Moscow stray dogs use the subways

 Do you think your dog is smarter than you think they are?

 What if I tell you that there is a dog or group of dogs that get on board the train and they can get on and off at the certain station all the time?

 How do they figure it out it is “the” station they would need to get off the train?

 Is it a visual factor:any visual marker they use?

 Is it scent factor;smell that particular station gives off when the train stopped at?

 Or none of the above?

 Recently,I came across the article about dogs living in Moscow who uses train to go get food and come back to their area by train. Isn’t it amazing story?

 I was especially intrigued by the fact that the dogs never missed the station to get off to go get the food and I was curious how they figured it out that it was their stop.

 According to Englishrussia website, the stray dogs in Moscow uses metro every morning to downtown Moscow to go get the food.

 How they not miss their stop when they uses metro?

 The article states that the biologist in Moscow say that the dogs have sense of time. Thus, the sense of time helps them not miss their stop.

 As for another amazing skills; cross the road when green light, the biologists say that they are reacting to the picture on the traffic lights not the color “green”.

 How they get their food?

 The article says that dog see the guy purchasing the fast food for example and they stalk the person from behind and the dog gives loud woof to surprise the person.

 The person gets surprised and most likely drop food and that is when the dog comes in to claim the food.

 This is indeed the fascinating story about dogs in Moscow.

 You can read more on the Moscow dogs and see pictures of them at the website englishrussia website here.

 Here is the video clip you can watch through youtube.If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video.

Moscow’s stray dog master using the subway


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