Cindy with Corgi “Darby”;November 19th,2013

is almost near Thanksgiving day, and soon after, we will have Christmas coming around the corner.

Many dogs will be so exciting to see UPS/USPS/FedEX
guys frequently walking toward their house carrying box-ful of goodies
for moms and dads to place under the beautiful Christmas tree for them.

We, Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen, have been busy re-stocking all the treats and chews for everyone to shop for their precious paws.

k9 Executive chef “Palette” sees UPS/USPS/FedEX guys walking toward our
house with high pile boxes from top of the stairs,and she gets so
excited. Her little nub going right to left,right to left with big loud
greeting “Woof,Woof” to let me know they are here with the boxes.

The other day, we were out for walking and, Palette suddenly stopped,looking at one direction with her ears straight up,and she looked very anxious to welcome whatever she felt from that direction.

I stood at one spot,looked around but I did not see anything but then soon after,I noticed what made her super alert mode.

It was FedEx guy’s van. He knows us and,he stopped the car, rolled down the window and said that he got something to deliver and, he drove off.

Whole time we were talking, Palette’s nub was going left,right,left right with her ears fold with woof.

She knows that the FedEx guy sometimes bring boring boxes,which she is not interested in finding out what he brought but he brings lots of boxes that smell yummy and she tend to get excited for FedEx guy’s van.

Have you picked special present for special furriends already?

am sure they are very anxious to find out what are in the boxes with
their names on, and would be counting down the days to the Christmas.

With their super nose, they would already know which boxes are theirs and, every single day til the Christmas, they will be so tempted to tear it open to find out what are in their boxes

Today,I would like to introduce the Corgi furriend “Darby”.

we have
received feedback from Corgi furriends Darby’s mom “Cindy” from MO
with very cute taste testing videos for dehydrated Duck feet,and we wanted to share the videos with you.

Darby is a really handsome Corgi,and he will puts you a big smile on you. I thought it was very cute when he did “sit pretty” for the treats

By the way, Palette used to
limp before and,now she is limp free and runs like wind,but I make sure
she gets natural source of Glucosamine, Chondroitin such as gullet,
cartilage ( such as poultry feet) , and trachea in her main diet and,
now and then, I give her dehydrated poultry feet such as dehydrated duck/chicken feet treats as well.

I know there are Jerky
treats targeted for joint health with added glucosamine and chondroitin,
but I prefer to give Palette Glucosamine, Chondroitin through natural
source rather than synthetic forms.

 If your dogs have joint problems, feeding raw/dehydrated gullet,trachea,poultry feet are good things to feed. Those are also great source of natural

You can find gullet treats,trachea treats at Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen also. Available in beef,buffalo,venison,and lamb.

 Palette loves dehydrated duck feet,too. She gives me big cow
eyes with excitement and her nose get wet instantly. This is small nice
crunchy snack for dogs.

  Darby’s mom “Cindy” told us that it was his very first experience with Dehydrated Duck feet.

Lets find out how he thinks about his very first dehydrated duck feet treats.


Darby the Corgi with very first dehydrated duck feet treat Part 1

Darby the Corgi with dehydrated dick feet Part 2

If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video Part 1, please click here to watch the video Part 2.



***Feedback videos are used with permission***

 We always enjoy
reading/watching feedback mail/videos/pictures from furry friends and their mom & dad

We love to make furriends smile with healthy chews!

Please let us know how your furriends enjoyed their treats from us.

If you have your dogs’ taste testing videos or pictures, please e-mail the youtube video link with its title or picture file to

Now and then, we pick the customers’ taste testing pictures,videos to be featured on our blog.

This year, if you were featured on our blog, we are giving away $10 off  VIP Thank you coupon code as a token to thank you.

I hope everyone will have a great Thanksgiving day!


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