Chinese/American cooking;Sloppy Joe’s with plum sauce

 There are many things that I have tried for the first time here in the states.

One of them is “Soppy Joes”. I thought it was very easy to cook and quite flavorful and, I really liked it when I tried one.

Then, when we visited Chinese restaurant here in the states, there were “lettuce wrap” I had never had at Chinese restaurants in Japan.  I do not know if it is westernized Chinese food, but it was new concept to me.

Just recently, I was looking through our freezer, and I thought why not making Sloppy Joe with Asian twist.

Then I thought that using the Plum sauce,which often times served as dipping sauce for egg rolls, might be a good base in the sauce.

If you were not familiar with plum sauce, it is the sauce made from plum puree, ginger, sugar, and vinegar. Kind of like sweet sour sauce with plum flavor.

You can find them at the International foods aisle.

I was not sure how it would come out but I think it comes out nice. It goes well with burger bun but also, simply eating it with hot steamy Japanese rice or eat it as lettuce wraps works well.

It is a little different from traditional American style Sloppy Joe’s but we liked it.

In this entry, I would share the recipe of “Sloppy Joe’s with Plum sauce” with you. It got various veggies in it and I think, it is one way you can eat a lot of vegetable of.

Also, if you simply make sauce in the small sauce pan, and bring it to boil, then simmer, you can use the sauce to drizzle over grilled meat too.

Sloppy Joe’s with plum sauce

Ingredients for sloppy Joe;

10 oz ground beef (80-20)
1/8 sweet onion chopped
1/2 stalk of celery chopped
1/4 red pepper chopped
1 Roma Plum tomato seeded,chopped to 1/4″ dice
1/2 plum (purple) seeded and chopped to 1/4″ dice
Morton’s Natures Seasons
2 tsp chopped garlic chives

Ingredients for Plum sauce;

1/3C plum sauce
1 tbs rice vinegar
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp spicy bean sauce (available at International foods aisle) 

<Sloppy Joe>

1. In the skillet, add 80-20 ground beef 10 oz, and cook to almost brown

** Since ground beef got good amount of fat already, I do not add oil to cook with it.

2. Add 1/8 sweet onion chopped, 1/2 celery chopped and season it with Morton’s Natures Seasons

3. Add 1/4 red pepper chopped

4. Add 1 plum tomato seeded and diced to about 1/4″

5. Season it with Morton’s Natures Seasons

6. Add purple plum seeded,peeled,and chopped to 1/4″ dice

7.  When plum got soften, pour Plum sauce * (Recipe follows) and stir

8. Add 2 tsp of garlic chives

** You can find garlic chives at Asian store,but you can also swap it with chopped green onions

Serve over burger bun, over hot steamy rice, or serve as lettuce wrap filling

<Plum sauce>

1.  In the small container, add 1/3C plum sauce, 1 tbs rice vinegar, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1 tsp spicy bean sauce (available at International foods aisle)  and mix well

** If you cannot find spicy bean sauce, you can swap it with fresh thai chili or jalapeno, or sriracha , or sambal or kochujun or.. crushed red pepper etc.. Add small amount to adjust the heat level.

14. Enjoy!

Makes: 4-6 Sloppy Joe filling for burger

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