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Palette’s Food Market Guide: Finding Farmer’s market

 In the previous entry titled “Palette’s Food Market Guide:Buying a whole animal“,
I wrote various ways to find farmers nears you,and what you can ask for
if you decided to buy a whole animal from them,and story about my
experience of buying a whole animal from farmers.

 In the previous entry titled “Palette’s Food market Guide; Finding a local farmer“, I wrote about Weston A Price fundation, which is non profit charity foundation built on 1999.

of the foundation’s mission is to restoring the nutrient dense food to
human diet through education,research and activism,and they support a
number of movements that contribute to this objective including
accurate nutrition instruction, organic and biodynamic farming,
pasture-feeding of livestock, community-supported farms, honest and
informative labeling, prepared parenting and nurturing therapies.

when you look for local farmers, you can contact the volunteers for the
foundation who might be able to refer you to the local farmers in your

 To find a local volunteer working for the foundation, you can visit the “Find a local chapter page” here.

 Then, click on your state to see the list of volunteer workers’ contact information.

 The Local chapters can help you find locally-grown organic and biodynamic
vegetables, fruits and grains; and milk products, butter, eggs, chicken
and meat from pasture-fed animals.

 In the previous entry titled “Palette’s Food market guide;Raw feeding co-op“, I wrote that co-op
is especially great place for those who have large number of dogs and
those who loves to buy food in bulk to save money on meat for your dogs
plus, often times, co-op can offer variety of protein source.

it can be a great place to buy novel protein source or things that are
hard to find locally at grocery stores for your dogs.

 Then,the most recent entry titled “Palette’s Food Market Guide; Finding local meat packing companies/meat processors” ,I wrote that finding meat packing/processing companies in your area might be a good source for your dog’s menu as well. They may have somethings they can offer that
other people did not want to have such as organs, for your dogs at good

 In this entry, I would like to focus on the farmer’s market,and I would like to introduce a couple of websites I
came across which may be helpful for you to find the local farmer’s market to find food locally grown.

 Farmer’s market is not just for your dogs but also great source for your own cooking as well. Through the farmer’s market, you get to know the farmers who grow foods that you will be purchasing from, and it is possible that you could ask them to see if the farmers are willing to offer the option of purchasing whole animals or offer odd ball items such as poultry feet,organs, or cuts of meat that are not usually offered for human, for example.

 Get to know the farmers, and you may find more food source for the future.

Are there any more left for me to work on?

Benefit of purchasing produce at Farmer’s market..

 Many family make a trip to grocery store every week and purchase week worth food. Other family make extra trip to farmer’s market to enjoy locally grown fresh produce in the open air market.

 Some of benefit of purchasing locally grown produce is that, if it were fruits or vegetables, you would most likely be tasting produces that were freshly harvested on the same day.

 Baked goods you would find at the farmer’s market would have been made by hands, not by big factory machines and made with love.

 I have grown fresh herbs,vegetables, peppers, and I could notice quite taste difference between grocery store bought produce and the ones that were harvested right before cooking them, for example.

 Vegetables right out from the garden was tastier and, later learned that they have more nutrition compared to store bought vegetables while I was working on one of my blog entries in the past titled “People food for thought: Part XIII Frozen vegetables,frozen seafood “.

 The reason behind it was that produce is picked early due to long distance shipment and, while they are in the box to be shipped to the grocery stores, they will loose some of the nutrient in the produce.

 If you cannot grow your own, next best thing is to visit the farmer’s market and support the locally grown produce and enjoy tastier fresh produce.

 For specific to raw feeding purpose, you would get to know the farmers at the market and you can ask questions if you have any and you will know how animals were raised as well,not just widening your option for the food source and variety of menu for your dogs.

 Here is how you can find the local farmer’s market in your area.
Finding local farmer’s market in your area..

 The first website I came across is website (Click here to visit). There, all you need to do is to enter the zip code and click “Find” button.

 Then, it will give you the name of the farmer’s market,farmers,address, along with google map right next to it.

 When you click on Farmer’s market / farm name, it will bring the description page that explain what are available to see and purchase along with website if farm/farmer’s market had their own website so you can check their schedule.

 Another website I came across is California state specific one called “Certified farmer’s market”,which you can search locally grown certified California farmer’s market (click here to visit the website).

 You will select either city,county,region and market operator’s names and you will get the list of places you can check it out in CA.

 For the nation wide search for the farmer’s market, did you know that USDA has list of farmers market you can search?

 Here is the USDA national farmer’s market search page. You can search the farmers market by zip code, state, payment type accepted,available products to see, and market location type.

 Another one is called “Farmers market online” website (click here to visit).This one is similar to localharvest website and you can purchase variety of things directly from farmers online.

Some area specific farmer’s market sites..

** Washington DC **

 Another one is called “Eastern Market” and they are in Washington DC, and produce there are often grown in VA,WV, MD and PA.

 Here is the list of indoor vendor list page. I have never been to the market, but it seems interesting place to check it out.

** Georgia **

 The last one is called “Dekalb Farmer’s Market” in GA which seems to be very big and it seems to have everything imaginable. Looking through the website, it made me want to visit the market to see what they got.Looks very interesting place to check out.

** Hawaii **

 Here is the farmer’s market list in Hawaii called “A Go Kauai garden” website.

** Massachusetts **

 Here is the MA Farmer’s market search page from WGBH website . When you click the county name, it will bring you the list of farmer’s market names and schedule

** New York **

 Here is the NY specific Farmer’s market list.

** Maryland/Washington DC **

 Here is the MD/Washington DC area specific farmer’s market called “Fresh farm market”

 If you live near these areas, you may want to check them out.

 If you know any other farmer’s market in your area, please let us know.


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