Yassy’s note:Pregnancy week 13 week – 16 week

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Pregnancy week 1 week – 12 week“,I wrote about how my pregnancy went from week 1 through 12th week,and shared some of the sonogram picture of Liam with you.

Here, I would like to share my pregnancy and Liam’s growth from week 13 through 16th.

February 2014 was the month of pregnancy week 13 through 16. It was the month of worry for me because that months had spotting from red color to brown color most of the weeks in the month, and on and off, I saw the bright red in the toilet water,which made me worry about the miscarriage.

I had no spotting days, too but it was not many days.

I was already had the worry of miscarriage along with early delivery from the start because of the heart shaped uterus, which is called Bicornate uterus. The shape of the uterus could make Liam not being able to grow as he could have been in the normal pear shaped uterus due to the space issue.

Since my IVF doctor has told me before that trying to stay in the bed,not moving around too much would help the spotting issue as well as drinking water, I followed that suggestion and I did not move around much and spent as many hours as possible laying down on the bed or couch.

I was feeling pretty tired here and there, and it was not a problem for me.

It was also the months of lots of screening tests.

When I got pregnant, I was in mood of eating lots of fruits and had various types of fruits topped with plain yogurt every day. I particularly liked strawberries. Strawberry anything really got my attention throughout my pregnancy.

Strawberries are high in folic acid (a.k.a Vitamin B9),which pregnant ladies would want a lot of, so, I felt good eating them a lot knowing the good health benefit.

Besides strawberries, I liked eating spicy food as well,which I learned later that craving for spicy food can mean you would have a baby boy according to the old wives tale. I do not know if those are accurate ones, but in my case, it was right.I liked spicy food and I gave birth to a son:-)

Since I loved strawberries so much during the pregnancy, my husband got me gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries for Valentine’s day! I thought it was nice of him.It was so good,needless to say..

Folid Acid in diet while you are a pregnant..

According to babycenter website, Folic Acid is good for the pregnant ladies because it prevents NTD (Neural Tube Defect),which is birth defect of spinal cord such as spina bifida, and brain birth defect such as anencephaly.

It also says that some researchers found that taking enough amount of folic acid in the diet would lower the risk of other birth defect such as cleft lip, cleft palate, and certain types of heart defects.

Not only that, taking enough Folic Acid is needed for you and your baby also, since it will make normal red blood cells and prevent a type of anemia for you,and it will also help rapid cell growth of the placenta and your developing baby.

You can read the full article on why you would need to take enough Folic acid during pregnancy at babycenter website here.

In the end of January 2014, we did first trimester screening test and sonogram test to check the NTD (Neural Tube Defect).

The test was done at my high risk OBGYN.There, I did blood test for down syndrome,which needle was poked into 4th finger and mark the red on designated section on the test paper,and we did abdominal sonogram to check the fluid flow on back of Liam’s neck and nasal bone.

The test result came back first week in February 2014.It was negative.

You can read more on the pregnancy first trimester screening test detail at hopkins website in PDF file style here.

AFP Blood screening test..

At 15th week and 3 days, we visited regular OBGYN and, they draw blood from me for AFP test (alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) blood test) to check the level of AFP in pregnant ladies blood. According to the webmed website, AFP is a substance made in the liver of an unborn baby (fetus). The amount of AFP in the blood of a pregnant woman can help see whether the baby may have such problems spina bifida,anencephaly etc..

The test can be used to detect other chromosome abnormality such as down syndrome as well.

It was basically the same screening blood test,checking the same/similar stuff from different angle; AFP level in the blood.

You can read more on AFP test at webmed website here.

Besides the blood screening test, we did not get to see Liam via sonogram but did hear the heartbeat,which was 153 bpm. At 12th week, Liam’s heart beat was 163bpm so, it was down a bit.Therefore, I asked about the change in the heartbeat and the nurse assured me that it was normal to have slower rate as the pregnancy progress.

At that appointment, I was told that in a few weeks, I will be feeling baby’s movements which is kind of like a bubbles in the tummy. For me, it was my very first pregnancy and I did not know what to look for but when it happened later, I knew it was Liam’s movement and I enjoyed talking to the belly/Liam everyday. I remember I let my husband place his hand over my belly when I felt the movement and we smiled each other.

He talked to Liam too.

I miss that movement in the belly very much!

After the AFP test is done, in the same week, I had to do the glucose tolerance test. Normally, the test is done in later in the pregnancy but because of the family history, my doctor wanted me to do the test twice.

I had hard time drinking very sweet juice in certain set time for the test but I did. The test came back normal and I was glad.

Glucose tolerance test..

According to the babycenter website, glucose tolerance test is the blood test to check how your body regulate the sugar level.

In my case, I went to Quest and got a cold sugary drink and I was told to finish drinking it within 15 minutes.Then, waited 60 minutes to get my blood drawn. For me, how sweet the juice was was the only problem in the test.I do not like sticky sweet anything…

You can read the detail on the test at babycenter website here.

That February,2014, we also visited high risk OBGYN.

This time, we could see the bone structure like baby’s spines, and it was amazing to look at.

The sonographer tried to look at the sex of the baby, but our little was squirming a lot (moving/dancing too much) , and she could not get a good look at it. Liam really moves a lot even today and I have to watch out for flying arms and legs:-)

Therefore, we still was not sure if we were going to have a baby boy or baby girl.For us, whichever sex was good enough for us because we love him/her no matter what.

This is Liam at 15 weeks 6 days in my belly.

Liam 15 weeks 6 days Feb 21 2014 blog

Liam at 15 weeks 6 days..

The sonographer lady took a picture of our little baby’s foot print as well.I thought it was cute:)

Liam 15 weeks 6 days February 21 2014 foot prints blog

Liam at 15 weeks 6 days..foot prints..

According to pregnancy corner website, at 15 week, baby  will be weighing 1.75 ounces and reaching four inches in length. A fine hair called lanugo covers the skin, keeping the baby at a constant body temperature.The lanugo does this until the baby is born, and it disappears just before birth.

During the fifteenth week, the bones in the ear are hardening, and your baby is now able to hear sounds, including Mom’s heartbeat, speaking, and breathing.

It also says that the baby is making faces, squinting and frowning, and sucking on their thumb. Since last week the arms and legs have grown longer than the head. Taste buds are forming, and the fingernails and toenails are growing longer by the day.

You can read more on what is happening at 15th week of pregnancy at pregnancy corner website here.

In the month of February 2014,my parents in Japan shipped me a box that got amulet for safe birth/pregnancy without complication plus other stuff unique to Japanese custom to wear in coming 5th month.

Usually, the box from them arrives in 10 days or so, but this time, it did not arrive for more than 2 weeks and it got me worried but after all, it arrived ok. If it did not arrive, I would be very upset for missing amulet for my pregnancy.

At this point, I did not get AFP test result yet and, I was not so concerned about it.

Until we see Liam’s face/hear Liam’s voice, though we were still nervous about whole thing during the pregnancy. The first time for everything is very nerve wracking.

Right after we received my parents’ box that contained safe pregnancy amulet,I kept it inside my purse every time we visit OBGYN.I just felt like having amulet with me calmed me down.

In fact, when I went in labor, I was holding the same amulet in one of my hands until Liam is born,holding my husband’s hand in the same hand.The amulet got curled up from me squeezing it hard,but it comfort me as much as my husband’s presence did:-)


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