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Paws up? Paws down? Behind the scene at Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen Part V; Buffalo horn

 If you browse through our Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen website, you would not find certain items which many other pet supply stores might carry.

Specialize in treats made with simple ingredients and, most likely, you
would not find Jerky treats that has lengthy 36 ingredients for semi
soft lamb flavored Jerky, for example. 97% of the items we carry are
single ingredient treats.

 Another ones, you find we do not carry
is the pet bones because I believe that cooked bones are not safe for
dogs to chew on. The reason why is that, it gets splinter sharp,and
often times, cut of bones offered are what we raw feeders call them
“weight bearing bones”, which even raw state, raw feeders tend to avoid
feeding them;knuckle,feumer,marrow bones etc..

 These will be
teeth wearer,teeth breaker and I am not comfortable handing out to our
k9 executive chef “Palette” even if they are given to me “raw”.

 As I wrote in the previous entry titled “Paws up? Paws down? Behind the scene at Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen Part III; Dog Bones? “, they are not only bad cut of bones and cooked, but also you will be surprised to look at the ingredients in the package.
 Personally, I think there are plenty of other healthier options to provide your pets something chew-worthy.

those, you would notice that we do not carry rawhide chips,which
sometimes asked if we are going to carry them in the future if not now.

 We would not offer rawhide chips,and you can read the reasons behind it in the previous entry titled “Paws up? Paws down? Behind the scene at Yassy’s Gurmet Dog Kitchen Part IV; Rawhide“.

 I do not like how they are made, ingredients (depending on the brand),how they swells up once the rawhide gets soaked in the water,and dogs cannot chew off smaller pieces enough to make me feel comfortable and depending on the rawhide chew, the surface is so abrasive that Palette got bloody gum after chewing it for some time when she was a puppy.

 I did not write about the smell of the rawhide after it got soaked in the water but it smelled so stinky which made me wonder if I were smelling “bleach”.

 Just recently, I heard about buffalo horn people loves to give in place of bully sticks or Deer Antlers and, I have put it to the test. If you know me, I do not like to simply get the products from companies and offer to furriends without knowing much about it.

 I prefer to offer what Palette and I like. Palette gives me views on texture, how much she likes/interested, how long it will last with her and so forth, and I will be responsible for checking out the information Palette cannot ask about such as how they are made,where it coming from etc..;product details.

 The pro point people feel is that, they are cheaper than buying a Deer Antlers and dogs loves them.

 The horn Palette tried is Medium for Medium dogs and horn weigh around 10 oz,which is equivalent to our Deer Antler XL weight,and it is cheaper for you to purchase same weight buffalo horn.

 Is it worth it? Lets find out.

Buffalo horn..

What is the country of origin?

 Buffalo horn is product of India,and horn is from Grass-fed water buffalo.

 From just that information, it seems nothing sound that bad,is it?

 In the past,I have bought the water buffalo dog treats to test out with Palette that were sourced from India and made in USA.

 They did not make it to our store but, no matter what type of water buffalo treats I tried;bully sticks,gullet treats,trachea treats etc.. everything was super super stinky and, I had to question on how they are processed, or if it were properly processed.

 I was not sure of the quality of the products plus I did not like the smell of the treats at all.

 When I heard about buffalo horn, I was bit hesitant to try because it is from India but I decided to try it once especially because the maker of the products were different.

 When I got it for Palette personally, first thing I did was sniff test. It did not stink at all and, I decided to try with Palette if she likes it.

 Palette was super curious what mom got and so interested in the horn.

 That was a good sign and let her munch on it although horn being hollow in the center, I was not sure how she can chew off but decided to observe her anyway.


Pausing with buffalo horn

 When I was observing her chewing, I heard “crunch,crunch,crunch” after a couple of minutes later.

 Here is Palette taste testing the buffalo horn.You can hear the sound “crunch”.

Palette and buffalo horn

If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video.

 The horn was not supposed to be splintered,but rather, horn should have been shaved off as maker claims in their leaflet.

 The thumb nail size chunks were coming off from the horn, and Palette has eaten it.

 I think that because horn is hollow in the center, it is much easier for dogs to crunch down just like they are eating trachea and only difference is that it is a horn chunk which I was not sure if dog can eat it.

 If the dog chunk off large pieces, would it be safe for them to eat?

 Palette was chewing the buffalo horn for 15 minutes or so and here is the picture after she was chewing.

Buffalo horn being chewed 15 minutes..

 Seeing Palette eats chunk off and easily cracking horn,it made me a little nervous about it and I decided to trade the horn with her other treats  and decided to ask more detail on the horn from maker of the products.

 They assured me that dogs can eat the horn that were chewed off and no harm to the dogs,and they sent me added information on the products.

 They said it is high in protein and low in fat and good for dogs.

 At that point, all the information I had was limited and, at that time, I was simply assuming that it was the horn nothing done to it.

 If you simply purchased from retail store,you would have thought the same.

 Afterall, Deer Antler is simply washed and offered and no other stuff is added. Why different for buffalo horn,is it?

How is buffalo horn is harvested?

 Buffalo is main protein source in India and, from what I understand from booklet maker of the product sent me, they are taking the horn from slaughtered animal for meat.

 They say that the horn is lab tested for the safety.

 As you know, Deer shed Antlers every year but buffalo does not shed horn every year.

Now, the real kicker was this.

How do they ensure the horn is safe against salmonella?

 They irradiate the horn!

 At this point, my red flag went up and, that is when I decided not to carry the chew at our store. We do not like to carry anything treated with irradiation.Period.

 I did not like the fact that I was handing out the chew that were irradiated to Palette.

 Would you feel all right to give any chews/treats they were irradiated?

 Especially, FDA is announcing they will be investigating “Made in china” Chicken Jerky with the possibility of irradiation process might be the cause of many pets’ death.

 Probably, not many retail store owners would know that the horn is treated this way. It is because the products’ tag does not say anything about it.

 Irradiation seems to be done for the good on their part;for the safety of the dog,they say but is it safe to consume the irradiated anything?

 Even if companies or FDA states irradiated pet treats are safe,I rather would give treats/chews that are not irradiated.

 This is why,I think it is very important for me to investigate/research the treats/chews that we are interested to carry very deeply so we know what we are offering to other furriends.

 If the horn is treated any other way?

 According to the maker of the products,the horn is washed and BAKED!

 This explain why the horn seemed to be so easily cracked. Also, the fact that the horn is being baked make me nervous about the digestibility especially I have experienced first hand what would happen with cooked bone.

 If you missed my Palette’s Christmas pork ham bone story, here it is.

  Before I switch her diet to raw diet, I did not know better and gave her roasted ham bones which all the ham was trimmed off for Christmas dinner.

 If you look around, there are dog bone with Pork Ham bone variety too.

 I thought the freshly roasted ham bones will be a jackpot
for Palette,and one Christmas day,she
has got Ham bone,which we trimmed off the hams for our dinner.

 She really liked it, and demolished pretty good chunk
of it. However, she was really miserable later on.

 Luckily,there was no
blockage or anything,but she started pooping out very hard rock-like
golf sized ball poop frequently first. You could not squash the poop with shovel even!It was like a cement consistency.

 It got me wonder if the cooked bone fragment did not come out from the rear end, it would plug up the intestine like that,which will be scary because it was really really hard poop.

 Then, hours later, she was
miserable with diarrhea, and she suffered diarrhea for 2-3 days.

 Not only that, every time she goes potty, it required her to have her butt washed before going back to what she was doing before. It
was miserable..

 Since then, I learned more about bones in general.Therefore, no cooked bones or dog bones were given to Palette.

 With the buffalo horn, maybe the amount consumed was so little that it did not cause the digestive upset. However, I rather not take the chance with it.

 This is another red flag point;horn is being baked.

 In summary, yes, the buffalo horn is cheaper than a Deer Antler with the same weight but when you consider other factors, I am not comfortable offering this chew through our store because of the reasons above despite the fact that Palette gave me paws up.

 If given a choice whether choosing a Deer Antler or buffalo horn, I would choose the Deer Antler without any hesitation.

 Antler is truly natural products and they are not baked or irradiated and sourced from domestic animals.

 For more information on FDA investigation on irradiation process for “Made in China” Chicken Jerky,please click here.

 You can read more on FDA investigating irradiation process for “Made in China” Chicken Jerky at NBC News here as well. 

 In Australia, government banned the use of irradiation process in pet food following reports of paralysis, and death after cats eating the irradiated pet food.

 My advice to you is to be the eye for your dogs, and learn more about treats,chews, food you provide to your pets.

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