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Raw feeding 911 Part 24: Diet of the world’s first dog lived 31,700 years ago

 When you look around the store shelves at pet stores, you will find variety of dog food designed for specific goal from weight management to breed specific food.. and then, there are variety of forms from kibble,canned, dehydrated packaged raw, freeze dried raw and frozen raw diet food..

Palette and Buffalo rib..

 It is undeniable that dog food business is such a big industries.

 When you pick up each bag of dog food, you can find what is the “trend” to entice customers to buy those food for your dogs.

 Some companies use buzz word such as “All natural”, “Balanced”, “premium”,”organic”,”human grade”,”holistic” etc.. along with nice looking fresh food pictures on the front.

 Sometimes, the companies uses slogans that appeal to you.

 Among all those store bought choices, kibble and canned food are highly processed food, supplemented with vitamin mix the companies use to boost up the lost nutrient during the processing.

 With them, you would also encounter the problem that you would have no idea where each of the ingredients are coming from; domestically purchased or sourced from outside the states, and you would not know the quality of the each ingredients.

 Sometimes, uncertainty of origin of ingredients can be found at other types of dog food as well.

 Things that are readily available in the states to use in the dog food sometimes comes from far far away.

 For example, in the past, dehydrated dog food company recalled batch of food sold due to possible contamination of salmonella with parsley imported from Egypt.

 That same company’s vitamin mix coming from Europe.

 After the incident, the company has implemented the new processing step,which is “steaming the leafy green” before going into dehydration process as well as meat and egg they use.

 Now these food gets more processed, and steaming is better than boiling with high heat but if it still goes under more processing step (dehydration,which use gentle heat and air to dry),  where all those organic natural nutrient went?

 To compensate for that nutrient loss, you can find vitamin mix is added to the dehydrated dog food.

 Dehydrated packaged raw food,and frozen raw food are better choice than kibble and canned because they will be less processed, and much more simple ingredients list compared to kibbles.

 However, each company has their own formula/ratio of the products just like kibble and your dog might ,might not do well on them.

 You would not know if the pre selected formula could fit to your own dog,plus they tend to be expensive food.

 If you look around, dehydrated raw patties often contains more carbohydrate (vegetables) than actual protein source you would want to see more of.

 For example, here is the list of dehydrated raw ingredient list.

” dehydrated: Turkey, organic flaxseed, potatoes, celery, spinach,
carrots, organic coconut, apples
, organic kelp, eggs, bananas,
, rosemary extract*, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride,
zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement,
potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper
amino acid chelate.

 First thing you would look at is “Turkey” and it is on top of the list so you would think it is the great food.

 However,look at the number of fruits and vegetables typed in red.

 Just like label of kibble, ingredients will be listed in order of weight. However, companies can split the ingredients into smaller category and make the other ingredient come to the top of the list.

 This method is called “splitting” in the kibble industry.

 Overall, dehydrated food is less processed is better but if you carefully look at the ingredients, it contains more fruits and vegetables than Turkey itself, plus they include synthetic form of vitamin mix,which you can provide nutrient from fresh food directly if you feed fresh custom made raw diet by yourself.

 Sometimes, you would find it is not great food to feed everyday because each vegetables has pro and con and sometimes, one type of vegetables are not good for particular type of dogs and sometimes, vegetables in the question should be fed moderate amount, not everyday.

 With above ingredient list, potato… if your dog were arthritis dog, night shade family vegetable like that could aggravate the inflammation and you should avoid those vegetable.s

 Next thing that comes to mind is spinach. It is leafy green and great one but if it was fed excess, it could interfere the absorption of calcium, and if your dog were stone former, spinach and kale has high oxalate and you would probably do not want to feed it.

 Kale is, besides oxalate content, if it were fed excess, it could interfere thyroid function and home made diet people often times limit the intake up to 3 day to 4 days a week to feed the dog.

 Last thing is rosemary extract, not vegetable, but you should know that if your dog was EPI dog, since it could trigger seizure, you should avoid the food that contains it.

 Rosemary extract is often used as natural preservatives but this thing is not for dogs with EPI.

 With frozen raw patties,although since ingredients are kept frozen, they tend to have mixture of protein source with vegetables and fruits without added synthetic form of vitamins.

 I find that many frozen raw formula starts with protein source with bone as top ingredients,and many are mixed with pre selected fruits and vegetables.

 With raw diet, bone is what makes stool firmer and, each dog has different amount they need. Some dogs need more bone than others and, if you purchase pre mixed products, you would not know how much of bones are in the products and whether the amount of bones are more or less than what your dogs would need.

 Some big raw food companies that offer fresh cut products also carry frozen raw mixture but with them, you can choose with or without vegetables.

 Often times, they are offered with meat,bones,and organ without vegetables, although ratio of each ingredients are pre selected and you cannot change the ratio of each ingredients so your dogs do well on them.

 Here is the ingredient list of frozen raw patties.

 As you can see, with store bought dog food, you have more blind area than feeding fresh custom made diet;raw or homemade.

  When you start browsing through variety of dog magazines, you would find that the furry furriends’ food choices are more than store bought items, and some people like me feed their own dog custom made fresh raw diet or fresh homemade diet that suits to each individual dog’s need.

 Since you are the one to pick the food for your dogs, you know where the food is coming from, you can tweak the ratio of each ingredient, and you know how it is prepared for your dog (less processed) without added synthetic vitamin mix, which your dog might might not do well on.

 Having so many choices out there to choose from, you may wonder what is the best for your own dog.

 It is interesting though when you think that government in this country is encouraging you to have fresh,less processed food and you would hear a lot about “fresh food”, not “processed food ” on your plate.

 Then, when table is turned to canine furriends, doctors (vets) feel more comfortable with highly processed food a.k.a.kibble,canned,prescription dog food etc..

 It does not help when celebrity chef like Rachael Ray who helps people to cook fresh food for their family often says on her show that she cooks up food for her dog Isaboo, but she promotes processed food..

 I wish she could promote what she really believes in; homemade diet , if she cooks food for her own dog off camera.

 For me, personally, raw diet seemed make sense from nutrition point of view rather than how the ancestor used to eat; nutritious on its own,customize on my own, not processed but fresh all the time and I thought if I learn how to feed this fresh raw diet to Palette the Corgi, it will be the best diet I could provide.

 This is why,I started feeding Palette raw diet 7 years ago.

 To be honest with you, I did not recognize kibble was food when Palette’s breeder handed a bag of kibble to me and I had to ask her what it was for.

 That little nugget did not look like food at all,especiall for people like me who grew up with relatives that feed fresh food off the table to their dog, and I had never seen kibble food on their dog’s bowl,ever.

 Now I go back to Japan and visit pet supply stores, I can spot American brand kibble bags here and there, but there are plenty of homemade diet book at book store that include the ones written by vets and nutritionists, and many people still feed their dog cooked food.

 Some raw diet feeders choose to feed the way they do because they believe that it is what their ancestors used to eat,and mimic the way the wolf would eat.

 It is interesting to think that as years passes by, more new technology is developed and as they developed, our way to eat food changes.

 Dog food did not exist in the states up until 1890.

 To read the previous entry on dog food history,please click here.

 That being said, just recently, I came across interesting article on what the dogs 31,700 years ago used to dine on,and I thought I would share with you..

 According to NBC news article written by Jennifer Viegas, team of international scientists has identified what they think is the very first “dog” that lived on earth 31,700 years ago dined on horse, musk ox, and rein deer.

 The remains for the older prehistoric dog,which were excavated at Goyet Cave in Belgium,suggested that Aurignacian people of the Europe from upper paleolithic period first domesticated dogs.

 The paleolithic dog is said to be most resembled to Siberian Husky in shape, but larger body and analyzing skull revealed that they had wider shorter snout,wider brain cases and skulls were smaller than wolves.

 Isotopic analysis of the animal bones suggested that the earliest dogs consumed horse,musk ox, and rein deer, but not fish or seafood.

 Because Aurignacians hunt big game animals, the researchers think that the dogs were used for tracking, hunting and transporting animals and the dogs enjoyed the share of the hunted games.

 To read the full article by Jennifer Viegas,please click here.

 Choosing the best food for your dog is very important decision based on each individual dog.

 No matter what type of dog food you decide to feed, it is important to take a moment to review what are in your dog’s bowl and learn the pro and cons and not influenced by power of celebrity chef endorsement or marketing buzz words.

 What type of food would support the overall health for your dog?

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