Brenda with Malamute “Lakoda”;October 15th,2014

Today,I would like to introduce the Malamute furriends “Lakoda”.

Recently, we have received feedback from Lakoda’s mom Brenda from ME, along with a beautiful picture of Lakoda.


 We live in rural Maine and are surrounded by literally thousands of acres of woodlands.  My malamute, Lakoda Raven, and I walk these woods every day, except during the winter when he either runs the trails with me while I cross country ski or pulls me in a kick sled. 

Lakoda in the woods 1 blog fdbk

Lakoda playing with the water..

 He is energetic, adventurous, and always hoping that he will be able to cajole me into following him into new territory and that I will oblige him.  Sometimes he gets his way but usually I pick him up at a rendezvous spot some distance from the house. 

 If I don’t do that he will race back to the house, and while I’m happy that he’s anxious to return home, I worry about his crossing the road in front of the house and continuing up another road where he visits with two other dogs at neighboring properties.

Lakoda in the woods 2 blog fdbk

Lakoda in the woods..

 I originally used a piece of the lamb weasand twists to call him back to me for pick up until he decided that it was more fun to try to beat me back to the house.  Then I switched to the Down Under Roo Jerky and surf/turf jerky and that has made all the difference.

Lakoda enjoying lamb weasand twists

Lakoda enjoying Lamb weasand Twists…

 Now he turns to watch me as we approach the rendezvous spot and he waits there, smiling and with tail wagging, for me to catch up and give him the jerky.  Sometimes he dances while I take it from my fanny pack. 

 As soon as he finishes the piece he turns for home and connected to our life line, the leash, we start back together, but not without my giving him a big bear hug and receiving a face licking in return.

 Thanks, Yassy, for producing these treats for us.  We are both grateful for them.  I am happiest when my little beast is happy, and I love to see the fire in his eyes when he knows he is about to receive something wonderful!



***Feedback and picture are used with permission***

We always enjoy reading feedback from furry friends and their mom & dad/seeing pictures/watching videos of furry friends enjoying our treats/chews

 We are very happy to hear how much Lakoda’s enjoys our treats. It makes us happy knowing that we are offering healthier treats and chews to make the furriends smile big.

 What treats does your furriennd love most from our K9 restaurant “Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen“?


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