Positive force free dog trainer’s “Click club”

 Are you a professional positive force free dog trainer?

 Positive dog training is one of the things that I am passionate about. I teach our k9 executive chef “Palette” with clicker and, I can see how much dogs get eager to learn new things and they are having fun during the doggy school.

 I would like to support the force free positive dog training and would like to offer the discount for all professional positive force free dog trainers out there,who work hard to teach others the power of the clicker.

 If you are a positive force free dog trainer, join the click club, and save 15% off on training treats, training tool and 10% off on all other items on our Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen website.

 ** GDK’s Positive force free dog trainers’ Click club **

What is Click club?

GDK’s “Click club” is the discount program for positive force free dog trainers, where you can save 15% on training treats, training tool, with the coupon code provided, and you will also get 10% off coupon code for your entire order on our website

You can share the 10% off coupon code with your students, and they can use your 10% off coupon code to save on their order as well.

Only restriction on the coupon code usage is that, you cannot combine the codes,and you must pick one code to use on one order.

How does GDK’s Click club program work?

1. If you are a professional force free positive dog trainer, please use the contact us form here, and please let us know the name of the facility,address, and website address if you have one along with the organization names you are belonging to such as “Pet professional guild”, or places we can verify you such as “Pat Miller certified dog trainers”.

2. When we could verify you being a professional force free dog trainers, we will send you the coupon codes to your e-mail address provided by you.

 To avoid self claim dog trainers to join in the club, we will take a verification process, and we will offer the discount only for those who are belonging to the organization known to be the group of positive dog trainers and graduates from known positive dog trainers’ academy such as Pat Miller’s Peaceable paws academy.

 If the group you are belonging to is not searchable, we are sorry, we would not offer the club discount to you.

 Please enjoy doggy school treat hunt for your furry friends!!

Mom,lets do da doggy school!

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