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Kids vs Dogs: The effect dogs have on kids

In the previous entry titled “How to introduce the newborn baby to your dog“, I wrote that I would like to spend time to learn more about how you can introduce your newborn baby to your dog in the house. Then, if there were something we can practice before our little son will come join us, I thought, it will be great to have practice time with Palette.

In it, I also wrote that once baby can move around, of course, as always, supervision is important but also it is important to teach your baby how to interact with/approach to your dog.

 Not only dog needs to learn to interact with baby, baby also needs to learn how to interact/approach to the dog.

 Kids sometimes do what dogs do not appreciate;pulling fur, step on the tail, hugging etc and no matter how calm,gentle dog you have, there will be a threshold and dog could snap at the kids and it may end up with injury.

In another entry titled “Kids vs dogs;How to prevent the dog bite“, I wrote it is important for people to look for the cause and realize what trigger the act of biting and prevent that to happen again.

 It is not always the dogs that should be blamed for the incident.Unsupervised kids can do things that could trigger the incident. Therefore, if you have a kid in the house, from the early age, you should teach them how to interact with your dog and learn the manner. And you should make it a habit to be with the kids when they interact with the dog,not sitting 10-20 feet away from the kids.

 To understand why the biting happen, you should see things through their point of view,not ours.

 When dogs interact with kids, they have to tolerate all the strange, unpredictable behavior, and we should not expect them to react the way we human do and, we should not expect them to understand how they should react to kids’ behavior.We need to teach them as we should teach the kids.

 In this entry, I would like to write about effect of having a pet on kids.

Lets go for walkie again blog

Palette says “Lets go for walkie!”

Kids grew up with a pet vs kids who did not grew up with a pet, do you think there would be something kids without a pet missing out something that they could have learn from having a pet?

 I myself grew up with various pet;hamster.parakeet, rabbit,gold fish… although we did not have a cat or dog. I loved animals, and loved to visit zoo, aquarium etc.. as well.

  Having a pet was not what parents set us up for better/positive effect on us but rather, I wanted to have a pet. It was me that begged them to have a pet. The very first time I was about having a pet, mother asked me what pet I was thinking of. Well, I wanted “parrot” and told her about it but, we were told that kids cannot take care of big bird like that and we were suggested to have a smaller bird “parakeet” instead. So, our first pet was parakeet.

Just recently, I came across interesting articles regarding effect of having a dog on kids, and I thought I would share it with you.

Effect dogs have on kids..

According to petplace website, Robert Bierer Ph.D. found out through his study on effect dogs have on kids was positive one on emotional and physical benefit from pet ownership.

  I can see that the dogs require exercise and they love to play and the kids with dogs might be more motivated to go out and play and might be more active than the kids without dogs.

 For the emotional positive effects,the study showed that most positive effect dog have on kids were with kids age between 10-12. His findings are..

1. Unconditional love comes from a dog that allowed the children to feel valued in the unique way, and the kids can become the dog’s parent and they can take care of many of things dogs need.

 In a way, the kids learn to have a sense of responsibility and respect for others. In return, dogs depends on the kids for love and attention.

  Therefore, kids learn to read the dog’s body language and become sensitive to the dog’s emotion,which leads to #2 finding

2. Kids will learn to be aware of the feelings of others (empathy)

  In conclusion, the study found that kids grew up with pet has more self esteem,empathy.

  To read the full article at the petplace website,please click here.

3. Another website optimum website writes that the researchers found that the kids who grew up with a dog for their first year are less allergic later in life. They find that early exposure to pets are associated with reduced risk of asthma and other allergies.

You can see the study page at ncbi website here.It shows how the study was curried as well as the finding.

Besides all of the emotional, physical effect on kids, there are more benefit of having pets at home.

According to the article written by Shannon Emmanuel at wolfweb website, looking through therapy dogs’ effect on kids also show the positive effect especially on improved social and reading skills.

Obviously, dogs cannot teach them how to read the book, but kids will be more calmed without the presence of pressure from teachers and friends and kids can read to the dogs, and “reading to the dog” improved the skill of reading.

You can read Shannon’s full article on effect dogs have on kids here.

Many of you would have grown up with a pet. What life lesson did your pet teach you?

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