off the bottom of cupcake top so it has flat bottom instead of having pointy bottom, and pout the cupcake top back on

4. Smear apple cream minus apple chunks thinly as possible on top of the cupcake top and sprinkle toasted crushed coconut flakes

5. Serve

Apple cream chicken pupcake with toasted coconut flakes..

** You can freeze the cakes and serve frozen mini birthday cake as well.

Makes: 12 mini pupcakes

*** After filling the pupcakes,keep them in the fridge and consume in a few days or freeze them for longer storage.

Palette liked frozen pupcakes too.In a way, it is like frozen ice cream sandwich but it is in the form of cupcake

** Apple cream chicken pupcake treats whole amount is roughly
about 611 kcal (you can see more detail at
website here ).So, each pupcake given is about 50 kcal.

**Mom wanted rough kcal to be as close to real one, and she used
Nutrition fact food label on the back of products she used.

 I usually stay away from fatty,high calorie ingredients like peanut butter but it is Palette’s birthday, and I used only a tiny bit so she can taste it on her special day.

 Here is the videos to show you how much Palette the birthday girl was excited for the new pupcake treat.

Palette and Apple cream chicken pupcake

Palette and Apple cream chicken pupcake-blooper

Ohh.. pupcake! Smell so good!

Palette: *staring right at mom*

I know there are more on the counter!

I would camp out near the kitchen cart so I can send you my clear message

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