Clover Dinner Rolls

If you have been reading food/cooking entries from the past, you would notice that I love to cook/bake and, I like to make pizza/bread now and then.

Since I was a pregnant,then became mother to a newborn son, I have been busy and rarely have time to make things like bread but, I do love bread baking.

For me, bread baking is like comforting in many ways from kneading the dough, aroma while bread is being proofed or being baked,sound of crust when you slice into the bread.. There is something about bread baking that makes the whole experience special.

When I started baking bread,I got myself a book for bread baking,and I tried one type of recipe for French bread (Baguette) over and over until I get satisfied result from making one. I made so many French bread to learn the basic technique,and get to know more about bread baking in general.

I find that making artisan bread has depth in learning and more technique,and I have got a lot more to learn about it.

In the past, I have made a Clover dinner roll.This one is without pre-fermented dough or sponge. It came out good; buttery,soft roll and it was good. So, I thought I would share how to make it with you.

Homemade Clover dinner roll 2

Clover dinner roll…

Ingredients for Clover Dinner roll

1C    milk
4tbs butter
1/8C white sugar
1 /2   whole egg lightly beaten
2 tsp active dry yeast
4/3tsp salt
1 3/8C unbleached all purpose flour
1 3/8C unbleached bread flour

0. Preheat the oven at 200F and when it reached to 200F,turn the oven off

1. In the sauce pan, pour 1C milk and let it come to luke warm (110F-115F)

2. Remove the sauce pan from the heat and mix in the 4 tbs butter, 1/8C sugar and stir until melted

3. Pour the milk mixture into a large bowl

4. Add lightly beaten 1/2 whole egg and 2 tsp dry yeast ,1 3/8C unbleached all purpose flour,3/4tsp salt, and mix

** If you use jar of dry yeast, make sure the yeast is at room temperature. Cold yeast would not make your dough rise properly.

** Milk temperature to rise the dough (proof the dough) should be at 110F-115F. Lower temperature milk would not proof the dough properly, and higher temperature Milk would kill the yeast and would not proof the dough

5. Add 1 3/8C unbleached bread flour and mix well

. When dough came together,sprinkle some flour on the counter and transfer the dough to the counter to begin kneading the dough until the dough is smooth,elastic dough about 6-8 minutes

** Using silpat mat is easy to work with

7.You can test your dough to see if you knead it more. Do the Windowpane test.

What is windowpane test??

Windowpane test is the test the gluten development in the dough.

What you do is to cut off small piece of dough,and gently stretch out/pulling to see if it will hold a paper-thin membrane.If it tore apart,you would knead a bit more and do the test again.

8. When dough becomes supple,smooth,elastic dough, drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil onto empty bowl and smear it around side and inside bottom to make easy for you to take the dough out later

9. Place the dough into the bowl,drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil over the dough and smear the olive oil all around the dough

10. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and place the dough in the oven,set the timer for 90 minutes

11. 90 minutes later, dough will be larger size in volume

12. Once the dough gets nearly double in volume, take the dough out from the bowl onto the silpat mat/slightly floured surface

13. Divide the dough into 18 small round pieces of the dough and form the dough into small ball

** How to make round dinner roll shape**

1. Swift off any flour left on the counter and swipe the counter with wet cloth for the better frisction

2. For your hand into a cup,holding the small piece of dough,and flip your hand over so the roll is under your hand

3. Firmly press the dough onto the counter while you are rotating your hand in the circular motion over the counter

4. The roll will be shaped like a tight roll


14. Place them clover shape;3 round rolls piece together onto pan sheet where you sprinkle yellow cornmeal over non stick foil

clover roll dough 1

Clover roll dough on the pan sheet..

15. Cover the pan with plastic wrap loosely over the roll,and put it back into oven for another 30-45 minutes until dough gets nearly double in volume

14. Prepare for baking

15. Preheat the oven at 375F

16. Brush the dough top with milk, and bake them for about 15-20 minutes until golden

** Color should be golden

** Bread temperature should be at 205F in the center

(Put the meat thermometer on back of the bread and read the temperature)

** This recipe can yield about 6 clover rolls or 18 small round rolls

** You can also shape the dough into burger bun or hot dog buns




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