People food for thought Part 23;Cofee and Tea

 For many, a cup of coffee is a staple drink for the morning and night time.

 I am a big fan of coffee,as well as British tea, and Japanese tea. My husband is a more of coffee lover than a tea lover,and he gets whole green coffee beans from retailer and roast the beans as needed.

 I was surprised how much difference in the taste you will notice with the self roasted coffee beans compared with pre packaged whole coffee beans.

 Over the years, we got to taste various kinds of coffee beans, and learned a little bit of each beans and I found it interesting to learn about them.

Roasted coffee (left), whole green coffee beans (right)..

 Our favorite place to get the green whole bean coffee beans is called “Sweet Maria’s” in CA,USA and we get beans at bulk once in a while.

 What we like about them is that, not only they have wide variety of coffee beans to chose from to explore the various kinds of taste of the coffee, but also they travel to the coffee farms to check the quality on their own, and pick the one they like.

 It seems that they are very knowledgeable about all kinds of coffee beans and we enjoy their coffee beans a lot.

 There are many packaged roasted whole coffee beans on the market but, some have distinctive burned after taste, and some are not simply not as good as home roasted coffee beans.

 You will be surprised how different the home roasted coffee beans will taste.

 Try roast your own coffee and you will like it!

 At this moment, I am expecting, and I am not drinking coffee at all but, I enjoy the smell of fresh ground coffee beans, and freshly brewed coffee when my  husband is making his own cup of coffee.

 It is the nice smell to start the day.

 Anyway, recently, I came across an interesting news article on coffee and tea.

 I have heard of cup of coffee is good for heart health, but did you know a cup of coffee has more benefit than that? Did you know why coffee is considered good drink for the heart health?

Coffee for heat health..

 According to article written by Dennis Thompson, a small study from Japan suggests that the caffeine might help the small blood vessel works better,which ease the strain in the heart.

 A cup of caffeinated coffee caused 30% increase of blood flow in the small blood vessel compared to decaffeinated coffee.

 These vessels regulates the blood flow through circulatory system, and the body tissue.

 Therefore, opening blood flow and reducing the inflammations, the researchers think that the caffeine may help creating the favorable condition for the heart health.

 To read the full article by Dennis Thompson,please click here.

Coffee reduce risk of diabetes..

 According to the article written by registered dietitian Jennifer Motl for Free Lance Newspaper, a cup of coffee may reduce the risk of diabetes by 8% and when person drinks 6 cups a day, it reduced the risk of diabetes by 33%.

 She writes that it is according to analysis of 2 studies, and a millions of coffee drinkers and it was published in Diabetes Care Journal.

 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that both regular and decaffeinated coffee reduce people’s chance of developing the diabetes as well.

 The study was 20 years long, involved 100.000 doctors and nurses.

 Each cup of coffee lowered the chance of getting diabetes by 4%-8%.

 Another caffeinated drink “tea” lowered the risk of getting diabetes by 5% by each cup consumed.

 The best way consumed these coffee or tea is said to be black or with a bit of milk,not sweetened by sweetened creamer.

 One other interesting thing the article mentioned is that, specific Japanese tea helps allergy.

 Tea for allergy..

 According to Japanese scientist published the studies showing that specific type of Japanese green tea ” Benifuuki tea” helped allergy sufferers and reduced sneezing,and fewer reaction to cedar pollens.

 Tea for strong bones..

 Another study about tea revealed that the drinking a cup of tea may enhance the bone density,which probably due to fluoride in the tea.

 However, despite the benefit of consuming caffeine, there is a limit you can take a day.

 Average person should limit the caffeine intake up to 400mg per day (2-3 cups a day;8 oz cup x 2 to 3), and pregnant women should limit the caffeine intake up to 200 mg per day.

 Since caffeine is linked to miscarriage or birth defect, I am not having any cup of coffee. I really miss my coffee though.

 Whether you drink a cup of tea or coffee, it is better drink than sugary sodas that has all negative effects on your health.

 Coffee vs Tea..

 Which do you like to have?

 To read the full article by Jennifer Motl for Free Lance Newspaper,please click here.

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