Dock Jumping Corgi “Pete” and Australian Cattle Dog “Rampage”

 In the previous entry titled “How far dogs can jump?“, I have introduced the K9 sports called “Dock jumping”.

 If you are not familiar with the sports, it is a
sports that dogs compete in the distance or  height from a dock into the
water. It seems this is relatively new canine sports considering the
event started in 2000 in the states.

starts by handler and dog climb up the stair that leads to the dock and
handler throw the toy as far as she/he can. Then, as the toy flies in
the air, dog jump off a dock into water as far as she/he can to get the
toy.This is the dock jumping that measure the distance.

  Another one
that measures the height from a dock into the water is called “Extreme
vertical” and with this height competition, toy is hang in the air over
the water, and dog jump off a dock into the water as high as possible to
grab the toy hang in the air.

 In it, I have written that current
top record holder of standard dock jumping is 29″1′ with a Chesapeake
Bay Retriever named “Smoke”. He broke the previous Guinness world record
28″10′ hold by Country (Mixed/Greyhound) in July 2010 at UKC Premier

 Recently, I came across youtube video footage of Pembroke Welsh Corgi jumping into the water, and I noticed that the Corgi seems to have difficulty to jump longer distance although he seems to jump higher than the other furriends that jumped into the water- Chocolate Labrador.

 I also noticed that when the Corgi jump, his body gets complete flat horizontally against sea water just like you would for belly flop and looked a little painful.

 Here is the video clip I came across.

 I wonder if Corgis cannot jump longer distance due to physical anatomy and they have disadvantage for the sports.

 I notice that Palette jump high but not so much for the distance even if she is not jumping into the water. Maybe it is a Corgi thing?

 When you think about it, for dogs like Corgis, k9 sports “Agility” or “Flyball”, which height of the jump will be based upon height of the dogs might have more advantages for them to compete.
 Here is the another youtube video clip where Corgi “Pete” doing dock jumping. He  seems not belly flopping but,still not jumping longer distance like other breed.Looks like he is around 11′-13′ distance.

 He is very cute,though! I like watching dogs having so much fun doing what they love most

Pete The Dock Jumping Corgi

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 Look at this Australian Cattle Dog named “Rampage”. He is amazing!

Rampage the Australian Cattle Dog Dock Jumping..

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