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Japanese unique painting; Suiboku ga (Ink brush painting)

 There are variety of methods to paint and show the beauty of the nature through the paintings in the world.

 Unique to Japanese painting, there is the style of painting called “Su-i-bo-ku ga”. This style of painting was introduced by Zen monks from China and it became very popular during the Muromachi era (1337 -1573).

 The black Ink was made the same way as we use for calligrapher.

 For the Ink color shading, you would first rub the black Ink stick against Su-zu-ri,which is Ink stone.

 Then, dilute the color by adding water to it.

 After that, using the brush dipped in the ink, draw the strokes and start painting.

 They used Ink to draw the painting and used the shading of the Ink color to express the depth and variety. The objects can be human,animals, and nature (landscapes,mountains, plants,and trees).

 Later, the suibokuga started appearing on fu-su-ma (sliding door) at temples, on the scroll along with short poem and it was hung on the wall as decoration.

 Traditionally, suibokuga use only black color and white color and no other colors are used and that also makes suibokuga very unique.

 However, as years passed by, people started the colors but with the same suibokuga technique,and you can find a little bit more colorful suibokuga these days.

 Here is the youtube video to show you how one can draw the suibokuga painting.

 The video shows plum trees with red blossoms and a short tailed brush warbler.

 The painter uses shades and sizes of each blossoms to express the depth of the painting. I thought it was a beautiful painting.

Plum tree with red blossoms and a short tailed warbler; suiboku ga (Ink brush painting)

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