Yassy’s note; Impossible dream made possible

Family. What is “Family” to you?

To me, “Family” is the place where you find happiness,laughter and love. Also share and overcome any difficulties together. It is where I find “the rock” in my life.

12 years ago, I came to the states via marriage and,after spending about 2 years ourselves alone, we started thinking about starting a family. We both love kids and, we wanted the kids who would call us “mom” and “dad”.

Unfortunately, doctor has found the toxic fluid for babies in one of the tubes and the other tube was closed , plus I had the wall in heart shaped uterus (bicornate uterus). Therefore, both tubes had to be removed.

Since my uterus had so little space for the babies to grow, our first doctor told us that our option for our dream of life will be achieved via surrogate program,which runs up 60,000 dollars.

I had a chance to connect with one who had used surrogacy program and she told me how the expense is assigned.

According to the program she used, for the medical fee, the price can vary depending on the decision whether you will use your own egg or not. I do not know how the price would run when the egg was donors,but I was told..

$20,000- compensation to the surrogate mother
$5,000- in extra expenses to her ($500 maternity clothing, $200 per month in an allowance to reimburse her for mileage/childcare, $500 for the embryo transfer fee,  $200 for a life insurance policy, and some to compensate for the missing work to go to the appointments with the IVF clinic.)
$4,000- legal fees
$3,500-matching fee- to the matching agents to match you with a surrogate
$3,000- to the surrogate’s attorney. 
$25,000- medical

Hearing this, we thought having a little one;our long long dream, is going to be so far far away or it looked like impossible dream for our own.
Since we wanted our own kids, it was so hard to accept the fact that our dream might be impossible dream.

However, when we went to the fertility clinic to talk about option in detail, we were told that the another doctor could perform the surgery to remove the wall in my uterus so the babies can grow, and that I could carry my own baby via IVF as option.

We were really lucky to find the doctor who could help us to have a little one that way. Otherwise, we would still be thinking that our option is only the surrogacy..

Fast forward for 10 years since the day we were told our option to our dream is via surrogacy, we have a son who would call us “mom” and “dad”:Liam, who came to meet us against all the odds.I have carried my own son and in July this year, he finally came to meet us.

Needless to say,it was the happiest day of my life. He is the joy of our life.

Liam smile of the day Oct 23 2014

Our son “Liam” smiling, now age 3 months old..

This “Yassy’s note” series is where you get to read about IVF, my pregnancy, parenting,and things that I liked to use during my pregnancy time and the things that I Liked when raising our little son “Liam”.

Through this series, I wanted to share our IVF story with you so I can give others who are in the same situation to ours hope to their own dream.

Stay tuned to read more about how he came about,and more. He is the strong little guy who came to meet us against all the odds and, he gives us smile each and every day.


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