Raw feeding 911 Part 26: Feeding Green tripe

One thing I am passionate about is to provide my family and our furriends healthy meals/snacks. I cook for my family everyday, and I make lunch for my husband to bring to work, and we barely have process food on our plate/in his lunch box.

 For our stumpy little dog “Palette” the Corgi,we have switched her diet to fresh food diet a.k.a. raw diet 7 years ago, and you would not find processed food items on her feeding mat on her meal time.

  First lady Michelle Obama has started organic garden at the White house, and hope to encourage people to eat fresh food more. According to cbs news article (For the full article, please click here), the organic garden has 55 kinds of vegetable,berries,and herbs.

 I have grown sweet peppers,herbs etc and,I must say that sweet peppers right off the plant tastes much better than the one you will get at grocery stores.

 I think that bringing the fresh food more on our plate is good thing,and better for our health. Less preservatives, less sodium, less sugar, less additives..all of these  benefit for our health.

As you already know, I am expecting our little son to be born in this summer, and we recently visited a few pediatricians to be ready to be seen when little Liam (That is his name to be) is born.

Both small practices,which I like because our little Liam would not see bunch of different doctors and doctors would get to know him better and Liam will get to know the doctor better and we were looking for the small practice.

The first one turned us down because they were swamped,and we were told they were not accepting new patients at the moment. They gave us list of other pediatricians in the area to try, but none did not sound good to us.

 After all, just recently, visited another pediatrician,who we think she is very unique in the field.

 Why? She believes that the key to keeping kids healthy is to teach the kids how to eat good healthy food. Therefore, she tries to teach not only kids but also their parents how to cook the healthy food and eat better, and also how to shop smarter. Yes,she has back yard garden,and own kitchen right next to the examination room:-)

Then, each exam room is named after vegetables; newborn baby room is called sweet pea room, toddler exam room is blueberry room, and other examine room had carrot room etc..

  Every now and then, the doctor hold cooking class inviting all the patients (kids) and parents. Therefore, not only we get to learn healthy eating there, but also we get to mingle with others and kids can make friends there as well.

  The practice is run by a single doctor so, we know Liam will get to see her every time we come so, we liked that part as well.

  I thought her philosophy behind the practice and my own belief for both human and for dogs click and we decided to have her as Liam’s pediatrician.

  I think it will be great to see more doctor like her in the medical field for human.

  For doctors for animals, we should be getting doctors who push the fresh food diet as opposed to process food because I believe that whether it is for human or animals, the base of the good diet effects overall health and I do not see that highly processed food be any good for animals’ health.

  It is sad to see that animal doctors are not promoting real issue that largely effect animal’s health; importance of the fresh food in the diet.

  Through the raw feeding 911 series on this blog, I have shared many of the topics you might find it interesting to read from the basic of raw feeding such as what to feed,how much to feed,where you can get the food etc… to other specific topic such as how to feed fish to your dog etc.

In this entry, I would like to focus on Green Tripe.

If you have started feeding raw diet, you would have heard of the term “Green Tripe” and some of you already got them in your freezer and feeding it to your dogs.

What are they? And Are there any benefit to feed them to your dogs?

Green Tripe dinner with Palette

Palette;What is that? What is that? Is it my Favorite Tripe??

What is Green tripe?

 When you start shopping for fresh food menu for your furriends, many of the stuff to be on their plate can be found at the grocery store. However,there is one thing you would not find at regular grocery stores.

 That is green tripe. It is unwashed stomach from ruminants (who graze grasses) such as cow and lamb. Ruminants animals have 4 stomachs; rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum.

 According to greentripe.com website, when animals swallow grass, the grass goes to rumen and reticulum, and grass gets regurgitated,chewed,and regurgitated grass goes down to 3rd,4th chamber,namely, omasum and abomasum. There,grass gets broke down with gastric juice,enzyme,and amino acid.

 To read more on green tripe at greentripe.com website,please click here.

 You may find the scalded,deodorized white colored tripe at grocery store, but it is not what we raw feeders would feed to our dogs.

 The one we feed is unwashed,unprocessed tripe, and it cannot be sold as human consumption. You would never find those at grocery stores near you.

 The color of the tripe is brown/grey and sometimes it has green tint from grass cow has eaten.

 You can get them through raw feeding vendors or your local co-op in your area.

  With Green tripe, you can get them in 2 forms;ground or unground,uncut.

Green beef tripe

Green tripe in ground form..

Green Beef Tripe 

Green tripe unground, whole cut into Palette’s portion..

 If I feed the ground form of green tripe,I usually feed them as side dish about size of ice cube. It is just my preference. When you feed the small sized green tripe, its smell is minimized.

 The tripe smells like .. barn in the hot humid summer. Since I feed small sized tripe, it gets gobbled it up by Palette in a blink of an eye and I barely smell the tripe. I usually cut the ground form one into ice cube size when it is about 20% thaw when we receive it in the tube and then, bag them up to freeze. 

  When I get the whole unground,uncut Green tripe, I cut them into Palette’s portion and feed it as part of regular meal,not side dish. The whole tripe looks like well used rug.

  I find that ground tripe smell more than hunk of tripe. Therefore, I usually get unground,uncut Green Tripe for Palette.

  With hunk of tripe, it does not  get eaten right away and I find her chew,chew,chew to eat it but the smell is much less compared to the ground form of green tripe and I do not smell as much.

With tripe, people might find a little offensive odor but for dogs, it is their favorite menu in the world, waiting for it to be served with their tail wagging,huge smile on their face:-)

Many dogs loves them very much.

Now you may be wondering what are so good about these smelly things. Do you know why?

What are the benefit of feeding tripe?

Good thing about green tripe is that it still has enzyme in the tripe and it helps your dogs to digest their food easier. It also has good bacteria for guts (lactic acid bacteria),which you would often find in yogurt or probiotics.

These good bacteria can support the good immune system and keep the bad bacteria such as e-coli,salmonella in check in the gut.

Besides probiotic effect in the gut, the green tripe is said to have 1:1 ratio of calcium : phosphorus.

Also, Green tripe has good ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids ( linolenic acid ) and Omega 6 fatty acids ( linoleic acids ).

However, as with any food items, more is not always better. As I understand it, green tripe lacks in tyrosine (amino acid), which you can find a lot in the red meat. So, even if you will feed the green tripe, you will still need the variety of food on their menu. Do not feed Green tripe exclusively.

Is Tripe being fed as organ?

This is the very question that I had when I started feeding raw green tripe. I was not sure if it fed tiny amount as organ or if it can be fed the same amount to regular boneless meat menu.

Turned out, tripe can be fed as regular meal,not organ.Palette did not have any digestive problems when I fed the same amount that I normally feed the boneless meat in her combo meal;She gets 2 meals a day usually,and one meal is bone-in,m the other meal is boneless meal.

Therefore, when I have unground,uncut, portion cut Green tripe, her menu with green tripe would look like this.

 AM:Green beef tripe, beef liver

 PM: portion cut chicken

Canned green tripe vs raw frozen tripe..

Because of the popularity of green tripe, now pet food industries start offering more variety in the tripe products.

 There are canned version of green tripe, but canned items whether they are canned soup or canned anything, it is cooked with heat. This means, enzyme may be destroyed and nutrient might be less than the amount your furry friends can get through raw green tripe.

According to the article written by Sally Fallon Morell with Mary G. Enig, PhD on real milk website, all enzymes are deactivated at a wet-heat temperature of 118 degrees Fahrenheit, and a dry-heat temperature of about 150 degrees.

You can read the full article written by Sally Fallon Morell with Mary G. Enig, PhD here.

 Not only that, with canned tripe, the tripe is not the only ingredient.

 Ingredients goes.. tripe,garlic,and vegetable gum.

 Too much garlic can cause anemia in dogs, and when you have choice of getting the plain raw green tripe, why do you choose processed tripe?

 I noticed some of the canned tripe has fish oil in it as well, but as I understand it, supplement like Fish oil gets effected by heat,light,and air. So, I wonder if the fish oil in the tripe does not get effected by the heat during the production process.

 I would,personally prefer to give omega3 fatty acids by “real” fresh oily fish (sardine,mackerel,salmon) or give fish body oil capsule.

Green tripe treats..

Again,because of the popularity of green tripe, now you find variety of tripe treats as well.However, take a time to read the ingredients list before purchasing them. Some of the treats are not worth the money to pay for because too much fillers (extra ingredients) are in them to keep them price down.

For example, I found this Bison tripe treats. Look at the ingredients list; Green Bison Tripe, Chicken, Potato, Beet Syrup, Pure Vegetable Glycerin, Sea Salt, Natural Smoke Flavor, Potassium Sorbate, Garlic

 If I wanted to offer tripe treats, only ingredient I would use will be Bison tripe. The one simple ingredients would be enough for the dogs to love the treats. There will be no need for makers to add flavor enhancer such as syrup or liquid smoke.

 If you simply look at the front of the bag “Bison tripe”, you would find it unique and might buy them but it got chicken too! Also, I do not understand why they need vegetables and sweetener,natural smoke flavor (liquid smoke), and salt (to preserve longer?) etc..

What I am trying to say is that, take the time and read the ingredient so you know what you are getting.

Our k9 restaurant “Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen” carry tripe treats as followings. All treats are single ingredients and they do not contain extras/fillers.

** Grass-fed Moo!Angus Beef Tripe Twists 5″ (3-pack)

** PetKind (Dehydrated Green tripe treats) 5 oz

** Dehydrated Grass-fed Beef tripe strip

Make sure to wear the glove when you handle/touch Green beef tripe. Or the smell will linger on your finger.

Does your dog love Green tripe? Palette loves them very very much!

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