Amazing Kikopup dogs and Halloween

 As you already know, “Palette” the Corgi is clicker trained,and I love teaching Palette some funny tricks.

 Some tricks that she learned
became her chore in the house. Some tricks she learned became things to
entertain people in the house.

 When we do doggy school time (training time), I can see she is very ready and willing to learn new stuff each day.

 I love seeing her huge grin on her face,and she enjoys training time
with me. I enjoy every moment I train her because I know we both are
having a lots of fun.

 Over the years, I have introduced you many amazing animals trick videos and, they have inspired me to teach more fun trick to Palette.

 One of my favorite youtube channel for educational and entertainmemt purpose is kokopup’s. You can learn many things about clicker training and at the same time you get to see various tricks she teaches her dogs and I enjoy watching her videos.

 Last year,around Halloween, I have posted about canine actors “Scotty and Joey-Halloween adventure”; short film shoot by their mom “Charlene” ,who clicker trained “Scotty” and “Joey”, and started making short movies using actions/behavior only taught by clicker training method.

 It was an amazing film and, it was also one of most viewed entry during the holiday seasons.

 Therefore, I decided to introduce more of canine films made by kikopup at youtube.

 I think kids would enjoy watching them as well.

Halloween 3 – Dog funny tricks

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Do you do trick training?

If so, what trick did you teach your dog?

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