Palette’s winter treats diary;February 19th,2014 Special edition-Strawberry Banana Tiramisu

 For Palette, last month was a little exciting month because we got tiny bit of snow last month.

 The snow storm just hit our area left us more snow than January, and our yard was covered with deep snow everywhere.

 Palette loves snow and she likes to stick her nose all the way through as deep as she can to sniff out whatever it is there and,she was spending quite time playing in the snow than actual potty business on the such snowy days.

us, it was nice month despite the fact that we had super cold snow weather here and there. It is because I had an appointment with OBGYN and we could get to see 3D form of our little ones. The little one already had head,arms, and legs and it looked like he/she is growing fine in my belly.

 I am still considered to be the patient who needs to be monitored closely, and after talking to the high risk ONGYN, it looks like we got lots of tests done and that they told us that we may have risk of premature birth because of my heart shaped uterus,which made me a little nervous but so far so good,and I am currently on 16th week now.

 Every time we go see doctor and see how our little one is doing, it always lighten up our face and feel so special.

hope my pregnancy goes uneventful and hope that we get to introduce our
newest family member when he/she comes out to this world here as well.

 Because of this current situation, I decided to lighten up the load work for Yassy’s Gourmet
Dog Kitchen. Therefore, I will be holding off making/baking
biscuits/Jerky for SnackSaturday orders (orders placed on Saturdays) for
now and instead, for those who ordered on Saturdays, we are offering
dollar value coupon code matched to the biscuits/jerky value for your
next order.

 Also, I will be holding off offering biscuits treats until
fall,2014 and push back the new treats release date to the fall 2014 as

 Anyway, for this month’s Palette’s treat diary, since many of you
have requested baked treats recipe such as birthday cake recipes, you
will see more of those during cold months’ entries.

 This time, I would like to share the recipe of “K9 Strawberry banana tiramisu”.

 Why tiramisu? It is because for the last Valentine’s day, I made strawberry banana tiramisu for my husband and I thought it will be fun to make the K9 version of it.

 At this moment, I like anything strawberries and, we got lots of berries in the fridge all time so, I was thinking to use some of the berries in her treats recipe so here it is.

 It came out cute and,Palette loved it.

 The leftover cake pieces are now used as training treats and she really works very very hard to get it.

 I hope your dog would like it as much as Palette did.


Now I will pass a pen to Palette to write a dairy here.

  February 19th,2014

 Last month was somewhat exciting month for me because of the snow. I feel we do not get snow as much as we used to in the past and I am waiting for da day where we get super deep snow enough for me to play da “find da tweats in da snow and picnic in da snow” game.

 “Find da tweats in da snow” game is fun because, mom or dad goes out to hide da tweats in da snow while I am patiently waiting inside da house until they come back to me and say “Go find it!”.

 Then, I go look for da tweats in da snow.

 Since I am usually behind da wooden entrance door, I see nothing and I cannot cheat da game.

 Only thing I need to do is to trust my nose.

 I sniff,sniff and find da tweats and when I find one, I like to sit there and eat da tweats while snow trucks passes by removing pile of deep snow on the road right in front of our house.

 Funny thing is that, if I could not find da tweats, I must wait till snow gets melted because even if mom and da thinks they know where they hid da tweats, sometimes, once they back to da house,they sometimes have hard time finding da marker they used to locate the tweats.

 Everywhere is white and if they lost da location, I must wait,but good thing about it is that only I can find out for sure where they are

 It is fun!

 If you got enough snow to play this game, ask your mom and dad to play it with you.You would enjoy it!

 Dad told me that I will be having fur-less brother/sister this summer,and I am taking good care of my mom.

 I usually have her in my sight and,when she looks a little uncomfortable, I come inside da bathroom and stay sphinx style on da floor next to her,staring at her with tilted head.

 I worry sometimes and, I insists to come in with her for potty time especially when she looks not feeling good.

 Anyway, how was your Valentine’s day?

Mom felt fine that day, and she decided to make me easy tweats and I loved it! I could eat more.

 Anyway, ask your mom to make this.It is so good!

K9 strawberry banana tiramisu..

Ingredients for k9 heart shaped cake;

2 eggs;separated yolks and whites
1/2C unbleached all purpose flour
1/4tsp sugar

Ingredients for filling:

For Bottom filling:

4.5 tbs Greek yogurt
1.5 oz banana chopped

For middle layer filling:

4 oz strawberries

For top layer filling:

1.5 tbs Greek yogurt
1 tbs middle layer filling
1 tbs mascarpone cheese


Fresh berries chopped to 1/4″

<K9 heart shaped cake>

0. Preheat the oven at 350F

In the two separate bowl, separate the egg yolks and white; one bowl for white, one bowl for yolk

** make sure the eggs are at room temperature

2. Beat the egg yolks to pale yellow and then, beat more til volume gets tripled; about 7-9 minutes

3. Add 1/2C unbleached all purpose flour a little by little to combine

4. Wash and wipe the beaters very good

5. Beat the Egg white to soft peak, and add 1/4 tsp white sugar and continue to beat till stiff peak

** Sugar is to make the egg white to stiffen up better

6. Add meringue to yolk-flour mix a little at a time and gently fold it into the mixture

7. In the non stick foil lined baking sheet, place heart shaped cookie cutter to use as a mold, and pour some batter into it and gently lift the cutter up

** You should be able to make 6 heart shaped cakes

8. Bake them at 350F for about 16 minutes

9. Cut out the heart shape from each cake

10. Cool it down on wire rack

11. Assemble the cake and serve

Makes: 3 Tiramisu (each is about 1 3/4″ to 2″ diameter cake)

<Bottom filling>

1. Mix 4.5 tbs Greek yogurt and 1.5 oz chopped banana

<Middle layer filling >

1. In the sauce pan, add chopped 1/4″ chunk 4 oz wt strawberry, 1 tsp water and cook down to strawberry preserve texture

<Top layer filling>

1. Mix 1.5 tbs Greek yogurt,1 tbs cooked strawberry, and 1 tbs mascarpone cheese well 

<How to assemble>

1. On the plate,put some bottom filling and place one heart shaped cake on top.

2. Pour some middle layer filling (cooked strawberry) over

3. Place another cake layer and top it off with top layer filling;mascarpone cheese mixture

4. Garnish it with 2 pieces of 1/4″ chunk of fresh strawberries

5. Serve

 Here is the video to show you how much Palette loved the K9 Strawberry banana tiramisu. She looks at sides sometimes after finished eating one because she knew there are more on the counter,lol.

Palette and K9 Strawberry banana tiramisu

You can certainly cut one cake layer into two, and make 6 tiramisu instead of 3.



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