New Year Resolutions for your dog

 As the new year approaches, many people make a list of resolution for the coming new year for the fresh start.

 I think it is a great idea to make resolution that includes pets.

*Pant,pant,pant… Are you coming to get me my cool down tweats?”

 If I were to make my resolution for Palette’s, top of the list will be the commitment to provide the healthiest diet/treats/chews to her so her overall health is being good all year around.

 For that, being careful what goes into your pet’s stomach is important but also measuring instead of free feeding and provide adequate nutritional meal each time is also important.

 Since the diet is the base of overall health, it applies to me as well. I would like to continue cooking healthier diet menu for my family as well.

 For that, planning weekly menu based on what you have in your pantry, freezer, fridge is great one. It will bring down the cost of grocery bill and you can also overlook overall menu in one place and you can see if your meal is one sided or balanced out over time.

 If Palette had to make a resolution for her own regarding diet, it should be “I would learn to eat alone when mom serves me Ostrich neck”.

 It is simply because for some reasons, she never starts eating the Ostrich neck unless one of us sit with her and watch her eats

 If Palette were to make resolution for us,something diet related, it will be Mom and dad should learn to share their every meal so I can make sure all tastes good enough for them to eat

 After the diet related resolution, I would think exercise may comes second.

 At this moment, I cannot walk/jog with Palette as much as I wish I would like to, but once little one is born, I would love to go back to the old routine and would like to go for walk with her every day.

 Walking with her is good for Palette and also good for me too.

 Besides walking, I always have fun playing with Palette.

 She loves Frisbee very much and my resolution for that will be I would like to learn to throw the Frisbee better for her Palette is getting good at catching it in the air,and knowing she is having fun with me puts a smile on me.

 Dogs needs exercise and it does not have to be walking,running but it can be anything you do for fun;hiking, for example. You can include your pet in your fun and make a great memories together.

 Some dogs spend time in the fenced yard but it does not guarantee that they will get enough exercise they need.

 Case in point, our neighbor got black Labrador,boxer,and Jack Russel  Terrier. As you know, all dogs are high energy dogs, and they spend most of the time inside the fence. Often times, they take themselves out for a walk.

 Exercise is not necessary be only physical but mental. Take 5 minutes each day to spend some time with your pet to teach some tricks to them. They are eager to learn new things and for them, it is kind of like a game. Palette gets super excited when doggy school time comes.

 What are your new year resolution that includes your pets?

 If your dog were to make a list of resolution for themselves and for you human, what would that be?

 That would be interesting list of resolutions

 I hope Palette would have “I would not join in the phone conversation when someone got my mom/dad attention away from me” in her new year’s resolution list,lol.

 A Happy New Year to everyone!

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