Bonefish Grill Menu:Pumpkin Ravioli with brown butter sauce Yassy’s version

 As you already
know, I like re-creating meals from restaurants or eatery places that I
have visited and loved. It is fun to brain storming what is in the dishes I like.

 It is also fun to order the same dish at different restaurants to
compare, and find their own personality in the each dish served.
 One of the restaurants I like to go to is Bonefish Grill.

 This restaurant would have been one of the first restaurants I was taken to when I came to the states.

 If you ask me what they do best, I think they do great on
sauce that goes with dish they serve, along with seafood dishes.

 They seem to adore Southeast Asian flavors and fond of using Sweet chili sauce and Sriracha,which is often used in Thailand and Vietnamese dishes.

 When fall comes around the corner, their seasonal entree menu, side dish menu welcome new dishes that features “pumpkin”.

 Pumpkin creme brulee, pumpkin ravioli.. that kind of stuff

Just recently, we visited the restaurant and had a chance to taste the seasonal side dish; Pumpkin ravioli. It was touch sweet for me but I liked it.

 My husband,who is not a big fan of pumpkin, also loved them.

 It is in my nature that if my husband found something he could eat despite the fact that he is not a big fan of, I would not slip through the chance to let him try again at home.

 I usually start off with recreating the dish he liked and, then branch out the variety of cooking method, flavor of the sauce etc.. using the ingredient as he gets used to eating.

 I have been doing great. He now has less nose up ingredients than before and, he eats better now.

 If you like to taste the great pumpkin ravioli side dish from restaurant, I think Bonefish Grill does great job on that one.

 Now, my recreating the Bonefish Grill’s pumpkin ravioli began.

 When you would like to recreate ravioli, it has to start from making your own pasta dough.

 Making a pasta dough was not my first, but since my first pasta making was for Palette’s chicken and lamb tortellini with pink sauce (You can find the recipe here) for the kibble makeover dish for this blog, I was not sure how well I can make the basic pasta dough.

 However,making pasta dough is more forgiving than making pie crust or other pastry dough, and I think I could make a good one.

 Whenever I plan to make time consuming stuff such as Gyoza dumplings, spring rolls, ravioli or things that freeze well such as meatballs,croquette etc.. I tend to make bigger batch and freeze some for later for quick cooking.

 This time was also no exception and, I have made 24 ravioli,and I froze the leftover basic pasta dough so I can make them into whatever I want it to be whether Fettuccine,Spaghetti or something else.

 My version of Bonefish Grill’s “Pumpkin ravioli” has touch of Pecorino romano cheese in the filling to tone down a little bit of sweetness of pumpkin filling and, the sauce is brown butter sauce and garnished with toasted pine nuts and fried sage,which by the way adds great flavor to the ravioli.

In this entry, I will share the basic pasta recipe,which you can make them into Fettuccini,ravioli,tortellini or whatever you would want it to be, plus the recipe of my version of Bonefish Grill pumpkin ravioli side dish recipe.

Pumpkin ravioli with brown butter sauce..

 Ingredients for basic pasta;

2C plus 21 tbs Unbleached All purpose flour
6 large egg whole plus 1 egg yolk
2 tbs Extra virgin olive oil
1 tbs salt

Ingredients for pumpkin ravioli filling;

virgin olive oil
1 shallot chopped fine
2 tbs light brown sugar
2 tbs dark brown
1C pumpkin puree (recommend Libby’s 100% pure pumpkin)
1/8 nutmeg
tsp grated Pecorino Romano cheese
pinch of kosher salt
pinch of
ground black pepper

Ingredients for toasted pine nuts;

2 tbs pine nuts

Ingredients for fried sage;

fresh sage leaves (1 leaf per ravioli)

Ingredients for brown butter sauce;

4 tbs butter
1 tbs balsamic vinegar

<Basic pasta>

1. In the food processor,add 2C plus 21 tbs Unbleached All purpose flour,6 large egg whole plus 1 egg yolk, and 2 tbs Extra virgin olive oil,and 1 tbs salt and mix for about 40-50 seconds or the  dough becomes cohesive

** If the dough was too sticky and sticks to your finger, add 1 tbs of flour at a time until dough becomes tacky.

** If the dough were too dry, add 1 tsp water at a time till the dough comes together

2. Process extra 30 seconds or so to incorporate everything till you see the ball of dough start bouncing in the food processor.

3. Knead the dough about 2 minutes and make the dough into log and flour it,wrap it with plastic wrap,and let it rest for at least 2 hours

** resting the dough makes the dough absorb more water and it becomes easy for you to roll out the dough

4. When dough was rested, divide the dough into 3 section. The whole dough should weigh around 30 oz and each portion of dough is about 10 oz dough.

5. Divide the 10 oz dough into half,which means, one portion becomes 5 oz dough at this point.

6. Take one 5 oz dough and wrap the rest of the dough with plastic wrap to prevent them from drying out as it stands.

7. Put the one portion 5 oz dough on the lightly floured surface cut side down, and gently flour the dough, roll it out into long,thin rectangle shape

** The
dough can be rolled with rolling pin easily.

** If you have pasta machine, what I did was to roll out the dough into about 1/4″ thickness first with rolling pin and run it through the Pasta machine dial #6, then, flour the dough both sides again and run the dough through the pasta machine dial #4

 You do want thin enough dough but not too thin because you do not want them burst out the filling in the boiling water when you cook them as ravioli.

 When you use pasta machine, sometimes, dough can tear as it runs through the pasta machine. I find that it happens if you did not flour the dough both sides enough

 The pasta machine I used is called “My Perfect Kitchen Pasta Machine” and it is about $30 at Bed bath and beyond.

 I have not tried using it for Fettuccine shape yet but so far,I like them.I am happy with what I got.

8. Flour the baking sheet and place the rolled pasta sheet and cover it with plastic wrap. One sheet will be about at least 17″ long

9. Take another 5 oz dough portion and roll out the dough

10. Using the biscuits cutter 2.5″ diameter one, make slight mark on the pasta sheet so you know where you would put the filling on

11. Put the 2 tsp of filling on the center of lightly marked each circle on the pasta sheet,and brush the dough around the filling with water

12. Take the rolled pasta sheet you have placed on the floured baking sheet and gently cover the pasta sheet with ravioli filling

13. Feel around the filling area, and press it around to seal

** Make sure that air would not get trapped with the filling

14. Cut out the dough with biscuits cutter 2.5″ diameter size

** It is best to keep the excess dough with plastic wrap while you are still working on cutting out the ravioli so the excess dough would not get dried out and still manageable to re-shape again and roll out the dough to make more ravioli

If the excess dough got dried out, apply a touch of water,knead a bit, and adjust with dusted flour to roll out the dough again

15. Place the filled ravioli on floured baking sheet

16. Repeat step#9 through #15 until reaching the number of ravioli you would like to make

** 15 oz dough makes 24 ravioli

17. In the boiling water, gently toss the ravioli one by one,and cook them for about 3 minutes to 5 minutes or until it floats to the top

18. Scoop up the cooked ravioli onto skillet and pour brow butter sauce* (recipe follows) and coat it with the sauce and plate them up

19. In the plate, place ravioli coated with brown butter sauce, sprinkle toasted pine nuts,fried sage (best served 1 fried sage leaves per ravioli)

20. serve

Makes; 24 count pumpkin ravioli plus extra basic pasta dough for later use

** If you make big batch of ravioli like I do, after making enough of it to freeze, line the baking sheet with plastic wrap,place extra ravioli in single layer and cover the top with plastic wrap and freeze them till firm

After that, you can put them into freezer bag with label,cooking instruction written on its front. This way, the ravioli would not get stuck each other when fully frozen.

<pumpkin ravioli filling>

1. In the sauce pan, drizzle extra virgin olive oil, and add 1 shallot chopped fine,and when it started to get translucent in color, add 2 tbs light brown sugar, 2 tbs dark brown sugar and stir

2. When sugar got melted and shallot got nice brown on edge a bit and translucent, add 1C pumpkin puree, 1/8 nutmeg, 1 tsp grated Pecorino Romano cheese, pinch of kosher salt, pinch of ground black pepper and stir

3. Taste and adjust.Set it aside to cool down

<Toasted pine nuts>

1. In the skillet, add 2 tbs pine nuts and toast until it starts browning and smell nice toasted smell. Take it off from the heat and set it aside

<Fried sage>

1. In the skillet, drizzle extra virgin olive oil and add fresh sage leaves and cook until it gets crisp

2. Take the crisp up sage leaves and drain the oil on the paper towel lined plate

<brown butter sauce>

1. Melt the 4 tbs butter in the skillet

2. when the butter started to get brown, take the skillet off from the heat and add 1 tbs balsamic vinegar and stir and pour it into small container


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