Yassy’s Japan Trip Diary November 2012; Da-n-go (sweet Japanese dumpling) recipes

 In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s Japan Trip Diary November 2012;Day 6 Part 1“, I wrote about Hattasan Soneiji temple is famous for “Yaku-yoke-dan-go”.

 It is because the temple provide them to get rid of bad luck by eating them.

means “evil/bad luck” in Japanese. “Yo-ke” means “to avoid”. Thus, the
dango is to get rid of/ avoid bad luck coming in your way.

 You can see the “Yakuyoke dango picture” at Hattasan soneiji temple’s official website here. It is in Japanese but, you can browse through the pictures there.

 According to the Hattasan soneiji temple official website, the origin of the Yakuyoke dango’s story goes..

Edo era, every new year, there was a custom to bring food that are
known for the region to the shogunate to wish for the better harvest for
the next year.

 In 1854;13th Shogun Tokugawa  Iesada era, this
area’s famous dango was given to the shogunate, and he named the dango
“spitted dumplings”.

 Since then, for more than 150 years, the
kushi dango was loved by temple visitors very much and they are now
known as “Yakuyoke dango”.

  The dango is another kind of sweet Japanese desert
dumpling made from mochiko (rice flour). You can often find soy basted
round shaped dango at festivals called “Mitarashi dango”.  Also you will
find them at the historic place such as shrine,temple, and castle.

 My husband loves those sweet teriyaki sauce basted dango from castles,temples,and shrines or at the festivals.

 In this entry, I thought I would share the recipe for dango;sweet Japanese damplings, basted with sweet teriyaki sauce and Dango with sweet azuki beans paste.

 I find that the local grocery store sells Mo-chi-ko (mo-chi ko;very fine white colored sweet rice flour) and the one I got is from Koda farms. You can look for white box with blue star on it. Here is the picture of the box.

 You maybe familiar with Mo-chi;rice cake but the kind of rice used for mo-chi (rice cake) is different. They are made from glutinous sweet rice, and they are much more stickier and taste different from regular white rice.

 If you did not find Mo-chi-ko at local grocery store, try look for it at Asian stores. They would be more likely carrying them.
 Here is m y version of Dango with sweet teriyaki sauce called “Mitarashi Dango”.

 Usually,mitarashi dango is sold stuck in wooden skewers,but I did not use skewers and simply coated with the sauce.

Mitarashi Dango with sweet teriyaki sauce..

Ingredients for dango (dumplings);

9 oz wt Mochiko
3/4C plus 2.5 tsp water

Ingredients for sweet teriyaki sauce for dango;

2 tbs soy sauce
2 tbs white sugar
3 fl oz water
1 tsp honey
1 tbs corn starch

<Sweet teriyaki sauce for dango dumplings>

1. In the sauce pan, add 2 tbs soy sauce, 2 tbs white sugar, 3 fl oz water, 1 tsp honey
1 tbs corn starch
and mix well

2. Heat the sauce to dissolve sugar into the sauce. Keep stiring till it gets thicker consistency and turn the heat off and set it aside

<dango dumplings>

1. In the bowl, add 9 oz wt Mochiko, add 3/4C plus 2.5 tsp water and mix well

2. Boil at least 3-4 Cups worth of water in the wide mouth pan and let it come to boil

3. Once boiled, start rolling the flour-water mixture into ball and drop them into boiling water one by one

** If you wet your hands now and then to roll the floue-water mixture on your palm, it is easier to roll them into round ball.

4. When dumpling came float to the top, scoop it up,drain water and put those cooked dumplings into the sauce pan with sweet teriyaki sauce to coat the dumplings

5. Serve

Makes; 21 dango dumplings



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