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Yassy’s Japan Trip Diary November 2012; Day 6 Part 10, Day 7

 The 6th day in Japan, as I wrote in the previous entry titled “Yassy’s Japan Trip Diary November 2012; Day 6 Part 1“, we decided to go to Hattasan Soneiji temple located in Shizuoka prefecture.

 Hattasan Soneiji temple is located in the city called “Fukuroi city“,which is in south western part of Shizuoka prefecture.

I shard some pictures from the Hattasan Soneiji temple with its history
behind it and wrote about Hattasan Soneiji’s famous dango (Japanese
sweet dumplings).

 Then, in the previous entry titled “Yassy’s Japan Trip Diary November 2012; Day 6 Part 7“,
I wrote about broiled eel dish “U-na-gi no ka-ba-ya-ki”,and shared the recipe of ka-ba-ya-ki sauce there.

 In the Yassy’s Japan Trip Diary November 2012; Day 6 Part 8, I wrote about Maneki neko; a white cat ornament with red ears that can move
one of his/her front paw front to back or the one posture is set to one
raised front paw with palm side facing toward you at businesses in Japan.

 Then, in “Yassy’s Japan trip diary November 2012; Day 6 Part 9“, I wrote about Daruma doll and its meaning.

 The day 6 was the last day we could spend full day with our family. I think we could experience many things together during the visit.

 On the way back from the eel restaurant in Shizuoka prefecture, I told my parents to drop us off at the book store.

 We like to shop some books every time we go back to Japan and often times, we drop by nearby cake shop and then, visit pet shop on the way home.

 The pet store we often visit when we go back there is run by a couple whose daughter was a student of my mother and we chat a little to catch up and then, we walked to home.

 Every time we go back to home, there are some things we like to do, and some of those include visiting the book store,cake shop,and the pet store near my parents’ house.

 At the book store, I like to pick up dog related books,specifically diet books because it is very interesting to read them and compare how different or similar to those types of books published in the states.

 Sometimes, Japanese dog diet related books contains more detail on nutrient detail and,it is one interesting book to read. Sometimes, I find different theories,logistic for the feeding and I find it interesting to learn about it.

 Some other dog related books I like to grab there are the book about why dogs do what they do and things like that.

 My husband picks up a few books every time we back to Japan too.

 After the book store, we like to visit Japanese cake shop.

 We picked up some cakes and brought to home to share with family.

 I really was looking forward to visiting Japanese cake shop every time we back to Japan because their cake is so different from denser,sticky sweet American cake.

 Japanese cakes is airy,fluffy and not so sweet. Also, since we do not have frosting in Japan, we decorate cake with whipping cream,which makes the filling less sweet,which I like.

 Colorful color of cake decoration often times comes from real fresh fruits or real fresh ingredients,as opposed to artificial coloring.

 Many cakes have fresh fruits as toppings too and, I really like them.

 I like strawberry shortcake, and we had strawberry shortcake for dessert for our wedding in Japan.

Strawberry shortcake at wedding ceremony..

 When we decided to have strawberry shortcake as our wedding cake, we let the guests decorate the cake while I am changing dress to the other.

 The cake was decorated with chocolate dipped pretzel and sliced fresh strawberries.There are no frosting, but decorated with whipping cream. They were simple cake but,it was airy and fluffy and I really liked them.
 When me, my husband, his brothers’ families and his parents visited FL,one of the store had strawberry shortcake and, I got excited and ordered them but what I was served and what I had in my head as visual was very very different and, I still remember the very first culture shock with cake here in the states.

 In Japan, strawberry shortcake is 2 layer sponge cake filled with sweetened whipping cream with sliced berries and decorated with sliced strawberries and / or whole strawberry.

 Japanese cakes are very soft,airy and tends to be light,fresh taste from decoration of the cut up fruits topping, and quite different texture from typical American dense, sweet,heavy,rich cakes.

 In the states, strawberry shortcake is biscuits with strawberry, and they are very different look and taste.

 Here is my version of strawberry shortcake Japanese style. I would like to share the recipe with you so you too can taste Japanese strawberry short cake.

 I would still need to practice with American measurement to be able to make the ones like the ones from cake shops in Japan, but I think I did all right for texture wise.

 Taste wise,I think I did good because my husband really loved the flavor of it.

 My twist to the traditional Japanese style strawberry shortcake is that,I made Marsala strawberry Jam and used it in addition to whipping cream with sliced berries traditional filling.

 If you follow my blog entries,I love using liqueur in my baking and cooking a lot

Strawberry shortcake Japanese style..

Ingredients for the strawberry shortcake;

7.4 oz All purpose
flour (A little less than 1.5 C)
7.4 oz  granulated sugar (a little less than 1/8C)
1 tsp   baking powder

4.5 tsp   milk
2.45 oz   softened butter
7             Egg
1 tsp      Pure vanilla extract

Ingredient for Marsala strawberry jam:

11-12 strawberries cut to 1/4
2 tbs   granulated sugar
1 tbs      Sweet Marsala

Ingredients for sweetened heavy whipping cream;

2C heavy cream
4 tbs granulated sugar


9 whole strawberries
11-12 strawberries sliced to 1/4″ thick
Confectioner sugar

<Strawberry shortcake Japanese style>

0. Take 7 egg,and separate egg yolk and egg white*

** If you separate egg yolk and egg white while they are still cold,it is easier to separate them. Keep the separated yolks and whites in separate containers and let them come to room temperature

1. Take 2.45 oz butter out from fridge and let it sit for 30 minutes to come to room temperature

2. Preheat oven at 350F,and smear bit of butter on 10″ cake pan and line the pan with parchment paper;bottom and sides.

Place a kitchen sieve on top of the big bowl and add 7.4 oz All purpose
flour,7.4 oz granulated sugar, 1 tsp baking powder and shift all those dry ingredients through
the kitchen sieve onto the big bowl underneath the sieve two times.

3. In a bigger bowl, pour egg whites and start whisking

** If your bowl, beaters had water or dust, you cannot whisk them well to make meringue. Make sure all the utensils are clean and dry.

4. When egg white started to bubbly and whitish, add a bit of sugar,and keep whisking. Add another bit of sugar 2 more times,leaving some sugar for later.

5. Whisk to stiff peak; when you lift the whisk and position whisk side way, and if the tip of the meringue did not bend but hold the straight position,it means, your meringue is now at stiff peak.

** The stiff peak meringue should be glossy in color as well.

6. Melt the 2.45 oz butter and 4.5 tsp milk in the microwave,and set it aside

7. Pour egg yolks to large bowl and start whisking

8. When the yolk’s color started change to paler color, add rest of the sugar,1 tsp vanilla extract and keep whisking.

** The beaten egg yolk would change its color to lemon color as you beat them,and it would get thicker and increase some volume

9. Whisk till you see the beaten egg yolks would fall like a ribbon when you lift the whisk. It would be about 4-5 minutes whisking later that you would start seeing the ribbon formation.

10. Take a little bit of egg yolk and sugar mixture into small container and mix that with melted butter with milk and stir well and put it back in to the rest of the egg yolk and gently stir to combine

11. Add a little bit of flour mixture at a time and as each addition of flour mixture, gently stir to combine

** If the batter got drier,add 1 tbs milk at a time to make the batter wet

12. Add 1/3 of meringue and stir gently to combine

13. Add more small amount of meringue and gently fold it in to combine and repeat till all the meringue is combined

14. To the pan, pour the cake batter and, place towel on the counter and from about 2″-3″ high,toss the pan to the towel to get the air bubbles out

15. Bake the cake for 40-45 minutes till the toothpicks inserted in the center will comes out clean

16. Take the cake out from the oven and take off from the pan and put it upside down over plastic wrap on the cooling rack and let it cool completely

<Marsala strawberry Jam>

1.11-115 strawberries,cut to 1/4

2. Add the cut strawberries to the sauce pan,add 2 tbs granulated sugar and let it come to boil

3. lower the heat down to medium low and,add 1 tbs sweet Marsala,and keep cooking with occasional stir till thicken

4. Set the Marsala strawberries jam aside

<topping preparation>

1. 7 strawberries slice to 1/4″ thickness

2. 9 strawberries, simply cut the bottom off

3. In the large bowl, add 2C heavy cream, 4 tbs granulated sugar and mix till firm

<Cake assembling>

1. Slice the cake into 2 layers

2. On the bottom cake top, smear the sweet Marsala strawberry jam, cover it with whipping cream,then place sliced berries on top,and a bit more heavy cream on top

3. Put the top part on,and smear whipping cream,and decorate the sides with whipping cream as well

** Edge is best decorated thicker,firmer whipping cream

4. Place 8 whole strawberries on edge

5. Make star with sliced berries,and place another whole berry on the center

6. Pour some confectioner sugar onto kitchen sieve and sprinkle confectioner sugar over the cake

7. Slice and serve

A slice of Japanese strawberry shortcake..

 After the cake store,we normally visit pet store nearby run by a couple whose daughter was my mother’s student.

 I like to greet their k9 greeter;long haired miniature dachshund, and spend some time petting him. He is very friendly and, I like to make myself small and squat to pet him.

 I like to pick up a few secret gifts for Palette there, and we walk to home.

 Next day, I have spent hours organizing things at my old room. That night, my husband wanted to visit electronic store before leaving to look around his plastic model stuff and,we made the last shopping trip before dinner.

 It is amazing to see how the price can be different;same thing in Japan and in USA.

 It is same with my Japanese cooking ingredients. Back in the states, price gets triple and, super expensive compared to the price you could have gotten in Japan.

 Therefore, he usually get 1 or 2 plastic model when we trip to Japan and, he enjoys his hobby after coming back to the states.

 Every time we back to Japan, it is nice to get to eat my mother’s cooking again and spend time together but 1 week seemed to pass super fast.

 We had only 1/2 day left with our family..

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