Pet Penguin “Lala” in Japan goes for shopping for her fish

 Recently,I was browsing through youtube page, and I came across adorable king penguin “Lala” that goes for shopping for his food ;Japanese horse mackerel ( “Aji” in Japanese), sardine (Iwashi in Japanese) , on foot,wearing his backpack so his food will be packed in the bag.Herring is also penguins’ favorite,I read.

I saw the clip, I thought it was cute and at the same time, I was surprised how well she was trained to do so.

 Here is the youtubevideo.

 Pengun “Lala” in Japan going for the shopping for her fish (Aji)

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 In Japan, due to restriction by Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered
Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, there are several variety of penguins you cannot have as pet, but apparently, there are some of the variety allowed to have them as a pet.

 They are cute and adorable but it costs you a lot of money,space, and care and I do not think it is easy task to care for them in the environment that we average people could offer.

 As a kid, I did not see anyone who had penguin as a pet, and I did not think people could have penguin as a pet. Therefore, it was a new finding for me as well on this matter.

 Maybe, some people with large pool with their house might be able to afford to have them as companion at home.

 I was wondering what would take to have a penguin as a pet and searched on the Internet.

 First, to get a penguin as a pet in Japan, it looks like penguin can cost you about $5,000 to over $120,000!

 Then, of course, you would need spacious place for them to swim (the pool filled with ocean water), and possibly large freezer to stock up their meal (Japanese horse mackerel), and you would need to take them for a walk for exercise.

 I read that, penguin stops eating for about 2 weeks,in which time, their fur gets changed from old to new from head to toe and, before they goes into that time in the year, they would eat twice the amount of meal they normally would.

 In the wild, they live in the ocean, and when they are not living in the natural place, they tend to have deficiency in sodium.Therefore, you would need to provide salt to them.The website I was looking at suggests to fill the pool with ocean water because of this reason.

 When we go to aquarium, we see staff in charge of care of penguin feed fish to them but do you know how much they eat?

 According to the penguin care website in Japan, penguin eats 10-20 Japanese horse mackerel (Aji) a day.

 They sure cute animal but personally, I feel they would have better life in the environment at the aquarium if not in the wild over the personal residential home.

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